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The 4 universal gun safety rules, plus 13 more you should follow



The 4 universal gun safety rules plus 13 more you should follow

Protecting myself and those I care about is what first interested me about firearms. Given my goal of being more safe in more situations, it’d be ironic—and even stupid—of me to not take gun safety incredibly seriously.

Regardless of what led to your involvement with firearms, whether you came from a similar place as me or not, following gun safety rules is a necessity.

In this guide, I’ll be covering the 4 universal gun safety rule and explaining the importance of each. I’ll then go on to add a number of additional rules I’ve picked up in my life that I think everyone else can benefit from.

The 4 Rules of Gun Safety

If you’ve ever been to a gun range, chances are you’ve seen these rules plastered on the wall somewhere or been required to watch instruction explaining them.

The 4 universal rules of gun safety are:

  1. Treat all guns as if they are always loaded.
  2. Never let the muzzle point at anything that you are not willing to destroy.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target and you have made the decision to shoot.
  4. Be sure of your target and what is behind it.

You should ALWAYS follow every single one of these rules, but I want to touch on each individually and explain how these rules can help protect you even if you forget to do another one of them. In the (hopefully) unlikely event you catch yourself breaking one of these rules, be sure to make a mental note of it so you can avoid doing so in the future.

1) Treat all guns as if they are always loaded.

Rules like this may seem like common sense. Shockingly, not everyone intuits things like not pointing a gun at themselves or their friends.

“Treating all guns as if they are always loaded” is largely intended to ensure you follow the other 3 gun safety rules, no matter the status of the weapon.

If you follow our additional rules, you should always know whether your gun is loaded or not. With that being said, people are forgetful and crazy accidents happen; so you should still treat every firearm as if it is loaded, as it actually could be. I’d even argue that many seasoned gun owners can become more careless than newbies about ensuring their guns are cleared after use.

2) Never let the muzzle point at anything you are not willing to destroy.

Every year, people shoot themselves or others unintentionally, though thankfully these statistics have steady been trending downward. Aside from “freak accidents” like ricochets (where in all likelihood the shooter probably didn’t follow the next two safety rules), this means they probably broke the 2nd rule of gun safety.

I don’t think I need to go into much explanation on how ANY gun can kill someone shot by it or damage anything it comes into contact with.

While you should always also follow Rule 3, you should never assume that you or someone else will keep their finger off the trigger. Even if you/they do, you don’t want to be a part of an incredibly unlikely gun malfunction that leads to something or someone unintentionally getting shot.

3) Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on target and you have made the decision to shoot.

By this point you’re probably starting to notice how these rules work together, potentially avoiding a disaster if you break another one of them. DO NOT EVER point a gun at something you don’t want to destroy, but if you mistakenly do, and your finger is off the trigger, you’re less likely to shoot that thing.

Trigger discipline, as it’s known, is incredibly important to make a habit of. It’s incredibly important in recreational shooting and also very important in a high-pressure defensive situation. Just because you draw your firearm for self-defense, does not necessarily mean you want to shoot.

Good Trigger Discipline (SIG Sauer P320)

Good Trigger Discipline

4) Be sure of your target and what is behind it.

This is another rule that applies to recreational shooting and defensive situations. You might have also heard it as “always know your backstop”.

Even if you’re shooting a .22 pistol at an AR500 steel target, you might miss. When shooting recreationally, you should always have a backstop behind your targets to stop any missed shots or shots that penetrate your targets. If you’re shooting at a private or public shooting range and follow rule 3, you should be safe.

Outdoor Gun Range With Good Backstop

Outdoor Gun Range With Good Backstop

In self-defense situations, this rule can be more difficult to assess and follow on the fly. It’s important to identify your target, be sure that you want to take a shot, and know what lies behind your target. Even if you hit your target, an over-penetrating bullet may hit something you don’t intend to shoot. Always ensure there are no innocent bystanders behind (or infront) of your target.

More Gun Safety Rules You Should Follow

While the above rules should keep you safe the vast majority of the time, there’s some other rules I follow that can keep everyone even more safe.

Some of these might feel a bit obvious or even redundant, but I believe they’re all important to know and follow.

The last thing to note is these aren’t necessarily in any particular order of importance, so read and follow all of them!

5) Don’t handle firearms when depressed or angry.

This rule is a very serious one I don’t often see listed on firearm safety guides.

Those feeling angry or depressed are more likely to commit suicide and homicide. While the huge majority of legal firearm owners will never do either of these things and I don’t think it’s an excuse to take away our 2A rights, I still think this issue is important to talk about.

LEGAL firearm owners are far more at risk for committing suicide than homicide, as many homicides are carried out by those illegally owning firearms. Regardless of whether guns are owned legally or not, gun suicide victims have outnumbered gun homicide victims in most years since 1968.

Firearm Homicides vs Firearm Suicides in the United States

If you’re in a bad mental state, you should seek help and make firearms inaccessible to yourself.

6) “Clear” a firearm anytime you touch one.

