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FAIR’s R.J. Hauman: ‘Mexico has done more to address this crisis than Congress has’



Another day, another batch of news reports that the crisis at the southern border is getting worse. Unfortunately, those news reports aren’t coming from mainstream media. You have to find them on smaller conservative outlets who are willing to tell the truth and not play like Pravda for the Democrats.

We are one of those outlets. Another is One America News, which is quickly emerging as more than just another smaller conservative outlet.

But even with the tremendous growth we and OAN are experiencing, the word is still having a challenge getting out to the masses. The border crisis is a clear and present danger to Americans, yet the most watched, heard, and read news outlets are pretending like the problem is no big deal. Even Fox News is remiss sometimes to report the full scale of the problem.

R.J. Hauman from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) went on today with Graham Ledger on OAN to discuss the problem at the border. It’s growing, and Congress is unwilling to act.

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