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To support immigration, we MUST oppose illegal immigration



To support immigration we MUST oppose illegal immigration

The most dangerous threat to immigrants in this country is the influx of illegal immigrants. This isn’t an opinion. It’s demonstrable that illegal immigrants harm legal immigrants the most by taking their jobs, resources, benefits, and space. But more importantly, the crime, disease, and poverty they bring here directly affect legal immigrants.

Democrats love to claim Republicans oppose immigration. This is a bald-faced lie and it’s imperative that we stop allowing them to do so without setting the facts straight. Sure, there are some Republicans who believe in reducing legal immigration, but even among those who feel this way, their reasoning is often associated with the influx of illegal immigrants. Dramatically slow the flow of illegal immigrants and the vast majority of Republicans would support keeping legal immigration numbers where they’re at or even increasing them, as the President has suggested.

But until the illegal immigration problem is fixed, it is not in our best interests to increase legal immigration. It can’t be. The strain on our benefits programs is already far too high because of illegal immigrants. There are plenty of legal immigrants, veterans, and homeless American citizens who need our taxpayer-funded assistance. They should be getting that assistance, but many are not because the programs are so strained by illegal immigrants.

The narrative being pushed forth by nearly every Democratic candidate for president is that the President, his supporters, and Republicans in Congress are against immigration. For example:

It’s natural to feel compassion for those who are struggling in their lives. I can’t imagine what it’s like to live in El Salvador under an oppressive government, rampant crime, and limited opportunities. This is why I am a big proponent of legal immigration. But those who decide to take what they feel they’re entitled to by crossing the border illegally, filing for asylum, and being among the 90% who never show up for their hearing do not deserve compassion. They are stealing from you, me, and every taxpayer even though we are willing to help them.

If someone knocks on your door and asks for help, you have the choice to do so. If you give them assistance, that is a good thing. If someone sneaks in through the back door and takes your money, you didn’t have a choice. They took assistance whether you were able to give it to them or not. This is a bad thing.

Democrats want there to be no distinction between legal and illegal immigrants. Whether they are granted entry and assistance or if they steal it, Democrats want the American people to believe these are the same type of people. They’re all immigrants. But that does not elevate illegal immigrants to a higher status. Instead, it’s lowering the status of legal immigrants. I am not okay with that. I didn’t come to this country legally just so Democrats can conflate my status with that of those who breached our borders without permission and who expect my earnings to pay for their well-being. We must stop allowing them to frame the issue as one of immigrants versus Republicans. That’s just not how things are in reality.

In a post-truth society, illegal immigrants and legal immigrants can be the same thing. We must oppose this false reality.

By not distinguishing between legal and illegal immigrants, Democrats insult those who came to this nation properly. As a legal immigrant, I did not steal sovereignty from America and comparisons to those who do are lies.

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