As soon as you pick up a firearm, without the immediate intention to shoot it, the first thing you should do is ensure that it’s empty. For semi-automatic firearms, release the magazine, then inspect the chamber to ensure that it’s empty.

You should also always do this before leaving the range or putting away your firearm.

At this point, it’s become instinctual for me to do this 99% of the time as soon as I touch a firearm.

Despite this being a great rule to follow, you should still treat all firearms as if they were loaded even if they’ve been cleared.

7) Don’t rely on your gun’s safety.

Just as you should still treat all guns as if they are loaded even after clearing them, the use of a gun’s safety is no excuse to disregard the other rules on this list. Even with your gun’s fire controls in the “safe” position, malfunctions can still take place.

If we’re being honest with ourselves, we’ve also all forgotten to flip to “Safe” on more than one occasion.

This of course does not mean that you shouldn’t use your gun’s safety, just that it shouldn’t be the only thing preventing a firearm related accident.

8) Be sure that your barrel is clear of any obstructions before use.

First, be sure that your firearm is empty by removing the magazine and inspecting the chamber.

I mostly shoot pistols and AR-style rifles, so here’s my procedure before using those:


Quickly field strip your pistol to the point you can remove your barrel, then ensure there are no obstructions.

AR-Style Rifles

Remove the upper receiver from the lower receiver. Remove your charging handle and bolt carrier group. Ensure there are no obstructions.

No matter what style firearm you are using, never look down the barrel from where the bullet exits, especially if it is attached to the rest of your firearm. For other firearm platforms, research how to safely check your barrel.

9) Always wear ear and eye protection.

Always wear shooting glasses and ear protection when using or being around firearms.

Nearly all firearms can cause permanent hearing damage when not using proper hearing protection.

Shooting glasses can protect you from shrapnel and hot ejected casings.

If you’re shooting at a public or privately owned range (that you pay to use), they usually do and should require you to put these on before entering the area where firearms are being shot.

10) Know your firearm.

I’m very much not a fan of people buying firearms then just setting them away in case of a home invasion. While I am in favor of using firearms to protect yourself, you should also become familiar with them.

This means reading the owners manual thoroughly and regularly practicing with your gun at the range. Regular range time will also help you internalize proper safety practices.

If you’re new to firearms, it’s also a great idea to take classes on firearm safety and operating a firearm.

11) You can’t safely use an unsafe gun.

If your gun isn’t in proper working condition, it can not be used safely.

As the previous rule stated, it’s important to be familiar with your firearm. You should also regularly clean and service your firearm to ensure its in proper working order.

If you suspect any issues with your firearm, take it to a certified gunsmith. I’d also recommend having a gunsmith look at it regularly after every few thousand rounds or every year.

12) Know what to do when your gun fails to fire.

If you’ve pulled the trigger of your firearm and it failed to fire, the first step is to keep it pointed in a safe direction for 30 seconds. This will keep you safe in the event of a “hangfire” or delayed discharge.

After 30 seconds, remove and dispose of the cartridge in a safe way. Do not pull the trigger again before removing the cartridge.

13) Make a habit of safely removing your holstered handgun.

For those of you who concealed carry or just use holsters, make a habit of safely putting away your firearm. When not practicing drawing your firearm under safe conditions (dry fire or live practice at the range), remove the entire holster with your firearm still in it before removing the firearm from the holster.

This tip can help avoid accidents after long days of concealed carry. Though you should practice drawing your firearm from a holster, its not necessary when its loaded and you’re at home.

14) Use the correct ammunition for your gun.

Using ammunition that’s not intended to be used by your firearm can cause a catastrophic malfunction that can result in serious bodily harm. ALWAYS carefully read the owner’s manuals for your guns and only use the ammunition listed.

For those of you who frequently shoot different calibers, you may want to consider using color coded tape or rubber bands for your firearms and magazines. This can help remind you which ammunition to use.

Magazine Marker Bands

Faxon has even introduced this as a product, with color-coded and labeled rifle caliber marker bands—though you could also just use regular rubber bands. Another option is to use a marker to label everything.

15) Don’t handle firearms under the influence.

In most areas it’s illegal to possess a firearm while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Regardless, doing so is a really bad idea.

Also keep in mind the effects of any prescription drugs you take. Some may prevent you from safely handling a firearm.

16) Store firearms safely.

How to store firearms is one of the more controversial subjects surround firearm safety. The reason for this is many firearm owners want to ensure their firearms are readily available for defending themselves, while some people recommend extremely strict storage practices.

One thing we should all be able to agree upon is that firearms should not be accessible to unauthorized users. When not on your person (concealed carry), you should store your firearms in a gun safe.

For those of you with children or who have children visiting your house, this arguably even more important. Children are most at risk for accidental firearm related injuries. Project Child Safe has some great in-depth information for keeping children safe from firearms.

17) Practice safe gun range practices.

When you bring guns to the range, be sure to always have them in a range bag or case.

Do not remove them from the case until you are in your shooting bay. This keeps you from “flagging” others at the range.

