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Texas Governor Greg Abbott is doing what Congress won’t: Defend the border



Texas Governor Greg Abbott is doing what Congress wont Defend the border

Today, Texas Governor Greg Abbott deployed 1000 National Guard troops to the southern border to defend against illegal immigrants crossing over.

Meanwhile, Congress is busy issuing subpoenas and digging up oppo research on President Trump to fuel their 2020 election ambitions. The border is very low on their list of priorities, especially in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.

At least someone is taking action.

The crisis at our border is more than just about migrants coming over and being a burden on society. It’s about the criminal illegal immigrants who are taking advantage of the influx of migrants to act as cover so they can slip through the cracks more easily. As border patrol is stretched thin, it makes it more difficult to catch drug smugglers, gang members, and other criminals who depend on crossing the border to bring their illicit activities to America.

But it isn’t just criminals. As Abbott noted, the representation of illegal immigrants in Texas includes 52 countries. The likelihood of current or future terrorists being among them is high.

Governor Abbott should be commended for taking a federalist approach and not waiting around for DC to fix the problem. It’s America’s border, but it’s also Texas’ border. Both entities have a responsibility to defend it.

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