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Eric Swalwell interview by Chris Wallace demonstrates why he’s not a factor in the presidential race



I’ve always been a firm believer in policy over personality. In fact, I don’t talk very often about a politician’s personality because some of the worst policies have accompanied great personalities while some great policies are sunk by poor personalities supporting them. With the currant herd of Democratic candidates not to the point of thinning out yet, it takes a very poor personality to make me comment, especially considering all of the bad policies already being tossed out there.

Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) has the type of personality that’s worth noting even at this stage. He has the charisma of a pufferfish and demonstrated this very clearly talking to Chris Wallace this morning on Fox News.

I thought Senator Kamala Harris had an unlikable personality, but she’s practically Keanu Reeves compared to Swalwell. He comes across insincere when he tries so, so hard to sound sincere. His arguments are bland and his passion seems to be manufactured. I went to Twitter to see what’s being said about him and coincidentally found our EIC with a funny Tweet about him, again dealing with Swalwell’s personality.

The reality is there are MAYBE five or six candidates who have a legitimate shot at the nomination, and Eric Swalwell isn’t in the top 10 right now. With a personality like his, he might not be in the top 10 in a field of 11.

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