Indoor Gun Range

This is a rule at most ranges and if it’s not, it should be.

Once you’ve unloaded your firearms, you can then move your bags out of the way.


This article wasn’t intended to scare you about what can go wrong with firearms, but rather to help teach you how to use them safely. Following these rules and others like them can allow you to safely enjoy using firearms your entire life.

As a final note, remember that “everyone is a range safety officer“. Be sure to call out unsafe practices and report them to your range safety officer. Those who don’t follow proper gun safety put not only themselves, but you and others at risk.

Originally posted at GunPros.

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Guns and Crime

9 best gun cleaning kits for 2019 (for pistols, rifles, and shotguns)



9 best gun cleaning kits for 2019 for pistols rifles and shotguns

The first step in proper gun maintenance is getting a good set of cleaning supplies. But given how massive the market is these days, it’s good to get some product recommendations to point you in the right direction.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know when it comes to gun cleaning. Included below is some basic information on the why proper gun care is important, what to look for when buying a cleaning kit, and a list of the best gun cleaning kit options currently on the market. We’ve also included a glossary, which lists all the products you should have and what they’re used for.

Best Gun Cleaning Kits

Now that we’ve covered all the basic gun cleaning information, let’s take a look at the best products currently on the market. This list begins with the best universal gun cleaning kits, followed by some specialized kits and other useful items that you might want to check out. Towards the end we have listed our recommendations for cleaning solutions and oils. Let’s get started!

Otis All Caliber Elite Cleaning Kit- Best Universal Gun Kit

Otis Technology’s Universal All Caliber Elite Cleaning Kit is as close to complete as any kit you’ll find and the quality is top notch. The kit features over 60 components and is perfect for pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

Otis All Caliber Elite Cleaning Kit - Best Gun Cleaning Kit for All Calibers

It comes with 16 caliber sized bronze bore brushes (.17, .22 limited breech, .22/.223, .243-.260, .270/7mm, .30-06/.300/30-30/.308, .338-.35, .357-38cal/9mm, .40/10mm, .44/.45, .50cal, .410ga, 28ga, 20ga, 16ga, 12/10ga) that are excellent quality. The kit also includes 6 brushes and 3 memory flex cables (8”, 12” and 36”)

My only complaint about the Otis Elite Cleaning Kit is the soft nylon case. I find hard cases much easier to carry, plus they look better and are more durable. I’d also prefer the traditional jags over the slotted tips provided. That said, this is a great kit at an affordable price point.

Other Features:

  • 2 fl.oz. bottles of Bio-CLP, Complete Cleaner, Lubricant, and Firearm Protectant.
  • 100% cotton 2” & 3” patches, 3 slotted tips & 2 patch savers
  • Small & large obstruction removers knock out mud, snow, stuck casings and double as a t-handle base for included t-handle; small t-handle & stud included for small caliber cleaning.
  • .223cal/5.56mm chamber brush, pin punch, end brush, straight pick, locking lug scraper, scraper, short AP brush, double end AP brush and male & female rod for more precise cleaning.
  • Lens tissue, lens spray, lens brush and lens cloth for optics care.
  • Warranty protection

DAC Winchester Super Deluxe Cleaning Kit

The DAC Super Deluxe universal kit is another market favorite. It’s a 68 piece set that includes 6 solid brass rods (.17-.28 cal/.30.54 cal.), 14 bronze bore brushes (.17/.22/.204/.243/.270/.30/.357/.38 and 9mm/.40/.45/.50/.54 cal. and 12/20/.410 gauge), 14 mops, and 4 slotted tips.

DAC Winchester Super Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit

I like that along with the slot tips the kit also comes with 13 jags. The case itself is soft sided, but it’s more durable than the Otis case. The aesthetic is certainly lacking still, but the inside organization of the case is excellent. The overall quality of the tools isn’t amazing, but this is more of a bargain item so I wouldn’t expect it to be perfect. The brushes will get the job done, but the rods are a little flimsy. The added accessories like the double-ended cleaning pick you can use on hard-to-reach areas are a nice touch.

All in all, this is another great universal kit at a bargain price compared to the one above, making it a strong contender for the overall best gun cleaning kit.

Other Features:

  • 4 accessory adaptors
  • Double ended metal cleaning pick
  • 2 double ended utility/breech brush (phosphor and nylon)
  • 3 utility parts brushes (phosphor/nylon/stainless)
  • 2 choke/breech brushes (1/4” & ¾” diameter)
  • 3 sets of 50 patches (1”x 1”/1 ½” x 1 ½”/3”x 3”)

Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Cleaning Kits

Hoppe’s No. 9 is a popular brand in the gun cleaning market most popularly known for their oils, cleaning solvents, and the Hoppe’s Bore Snake. We’ll touch on the bore snake more in the next section, but for now let’s turn our attention to Hoppe’s Premium Universal Cleaning Kit and the Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit.

