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El Paso Sector Border Patrol captured 2,200 illegal aliens on Memorial Day alone



El Paso Sector Border Patrol captured 2200 illegal aliens on Memorial Day alone

One sector. One day. 2,200 illegal aliens. That is the state of our border crisis and it’s just getting worse.

This is not sustainable.

This is not acceptable.

To put into perspective how big the crisis has become, this time last year El Paso Sector had apprehended 16,000 people for the entire fiscal year. This fiscal year, they’ve apprehended 130,000.

Over 2,200 Apprehensions for the El Paso Sector Border Patrol on Memorial Day

By the end of the day, the El Paso Sector Agents had apprehended over 2,200 illegal aliens with 1,850 of those being taken into custody in the geographic area between Executive Boulevard and Midway Street in El Paso.

These groups were comprised of mostly Central American families and unaccompanied children. All of the illegal aliens were taken into custody for processing to include initial medical screenings. They will remain in U.S. Border Patrol custody until they are processed accordingly.


I’ve written before about the failures of the GOP to secure the border when they had the opportunity before losing control of the House in January, but in the one minor note of defense the problem wasn’t nearly as bad just a year ago as it is today. The unfathomable numbers of people crossing the border today should make this a clear-cut case for bipartisan support as Americans come together to address the greatest threat we’ve faced at the border in decades.

For this reason, I turn squarely towards the Democrats with my finger pointed unrelentingly in their direction. They own this. They have failed to even acknowledge the problem, let alone allow for any solution that could make an impact. There are several, including a border wall, but arguably the best solution is to immediately change our asylum laws to no longer entice migrants to cross the border in the first place.

They have major incentives in the form of our broken asylum system which enables them to come over with children (sometimes their own children but often “borrowed” or “rented” children) so they can be released to the interior of the United States three weeks or sooner following apprehension. They understand that we do not have the legal infrastructure to give them their asylum hearing in a timely manner. They also know they have an excellent chance of simply skipping their asylum hearing and disappearing into the streets of American cities with very little risk of getting caught and deported.

They are stealing our sovereignty, straining our tax payers, and doing so with no intention of being contributing members of American society. One does not immediately break our laws and breach our borders if they intend to be fruit-bearing Americans. They want prosperity but they have no intention of helping any Americans advance our own. In fact, their actions clearly demonstrate their goals – to take as much as they can while giving as little as possible.

Anyone who would put their women and children through the hellish trek knowing full well they have a very good chance of being exploited, raped, or otherwise violated has no comprehension of what America stands for as a nation or as a people. Children are dying in border patrol custody, not because border patrol did anything heinous (as many Democrats contend) but because they never should have been forced to forgo medical treatment while traveling with cartels in the first place. I’m actually amazes that more children haven’t died as a result of the horrible conditions they’re “families” force them to endure.


“U.S. Border Patrol Agents continue to deal with this influx of illegal aliens entering our country with no respect for our immigration laws. This fiscal year to date the El Paso Sector has arrested over 130 thousand illegal aliens, compared to over 16,000 during the same time last fiscal year. The numbers continue to rise and agents see no end in sight for this current situation.” – CBP Statement

Final Thoughts

Americans on both sides of the political aisle must come to the stark realization that we are not helping these people by encouraging them to travel with cartels to our borders. They are being misled and Democrats are singularly to blame.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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