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Ilhan Omar goes after Ben Carson. Big mistake.



Ilhan Omar goes after Ben Carson Big mistake

Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) decided to pile on the insults being thrown at HUD Secretary Ben Carson following his OREO “gaffe.” To call it a gaffe is really overkill, but it made for a humorous moment in an otherwise boring oversight hearing.

Nevertheless, the freshman Congresswoman decided to insult him. Why not? She’s made a habit out of insulting any Americans who are not Muslim women of color, so Carson was an easy target.

Carson, a mild-mannered non-politician who hurled himself in the fray in the 2016 presidential election, is not known for hitting back on Twitter. This likely played into the Congresswoman’s decision to go after him. But he surprised many with his retort which has gone viral.

Omar and nearly every other Democratic lawmaker has taken a hardline stance on abortion this year, calling for no restrictions to allow abortion-on-demand as a form of culturally acceptable birth control. Their war on the womb has grown even more unhinged in recent weeks following laws passed in Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana.

Ilhan Omar may want to pick her targets more carefully. Those who are smarter, more accomplished, and standing on the moral high ground may choose to ignore her unhinged insults, but not every time. Not this time.