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El Paso Sector Border Patrol captured 2,200 illegal aliens on Memorial Day alone



El Paso Sector Border Patrol captured 2200 illegal aliens on Memorial Day alone

One sector. One day. 2,200 illegal aliens. That is the state of our border crisis and it’s just getting worse.

This is not sustainable.

This is not acceptable.

To put into perspective how big the crisis has become, this time last year El Paso Sector had apprehended 16,000 people for the entire fiscal year. This fiscal year, they’ve apprehended 130,000.

Over 2,200 Apprehensions for the El Paso Sector Border Patrol on Memorial Day

By the end of the day, the El Paso Sector Agents had apprehended over 2,200 illegal aliens with 1,850 of those being taken into custody in the geographic area between Executive Boulevard and Midway Street in El Paso.

These groups were comprised of mostly Central American families and unaccompanied children. All of the illegal aliens were taken into custody for processing to include initial medical screenings. They will remain in U.S. Border Patrol custody until they are processed accordingly.


I’ve written before about the failures of the GOP to secure the border when they had the opportunity before losing control of the House in January, but in the one minor note of defense the problem wasn’t nearly as bad just a year ago as it is today. The unfathomable numbers of people crossing the border today should make this a clear-cut case for bipartisan support as Americans come together to address the greatest threat we’ve faced at the border in decades.

For this reason, I turn squarely towards the Democrats with my finger pointed unrelentingly in their direction. They own this. They have failed to even acknowledge the problem, let alone allow for any solution that could make an impact. There are several, including a border wall, but arguably the best solution is to immediately change our asylum laws to no longer entice migrants to cross the border in the first place.

They have major incentives in the form of our broken asylum system which enables them to come over with children (sometimes their own children but often “borrowed” or “rented” children) so they can be released to the interior of the United States three weeks or sooner following apprehension. They understand that we do not have the legal infrastructure to give them their asylum hearing in a timely manner. They also know they have an excellent chance of simply skipping their asylum hearing and disappearing into the streets of American cities with very little risk of getting caught and deported.

They are stealing our sovereignty, straining our tax payers, and doing so with no intention of being contributing members of American society. One does not immediately break our laws and breach our borders if they intend to be fruit-bearing Americans. They want prosperity but they have no intention of helping any Americans advance our own. In fact, their actions clearly demonstrate their goals – to take as much as they can while giving as little as possible.

Anyone who would put their women and children through the hellish trek knowing full well they have a very good chance of being exploited, raped, or otherwise violated has no comprehension of what America stands for as a nation or as a people. Children are dying in border patrol custody, not because border patrol did anything heinous (as many Democrats contend) but because they never should have been forced to forgo medical treatment while traveling with cartels in the first place. I’m actually amazes that more children haven’t died as a result of the horrible conditions they’re “families” force them to endure.


“U.S. Border Patrol Agents continue to deal with this influx of illegal aliens entering our country with no respect for our immigration laws. This fiscal year to date the El Paso Sector has arrested over 130 thousand illegal aliens, compared to over 16,000 during the same time last fiscal year. The numbers continue to rise and agents see no end in sight for this current situation.” – CBP Statement

Final Thoughts

Americans on both sides of the political aisle must come to the stark realization that we are not helping these people by encouraging them to travel with cartels to our borders. They are being misled and Democrats are singularly to blame.

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Deportation orders must be enforced or we aren’t a sovereign nation



Deportation orders must be enforced or we arent a sovereign nation

Democrats and the media are licking their lips in anticipation of stories coming out of the illegal immigration industry in America once ICE acts on deportation orders reportedly starting in two weeks after an odd delay, possibly prompted by a leak by acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan. They’re ready to pounce on the President for enforcing the law.

Take a moment to think about that. The executive branch of the United States of America, tasked with enforcing laws, is about to be hammered by one political party and the mainstream media they control because the President is ordering law enforcement to do their jobs. We can see this as an immigration issue, which it definitely is, but we must also see it as a sovereignty issue. As for the reaction by the left, we need to see this as part of their push to create a post-truth society in America.

