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Steven Crowder finally issues apologies after years of insults



As criticism and attempts to de-platform Louder with Crowder host Steven Crowder have mounted in recent weeks, it has become necessary for the conservative comedian to issue apologies. His sins have been accumulating unabated for years, but the time has come for him to repent to the many people he has harmed along the way.

Warning: Many of his fans may be heartbroken watching their hero fall from grace by taking the humble path of acknowledging his wrongdoings, so please have tissues ready and keep all firearms out of arms’ reach while you watch.

The list of people, organizations, sexual preferences, gender statuses, religions, animals, and breast-feeding groups Crowder has offended over the years is far too large to include in this article, but know this: They have all felt wronged by this man. They all have the right to hear these apologies. They need the closure. The catharsis. The healing.

It is very big of Mr. Crowder to expose himself in such a manner, to be vulnerable to the whims of those he has wronged for so long. Hopefully there is a lesson all of us can learn from this long series of apologies.

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