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Flight, diversity, and other reasons Creation makes sense



I normally try to avoid evidential apologetics. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with it, really.

It’s just that I believe the knowledge of God and His Creation are part of all of us and trying to prove or justify it with arguments rather than embracing the faith of truth within us is not the right path for some. However, I sometimes succumb to the urge to help others find that reasoning within by dismissing the false teachings that often come with scientific explanations.

This particular video is pretty good. While I won’t call it great at what it’s trying to accomplish, namely highlighting things that happen in the world and in nature that point squarely towards an impossibility of evolution and randomness in the universe, I do appreciate much of what it said in it. Of particular interest is the hummingbird and the way that its body is strong evidence against the possibility of random chance forming this majestic creature. It doesn’t do what it does through pure evolution. Mutation to get to its current form is absurd. It’s an easy pointer towards creation.

The rest of the video is worth a watch as well, but when it starts talking about birds, take special note.

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