Hoppe’s Premium Universal Cleaning Kit comes with 10 bronze brushes (12, 20 and 28 ga., .410 bore, .44/45, .38, .30, .40/10mm, .22 and .17), 6 machine-washable and reusable cleaning swabs, and 9 jags (.17/.20, .22/.243/6mm, .25-6.5mm, .270-7mm, .30-8mm, .375-.40, .416 to .44, .45, .338 to 9mm). There’s also 3 utility brushes, one nylon, one bronze, and one stainless steel. The quality of the tools is passable, certainly good for the price point, and it comes in a hard carrying case, which I really like. The only obvious downside is that the kit doesn’t include any oils or solvents.

Hoppe's Premium Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

You could alternatively choose Hoppe’s Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit, which has less tools but includes Hoppe’s famous No. 9 Bore Cleaner and oils. This also comes in a hard case, this time made of wood. The case is a little flimsy, but I’d still prefer it over a soft case. The kit includes 3 brass rods, four slotted ends, 5 bronze brushes (.22 and .30 rifle, .38 pistol, and 20 and 12 gauge shotgun), and a silicone cleaning cloth. The obvious downsides to this kit is that it isn’t equipped to clean 9mm or .45.

Hoppe's Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit

Allen Deluxe Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kits

Allen’s cleaning kits are good upper-middle shelf items that are great for the intermediate gun owner.

The best gun cleaning kit from them is the Allen’s Ultimate Tactical Gun Cleaning Kit. This kit comes with 65 pieces and is branded to use high-grade tools. It comes with 8 bore brushes (.50, .44/.45, .40, .357/9mm, .30, .22, 12 gauge, and 20 gauge), 10 cleaning swabs, 3 brass slotted tips, 6 brass jags (upgraded from plastic), and brass adapters for 5-40 (.20 Caliber and less) 8-32 (rifle and pistol) and 5/16-27 (shotgun).

Allen Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit

It also comes with upper and bolt carry key brushes, .223 and .308 chamber brushes and a tube cleaning brush. The list of additional parts is long so I include the rest in bullet points below.

The kit is all stored in a tactical hard-plastic casing, complete with pull out compartments. The organization of the kit is exceptional and in my opinion the best on our list. The only drawback to this kit is that there are no solvents or oils included, but Ultimate kit does have plenty of space in the case to store oils and solvents after purchasing them separately.

Other Features:

  • 3 specialty tools for MSR
  • Hex handle for use with one piece of the brass rod
  • Clear plastic tube and rope cable
  • 3-piece cleaning rods for shotgun and rifle/handgun
  • Muzzle guards for each cleaning rod (4mm and 6mm)
  • 3-piece brush and pick set (not included in Deluxe set)
  • Cotton cleaning patches
  • 10 cotton cleaning cloths

Real Avid Gun Boss Cleaning Kits- Bargain Specialized Compact Kits

Real Avid makes a series of compact Gun Boss kits for handguns, AR-15s, AK-47s, Shotguns, and other rifles that are a great something to take to the range or keep in your truck. Each kit typically comes with a 2-section rod with detachable T-handle, some jags, some brushes, and slotted tips. The tools come in a durable padded-hard-case and the kits prices range by about 10 bucks depending on if you’re buying for a handgun or longun. The overall quality of the case and tools are solid, and the only real drawback is that no solvents or oils are included.

Real Avid Gun Boss Handgun Kit

Real Avid Gun Boss Handgun Cleaning Kit

Real Avid .223 Gun Boss (For AR-15s)

Real Avid Gun Boss 223

Otis Tactical Cleaning Kit- Best Compact Kit

The Otis Tactical Cleaning Kit is very popular and in my opinion the best compact cleaning kit on the market. It comes with a wide assortment of tools, is compatible with pistols, rifles, and shotguns, and even has its own small CLP bottle, which is a great plus. The kit is more than twice as expensive as the Avid Gun Boss, but the quality is excellent and it has more universality. It comes in a soft padded zip-up case and we’ve listed the additional contents below.

Otis Tactical Cleaning Kit

Otis Tactical Cleaning Kit Contents:

  • 6 bronze bore brushes (.22/.223, .270, .30/.308/30-06/30-30, .38/9mm, .45 cal, 12 ga)
  • 2” & 3” cotton patches
  • 3 slotted tips
  • 2 patch savers
  • 8″ and 30″ aircraft grade Memory-Flex cables with thread connector
  • 34″ aircraft grade Memory-Flex® cable (5-40 thread) with slotted tip is small enough to clean .17 caliber firearms
  • T-handles that double as small & large obstruction removers
    Warranty protected

Hoppe’s BoreSnake Rifle Soft Sided Rifle Cleaning Kit

Hoppe's BoreSnake Rifle Cleaning Kit

Boresnakes can be a handy alternative gun cleaning tool for when you’re away from your primary cleaning kit. They were extremely common during the World Wars and if I’m not mistaken it was actually Hoppe’s BoreSnakes that were used by the US Military during WWII.