Let’s tackle all three aspects of the left’s agenda and the narratives driving it.

An immigration issue

The border crisis is unsustainable. Asylum laws are designed like Swiss cheese. Visa overstays are a joke. And it’s all getting worse, not better.

The one thing the President has unambiguously on his side is the accumulation of millions of removal orders that have been stacking up for years. These orders are acted upon when the adjudicated aliens are easily accessible such as if they’re arrested in non-sanctuary cities, but rarely are there proactive efforts to seek out and find those who have been slated for deportation. It has happened on smaller scales semi-regularly and not just under the Trump administration. An inconvenient fact the left likes to forget is that the Obama administration had raids fairly often as well.

But what the President is pushing for is a massive series of raids. His promise of “millions” of people deported may have been hyperbole to some extent, but ICE and local law enforcement have the capacity to make a dent in the number of people here illegally. If they’re going to keep coming because of asylum laws and other loopholes, then we need to relieve the pressure somehow. The easiest way is to send as many of them back as possible.

A sovereignty issue

There’s a notion that is driving the migrant crisis. People all across the world believe if you can make it onto United States soil and ask for asylum, you will be handed a piece of paper and told to come to a hearing in the future. If you don’t go to that hearing, nothing will happen.

Even though this narrative shouldn’t be real, it actually is. We rarely act on removal orders. And therein lies the biggest draw to America.

We are not viewed as a sovereign nation in practice. Sure, we might claim to be a sovereign nation. Some politicians might make threats. Law enforcement will hand out the aforementioned piece of a paper with a date on it. But as long as they believe they will get away with ignoring the piece of paper, they’re not going to stop coming. They don’t believe we’re REALLY a sovereign nation because sovereign nations defend their borders. Sovereign nations eject illegal immigrants.

Sovereign nations enforce their laws.

Let’s be a sovereign nation, shall we?

A post-truth societal issue

In the world of the hyper-leftists, evil is good and good is evil. Truth is relative to the point that any individual’s personal truth takes precedent over demonstrable reality. That’s the post-truth society we live in, and it’s why the cultural battle over deportations is being won by the progressives.

We’re operating under certain concepts that progressives have pushed and conservatives have failed to rebuke properly. It’s not for lack of trying; I see on Twitter every time a politician calls out the President for going after immigrants that patriots are commenting with the addendum, “illegal immigrants.” But our subtle corrections aren’t winning the battle. They continue to press the notion that legal immigrants and illegal immigrants are the same category of people.

They’re not, but that’s part of living in a post-truth society. Feelings over facts. Personal truths over reality.

Getting the raids going as quickly as possible will force the discussions about the truth. The raids will demonstrate the people being removed from this country have had their day in court even if they weren’t there. This will highlight the fact that these aren’t “deportation squads” but actual law enforcement officers enforcing the law. The people they’re going to deport are people who have broken at least two laws, first by crossing over illegally and then by ignoring their summons to the hearing for the asylum THEY applied for in the first place.

Removal orders might be common today, but they’re not petty. They’re not just handed out willy-nilly. They must be done so through proper judicial authority, either because a case was heard or because the case was never made as illegal immigrants are slated to be removed in absentia.

We NEED these raids so we can fight back against the lies that are driving too many Americans to a frothing apoplectic state.

Final thoughts

The planned ICE raids were the best news we’ve had about the border in a while. The delay is disheartening, but hopefully the deportations will start up in two weeks as promised. Unless, of course, Democrats fix the problem first. They won’t.

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Ilhan Omar’s biggest media fan, the Star Tribune, is finally asking questions about her brother-husband



Ilhan Omars biggest media fan the Star Tribune is finally asking questions about her brother-husband

For over two years, many conservative media outlets have reported that Representative Ilhan Omar’s second husband was actually her brother who she married to circumvent the long waiting period for siblings of legal immigrants to enter the country. The evidence is quite substantial but essentially ignored as a right-wing conspiracy theory by mainstream media outlets who desperately want to protect one of the rising stars of the Democratic Party.

