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Seen in Orlando: ‘It’s just a red hat’



Seen in Orlando Its just a red hat

Popular subreddit The_Donald blew up today with an image reportedly taken at the Trump rally in Orlando. It depicts a Trump supporter wearing a hat that says, “MAKE DEMOCRATS CRY AGAIN 2020” and a shirt that says, “RELAX SNOWFLAKE IT’S JUST A RED HAT.”

This attire may be the best combo I’ve seen in a long time.

The Democrats face many problems with both their messaging and their personality. The timing is good for them to defeat the President thanks to mainstream media’s incessant attacks, but they can’t seem to draw the type of unrelenting support the President is getting. Perhaps it’s just early; with 20 candidates set for the upcoming debates and five still with viable chances of winning the nomination, a majority of Democrats are probably still undecided.

But here’s the thing. Their messages are not very distinct from one another, yet it’s still not resonating. Sure, socialism is growing in popularity, but is that really the message they hope to be their winner in the general election?

The President’s message is very simple. Keep America Great. Meanwhile, the Democrats have a message of taking from some to give to others. Who is going to resonate in November, 2020?

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