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Democrats and the media truly, deeply believe Americans are stupid



Democrats and the media truly deeply believe Americans are stupid

Some are useful idiots to Democrats and their henchmen in mainstream media. Others are seen by Democrats as either MAGA idiots or Centrist idiots, depending on whether they’re Republicans or Independents. But no matter what, anyone who isn’t part of the elite in Democratic and/or mainstream media circles have one thing in common. To them, we’re all idiots.

This story had been brewing in the back of my mind for weeks, well before I saw this headline that encapsulates how the progressive elites view the rest of their countrymen:

USA Today

They don’t even try to hide the fact that they use propaganda, indoctrination, and jamming as their primary methods of securing the hearts and minds of the American people. They can’t go based on the merits of their policies or the righteousness of their philosophies because they have no substance. All they have is a media that willfully supports them and a people who will go along with pretty much whatever they’re told.

This is why ideas like Medicare-for-All and the Green New Deal are doing so well. Both are demonstrably destructive to any society that embraces these types of socialistic policy proposals, but progressives do not need reality to be on their side. They don’t even need results. They need surface-level talking points and a belief that the American people are too stupid to do our own research or think for ourselves.

For example, Medicare-for-All is being sold as a combination of “everyone deserves the right to healthcare” and “the rich will pay for it.” What they don’t tell you is single-payer is a bust wherever it’s tried. Sure, there are benefits. But those benefits dwindle over time as quality is replaced by quantity and priority is given based solely on the government’s ability to deliver. So if they’re having a hard time with heart disease (and they will) then non-essential procedures are put on the backburner. Oftentimes, that backburner is never actually lit.

Even this second degree of reality can seem appealing to some. But when we consider that today, the frequency of insufficient critical care within our broken Obamacare system is still lower than that in countries who use single-payer to prioritize critical care, we start to see faults in their philosophy. The incentive to do great critical care is replaced by the need to not only add more items to the list of critical care but also to rush through as much as possible to maintain government-supplied quotas. Knowing this, we start to see why quality of healthcare invariably declines through single-payer.

As with all socialistic principles, they work for the briefest moments in the beginning before the reality of forcing people to pay for it manifests in people being unable to pay for it. This is why in many countries heralded as shining examples of how single-payer is effective, such as the United Kingdom, they are now seeing a sharp rise in the amount of optional private insurance is being offered. Keep in mind, the goal of single-payer is to prevent the need for private insurance. But as the quality dwindles and people are forced to live with “non-critical” pain for extended periods of time due to lower priority, the need for a private solution creeps in.

This is why the left cannot rely on the quality of their proposals. They have to rely on slick sales pitches and a people who will not investigate independently. They make false claims to press their agenda, then they make excuses when they’re agenda doesn’t work.

Look at California. Over a decade of nearly total domination by Democrats has turned the state very sharply in regards to prosperity, health, and economic stability. Despite having the 5th largest economy in the world, bigger than the vast majority of nations, they’re unable to handle the most basic human needs. Homelessness and drug abuse are rampant while crime continues to rise. The only reason some areas are not seeing felonies rise is because they decided to stop classifying certain crimes as felonies.

Voila! Lower felonies!

But that’s the progressive mentality. When their ideas don’t work, they double down on them. When they still don’t work, they blame Republicans. They do this knowing the people in California won’t vote them out of office because they’ve gone too far, too deep, and have done too much to indoctrinate themselves.

There are definitely people who will never appreciate the tenets of conservatism regardless of the evidence. But there are plenty who can. These are the people we need to reach. A conservative America is still possible. I must believe this to be true.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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