The Hoppe’s BoreSnake Rifle Soft Sided Rifle Cleaning kit comes with Gun Bore Cleaner, Hoppe’s Lubricating Oil and a Weatherguard cloth. Remember that a Boresnakes by no means can clean your gun completely, but these are good choice for shooters who like to give their gun’s barrel a quick clean immediately after use or for those who use a lot of corrosive ammo. They’re cheap, easy-to-use, and as compatible as can be. So give it a try if you think it might be handy.

Remington Bore Squeegee

The Remington Bore Squeegee is an easy-to-use tool that can replace the need for the jag/cleaning patch combo. The rubber squeegee head attaches to the cleaning rod and uses a baffle system to gently scrape away any remaining residue. It does a better job than cleaning patches in my opinion, plus it’s reusable.

Best Gun Cleaner, Solvents, and Oils

Below is a short list of our favorite gun cleaners, solvents, and oils. It’s wise to stick to these trusted brand names for quality assurance.

Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Cleaner & Hoppe’s Elite Gun CleanerHoppes No 9 Elite Gun Cleaner

When it comes to the most respected and widely used gun cleaner it’s not even close:Hoppe’s No. 9. This cleaner is cheap, easy to use, and just a 8 ounce bottle could be all you need for years. It specializes in cleaning carbon buildup and lead. Most people will tell you Hoppe’s isn’t as well suited for cleaning copper, and this is unfortunately true.

But fear not, because Hoppe’s does offer a solution to these issues with their Elite Gun Cleaner. This more expensive alternative is great at removing copper fouling and comes in a spray bottle. Thanks Hoppes. Given that the Elite cleaner is more expensive, I would recommend using the two cleaners together to save some cash if you’re on a budget. I’ll be recommending one more gun cleaner, but in my opinion Hoppe’s is almost always the way to go.

M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner

There are some dissidents among us who prefer alternative cleaners to Hoppe’s, for reasons I may never fully understand. But for the rebels among you I’d alternatively recommend M-Pro’s gun cleaner. It’s odorless (Hoppe’s smells strong, but not bad), and a little better at removing copper fouling.

M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner

M-Pro 7 LPX Gun Oil

I think M-Pro’s gun oils are pretty much hands down the best on the market. It’s highly versatile and I think you can use it on pretty much any gun. The oil acts as a top notch lubricant, it’s easy to apply even in tough to reach places, and it keeps corrosion in check.

Best Gun Cleaning Kit – Buyer’s Guide

Not sure what you need or what makes a good cleaning kit? Check out our buyer’s guide below to learn more.

Why Cleaning Your Gun is Important

Someone new to firearms might be surprised how quickly the interior and exterior of a firearm can collect unwanted buildup. Usually it only takes two or three trips to the range before a gun is due for a cleaning. The first thing to understand is that cleaning your firearm is hardly just for aesthetics. The fouling in your gun can lead to corrosion over the long term and in the short term cause a number of major malfunctions with your firearm. Buildup gets everywhere and it cause issues with your firing pin, the springs, the action, the gas system, and of course the chamber. Even if a dirty gun manages to function, buildup will often affect the guns accuracy, sometimes drastically. Once corrosion starts to wear down the barrel then you’re really screwed.

This is common knowledge to many gun users, but hopefully now we’re all caught up to speed. The lesson is: Clean your gun. All the time. Even if you’ve left it in storage for a while without use, it can be wise to do a cleaning to get rid of any dust or dirt that may have accumulated.

What to Look For in a Prospective Gun Cleaning Kit

You want to be thorough when cleaning your firearm. Every nook and cranny will need to be attended. In order to do this you will need the right set of tools. When buying a kit first make sure that it comes with the parts required your type of gun. Some kits are specialized for shotguns, others for rifles, and handgun cleaning kits come in a wide range of caliber specifications.

Generally, a good universal kit like the ones we’ve listed above will have tools to clean a wide range of firearms. However, not all kits are totally complete so expect to maybe buy a couple of additional items to round out your gun cleaning arsenal.

After you have found a kit with your required caliber sizes, you want to look at the specifics of the kit. What kinds of tools are included and how are their quality? How about the kit’s case, is it durable and well organized?

We’ve assembled an Essential Tools list below in the glossary section of this guide. This will go into the details of each part and tell you what each is for and how to identify if one tool is of better quality than another. A kit should come with bore cleaning tools, such as bore brushes (remember to look for the right caliber), nylon brushes, bore mops, cleaning jags and/or slotted tips, rods, and cleaning patches. You’ll also want the kit to include more general tools like utility brushes, cleaning swabs, and ideally a set of cleaning picks. Lastly, you will need a gun cleaning solvent and gun oil. While some kits include their own solvent and oil many do not, so this is one of the items you will likely need to buy separately. But don’t worry we’ve added recommendations for that above as well.

Gun Cleaning Parts Glossary

Essential Tools

Bronze Bore Brushes – Bronze bore brushes are the primary tool used extract heavy carbon buildup in the barrel of the firearm. A kit usually comes with multiple bronze brushes and the quality of the bronze used in the brush will determine how effective it is at removing buildup. Quality bronze is also important as it will ensure that the brush doesn’t scratch the barrel during cleaning. Bronze brushes come in varying sizes to fit different caliber barrels, and it’s a good idea to buy a kit with a wide selection of brushes to fit varying sized firearms.

