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Trish Regan: Media, some White House aides are warmongering



Retired U.S. Army Major General Robert Scales joined Trish Regan on Fox Business last night to discuss the decision by President Trump to back off on a planned retaliatory attack on Iran following their downing of a drone in international airspace. Both Regan and Scales felt the President made the right decision and warned against “warmongering” from inside and outside the White House.

Reports indicate the President decided to call off the strike based on the death toll that it would have rendered. As Scales notes, revenge is not a good reason for military action. There needs to be a plan for and purpose to every military action. Taking lives cannot be the knee-jerk reaction when an country with unhinged leadership like Iran acts foolishly.

That’s not to say we let our guard down. We should pack our bags and leave the Middle East. There are too many direct American interests in the region, and it’s not all about the oil. In fact, some have argued an oil war in the Middle East similar to that of the 1980s would actually help the United States now that we’re so close to being a net oil exporter.

Dealing with Iran is more challenging than most realize. As our EIC noted, they’re a Twelver Shia Islam nation, the only one in the world, and their belief system is often difficult to understand. We must remain diligent, seek peace, and prepare for war.

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