Among those who have ignored the story is the Star Tribune, the most powerful media outlet in Minnesota. They endorsed Omar for state representative as well as for the House of Representatives. Now, they’re finally looking into the allegations that her second husband, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, is her biological brother.

Reporters J. Patrick Coolican and Stephen Montemayor took a sober approach to the story, careful not to come across as endorsing the theory while highlighting some of the evidence that has been floating around conservative news outlets for a while. But even as they tempered each piece of evidence with disclaimers that they could not independently verify any of it since the social media posts have all been deleted, one can easily deduce they were compelled to take the evidence more seriously than any other non-conservative outlet has done since the story broke.

It’s worth a read:

New documents revisit questions about Rep. Ilhan Omar’s marriage history

Beyond denying the provocative allegation that Elmi is her brother, Omar has shed little light on her married life, which began in 2002, when she wed Hirsi in their Muslim faith tradition.

The Star Tribune has sought to authenticate some of the most egregious allegations, using public records and available social media posts, which make up the bulk of the case against her.

Some of the original social media accounts linking Elmi to Omar after their split in 2011 appear to have been removed, and documents verifying the family relationships of refugees from war-torn countries with limited government record-keeping are notoriously hard to obtain, even by U.S. immigration authorities.

Omar declined to make her tax and immigration records available for this report.

This should not be a story relegated to conservative media outlets. This is a serious offense allegedly committed by a sitting member of Congress. But she’s a Democrats, and a radical progressive one at that. This gives her the shielding she needs to force the vast majority of news outlets to look away for fear of what they might find if they actually investigated it.

The saddest part is an alleged marriage to her brother isn’t even close to the top of bad things Ilhan Omar has done to this country. Her policies, anti-Semitic rhetoric, and coordination with anti-American groups are her real crimes.

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Did Kevin McAleenan really sabotage the President’s plans for an ICE crackdown?



Did Kevin McAleenan really sabotage the Presidents plans for an ICE crackdown

In a shocking turn of events, acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan has been accused by five current and former administration officials of sabotaging the planned crackdown on illegal immigrants with deportation orders by leaking the cities and timing of the operation to the Washington Post. Washington Examiner’s Anna Giaritelli reported the statements speculating the duplicity committed by the very man charged with getting a handle on the tremendous illegal immigration crisis plaguing our nation.


Until this point, I had seen McAleenan as a strong leader to guide Homeland Security, including ICE and CBP, in the direction they need to go in order to keep Americans safe. The call from the President to start executing on deportation orders was the first positive sign coming from DC regarding the illegal immigration crisis in a while. Now, we’re back to the drawing board.

It confused me when the President decided to call off the raids in order to give Congress time make a deal. They’ve had plenty of time, and until this report I thought Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi must have offered the President some real incentive to delay the raids. Now, we’re in a worse situation than we were in last week as ICE will not be acting soon and Congress continues to demonstrate an unwillingness to solve this problem.

Deportations are a matter of sovereignty. It’s the responsibility of the executive branch to enforce the laws, including immigration laws that are being breached by thousands of illegal aliens daily. Handing out deportation orders without actually enforcing them is useless. We might as well just hand them a signed picture of Mitt Romney with a message on the back telling them to self-deport.

The President must surround himself with people who are willing to do what it takes to fix this and other problems. McAleenan seemed like one such person. If this report is true, he’s clearly not the right person for the job.


“Leaking the locations and details to stop the operation from happening not only harmed operational integrity, but it put the safety and well-being of his own officers in jeopardy.” – Anonymous White House Official

Final Thoughts

This really came out of left field. McAleenan has built a reputation of being one of the good guys, but this action is something that does not align with the goals of the White House, the will of the people, or the safety of America.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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