Bronze Bore Brush

Nylon Brushes – Nylon brushes aren’t as ubiquitous in cleaning kits as bronze bushes, but they are great for cleaning hard-to-reach and more sensitive areas of the gun. I’d recommend using a nylon brush when working with polymer or wooden-framed guns. Use them sparingly on the bore as they will wear out fast.

Bore Mops/Cleaning Swabs/Gun Mops – Bore mops are used after the bronze brush to remove any small pieces of leftover residue and oil still in the barrel of the gun. Like bronze brushes, more mops come in different sizes and it’s a good idea to wash them after every use to slow down deterioration.

Gun Bore Mop

Cleaning Jag – Cleaning jags are thin rods made from nickel, brass, or plastic. They’re used along with cleaning patches at the final stage of cleaning your barrel to remove any leftover grime or cleaning solvent from the barrel. This is important because leftover solvent in the barrel can lead to corrosion. Make sure to use a new cleaning patch after each use.

Gun Cleaning Jags Kit

Cleaning Patches – As explained above, cleaning patches are small squares of cotton that are mounted onto a jag to clean the bore of leftover cleaning solvent. These are included in almost every cleaning kit. Remember to only use a cleaning patch once and then replace it.

Gun Cleaning Patches

Slotted Tip Patch Holder – Slotted tip patch holders are an alternative to a cleaning jag. The cleaning patch is inserted through and wrapped around the slotted tip patch holder instead of pierced through like with a cleaning jag. I find slotted tip patch holders to be more difficult to use than traditional cleaning jags, but since they’re cheaper to make they tend to be found in lower quality kits. Choosing a slotted tip or a jag is up to you, but I’d recommend using a jag.

Slotted Tip Patch Holder

Cotton Swabs/Cleaning Swabs – Traditional cotton swabs sometimes come included with a cleaning kit, alternatively you can buy them at any drug store. These are good for doing touch-up cleaning and making sure to get excess solvent or tough-to-reach residue.

Double-End/Double Sided/Single Sided Utility Brushes – Utility brushes are made from stainless steel, nylon, or brass and look like a typical toothbrush. These are the primary tool used for cleaning the exterior of your firearm. Some utility brushes will come double-sided with brush heads on both ends.

Gun Utility Brushes

Cleaning Rods – Cleaning rods are a must , and several different sized cleaning rods should be included in any universal cleaning kit. These attach to the cleaning tools listed above and allow you to feed your cleaning tools down the bore of the firearm. You will want to be sure that whatever kit you decide to buy comes with appropriately sized cleaning rods for your firearm. Sometimes beginners will make the mistake of using a small rod to clean a large barreled rifle or shotgun only to find that the rod is to weak, so bear in mind sizing.

There are also variant styles of cleaning rods, and new flexible cleaning rods have now become popular. Rather than pushing the rod through, these flexible cables are used to pull your cleaning tools through the barrel. These can work great and are very compact, but be sure the cable is long enough to suit your gun’s barrel length. I think with longer barreled rifles and shotguns you’re still better off using a traditional rod, rather than trying to manage 30-inches of cable.

Cleaning Solvent – Cleaning solvents are used to clean your firearm and are therefore on of the most essential items in any cleaning kit. There’s a wide selection of solvents on the market and depending on what type of ammo you typically use (steel, brass, copper jacketed) certain types of solvent will be more effective than others. It’s a good idea to buy solvents from the trusted brand name manufacturers listed above.

Oil – Applying oil to your firearm after it is cleaned is the final step in the cleaning process. Oil serves several purposes. It acts mainly as a lubricant for all the mechanical elements within the firearm, and on top of that it helps prevent corrosion. As with cleaning solvents, it’s good to select oils from trusted brands that are designed for your firearm.

Optional Tools

CLP – CLPs (short for clean lubricate and protect) are a popular all-in-one cleaning and lubrication solution that you will no doubt come across when buying gun cleaning supplies. These can be great for when you are in a rush and want to do a quick cleaning, but it’s still important to use a conventional solvent and oil for a more thorough cleaning.

Bore Snake – Bore snakes are another tool used for giving your gun a quick clean. These shouldn’t replace traditional cleaning tools, but buying a bore snake in your firearms caliber can certainly come in handy. The boresnake is a nylon chord with an integrated bronze brush woven into the body and a cleaning swab woven into the tail. It’s drawn through the barrel of the gun like a flexible cleaning rod. We recommend Hoppe’s No. 9 Boresnakes as the best on the market.

Hoppe's 9 Bore Snake

Here are some other tools that could be helpful for cleaning your gun, but definitely aren’t necessary:

Pin Punches – disassembling a firearm for cleaning often requires you to remove several pins. The process of removing pins can become tedious, but it can be made easy with a set of punches. These are also needed for building firearms like an AR-15.

