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Chip Roy wants Congress to stop ‘coasting on autopilot, doing their swamp things’



Representative Chip Roy (R-TX) has been really getting on the nerves of Democrats on Capitol Hill. He’s asking them to do their jobs, which is apparently not what many of them want to do. He’s been taking some heat from the press, as if expecting members of Congress to be present for votes on important amendments is asking too much, but that’s not stopping him.

One thing is certain: Too much that happens in Congress is done on autopilot. Votes that are often important are held at times when nobody’s around an unanimous consent is possible. Roy was able to delay an expensive vote last month by calling for a tally. This does something bigger than just blocking unanimous consent. It puts members of Congress on record which prevents them from being able to skate around their involvement in the passing of unpopular bills or the blocking of popular ones.

As the border crisis gets worse and DC spending explodes, we need more people like Chip Roy in Congress. That’s one of the goals of the conservative movement. It’s necessary if we’re going to keep America great.

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