Punches are small rods of varying sizes that are pressed up against the pin you are trying to remove and then lightly hammered to make for easy extraction. They are typically made with either brass, plastic, or steel. Plastic punches are good for not scratching the gun, but they aren’t very effective when hammering is required. Brass is the best all-around type of punch. It’s a softer metal so it won’t damage the pins and they can be hit hard with a hammer if need by. Steel punches are what you would opt for if you need a really narrow punch, but be careful using steel punches as they are the most likely to damage your gun or deform the pins.

Screwdrivers – Most guns will require a screwdriver to completely takedown, so investing in a good set of different sized screwdrivers is recommended. It’s generally best to buy a screwdriver with interchangeable heads to save space. A set of specialty gunsmithing screwdrivers can offer a ton of added versatility and are extremely compact. This could be a worthwhile investment, especially for those with a varied gun collection.

Magnifier – I’m a young guy with good vision, but even I appreciate how much easier it is to work on my firearms when I’m at a workbench with a magnifier. It certainly isn’t necessary, but having a magnifier can make working with small components far less stressful and it’s pretty cool looking at the detail of your firearm through it. They’re also quite cheap.

Clamps – A simple set of rubber clamps can be another easy-to-obtain that just makes working with your firearm a little easier. Clamps hold the gun in place while you’re working on it, and while not necessary, they do make life easier.

Gun Vice – If you want to upgrade from using clamps, a gun vice is a great way to go. Gun vice’s can be expensive, but they do an amazing job keeping the gun in place.

How to Clean Your Gun

Here’s a basic rundown on what you will need to do during a typical clean:

  • Take your firearm and cleaning supplies into a well lit ventilated room. It’s also good to choose a place with good lighting, and I’d recommend laying out newspaper, a tarp, or some other sheet of plastic to protect the surface you will be cleaning on.
  • Unload your gun- remove the magazine and be sure there is nothing in the chamber. Always follow the rules of gun safety.
    Disassemble your gun as the manufacturer recommends- refer to your gun’s owner’s manual to assess how far the gun should be taken down for a proper cleaning. Pistols are typically taken down to barrel, slide, guide rod, frame, and magazine with additional stripping be unnecessary. Revolvers and shotguns will usually need to be field stripped to clean all components.
  • Apply cleaning solution to the inside of the barrel using a cleaning rod equipped with a cleaning patch. Enter the rod through the back of the bore and push through. Do not go through the front of the barrel as this can cause damage. Push the rod all the way through and repeat this process as many times as necessary. Remember to push the rod all the way through and not to pull it back through the barrel.
  • Run the bore brush through the barrel in the same fashion to loosen any leftover fouling
  • Do a final few passes with the cleaning rod with solvent. Repeat until the patches are going through the barrel without collecting any residue.
  • Use dry patches to remove any leftover solvent until the barrel is dry. Be sure to get all excess solvent as it can cause corrosion if left in the chamber.
  • After cleaning the barrel, the next step is to clean and lubricate the action. Once again use a cleaning brush soaked in solution to remove any fouling in the action. Be thorough during this process and don’t miss any hard to reach spaces. Having a range of different sized brushes and tools can be helpful here.
  • Dry the action and be sure to remove all solvent residue. Then apply oil throughout the various components of the action.
    Reassemble the firearm and clean the exterior of the firearm using solvent and the gun cleaning cloth provided in your kit (soft clothing can work also. Anything that won’t scratch)


It isn’t the most sexy topic in the world, but having the best gun cleaning kit and all the required cleaning solutions is certainly a must. The products listed here will be more than enough to get the job done.

The original article can be accessed at GunPros.

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Imagine the Left being completely honest




Imagine the Left being completely honest

The Left has to hide its core ‘value’ of forced wealth redistribution in order to survive, but imagine if the whole truth came out.

No one would support the Left’s socialistic slavery if it were truthful about its ideology of forced wealth redistribution. They will, however admit to some half-truths using the sin of omission to keep the rest under wraps. This is a look at what it would be like if they were completely honest about their socialist national agenda.

After all, these are people who disguise who they are with deliberately false labels. They can talk all they want about being ‘progressive’ or ‘Liberal’, but it’s all backward thinking with the antithesis of Liberty in having ‘the pedagogy of the paredón’ [execution wall].

Leftists weren’t socialists until suddenly they were.

It is really astounding that the Left expects their words to be taken at face value when their history has always been one of lies. For years they solemnly denied that they were socialists, even though the dictionary and their national agenda told a different story. Everyone was supposed to ignore their obvious denial of reality.

Then in a rare flash of honesty, they admitted what had been obvious for decades: They were socialists.

Lost in the accolades of their coming out of the red closet was the fact that they had been lying about their core values for years. It was positively Orwellian in how they switched without the slightest hint of guilt over their abject deception.

Leftist weren’t demanding gun confiscation while demanding gun confiscation.

Leftists certainly seem to have a talent for being able to lie while the truth is in front of everyone else. They used to parrot the lie that ‘No one is talking about gun confiscation’ while absolutely demanding gun confiscation.

It was a bold-faced lie designed to assuage the objections to the Left’s demands for Intergalactic Background Checks or gun registration. We’re not supposed to worry our pretty little heads about the implications of these measures because this just wasn’t in the cards. It was an obvious lie, but the Left demanded that we accept it as the truth along with many others.

These days it’s to the point that the mere rumour of the possibility of a shooting or a particularly cutting remark to a Leftist politician is enough to bring forth this demand. Nevertheless, Leftists will still try to parrot this obvious lie, expecting it to be taken at face value.

Happy talk half-truths.

The national socialist Left would like to be lauded for those rare occasions when they are truly honest. In most cases it’s only part of the story with ‘happy talk’ about free health care, free college, free food, free housing, leaving out the justification over how other people are morally obligated to fund all the freebies.

That is by design, because those discussions delve into the messier aspects of socialism. The false promises, the forcible wealth redistribution, the oppression when the false promises become manifest, the rounding up of dissidents into gulags and concentration camps, the pedagogy of the paredón [execution wall].

The full implications of Leftist half-truths reveals why they keep them hidden, only emphasising the positive aspects of their socialist national agenda.

‘From each according to his abilities’ has to be done at gunpoint.

It should be no surprise that a man who advocated the ideas of a parasitical ideology would have stolen them from the ancient dialogs of someone else. Good old Karl Marx was aware of these ancient texts since he commented on them in his writings. Many others were experimenting – and failing with socialism well before he wrote his ‘manifesto’.

However, the man did phrase the essence of forced wealth redistribution with his:

‘From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.’    Karl Marx

Leftists love to talk up the second part of that little ditty with the promise of all kinds of free stuff while leaving out how the ‘From each’ is supposed to be implemented. This is because other people’s money has to be taken by force.

Bernie Sanders gloated about cancelling student debt and making Wall Street pay for it, without mentioning why they are morally obligated to fund that freebie. He also failed to mention the economic implications of stealing of $1.6 trillion from some people simply because he wants to buy votes.

Where the Leftists truly honest, they would make sure everyone knows some people will be forced to pay for all of the ‘free’ goodies. Most people don’t have to worry about being at the wrong end of government gun, but they do have to worry about that taking of other people’s money sinking the economy.

The full implications of Medicare-for-All.

If there is one thing Leftists love more than being called Liberal, its being lauded for generously spending other people’s money. How they think that money is theirs to take can only be attributed to the distorted mentality of the collectivist mindset.

As reported by JD Rucker Bernie Sanders confirmed the ‘all’ in Medicare-for-All includes illegal immigrants Let’s complete the ‘logic’ of the left in this case and other entitlement issues.

The truthful implications of this are that he believes that everyone has a claim on the property of those who may happen to earn or have more than others. That government is more than a mere protectors of basic human rights, but should be the conduit by which wealth is equally distributed to all in the world.

Never mind that the prospect of free health care, free college, free food, free housing will have the entire world-beating down our ‘door’.

The Left wants everyone to be able to vote to steal other people’s money.

As in the previous example, we all knew what the Left wanted. It was a case of the Left finally coming out and admitting the truth. As reported on Townhall: Caught Red Handed: Despite Their Protests, Democrats Want Illegals To Vote. This is not just a case of the government obtaining the consent of the governed, it is one of the Left flooding the country with illegal invaders that will vote to have other people’s money redistributed to them. Couple this with the promise of free stuff for all who can come in over the border and the people who pay the bills will have lost control of their own country. It will be the end result of every democracy that will be inherently unstable.

If they can accomplish this, the national socialist left will have succeeded in taking the most stable and functioning systems of government and perverting it to one where the minority will be tyrannised by the majority. It will inevitably disintegrate as fewer people work to have their earnings stolen by others, shifting the burden to fewer and fewer until the whole system collapses.

Open borders and reparations for past sins.

Our final two examples – in more ways than one – we have Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asking ‘What’s The Point?’ on the issue of enforcing Immigration Laws In U.S. as reported in the Daily Wire.

Then there is the story reported on the website Twitchy of an opinion piece from the New York Times that openly admits that the illegal invasion and reparations movement are meant to be penance for ‘our’ past sins.

The national Socialist-Left doesn’t see any point in borders or Enforcing Immigration Laws and that we must pay some form of penance for our past sins. Never mind that the people who committed these sins have long since passed or that the people benefiting weren’t the original victims. No, to those on the Left, we have committed the unpardonable crime of being successful and having the best system of government ever conceived.

The Takeaway.

The full extent of the truth of what the Left has admitted is almost too monstrous to contemplate. They have no qualms about forcibly taking property in order to buy votes and loyalty. They are perfectly willing to hand out goodies to anyone who will vote for them. Finally, they don’t believe in sovereignty and see the illegal invasion and reparations as a way of the innocent of today to pay for the collective sins of the past.

Thus whatever they do to the country to attain power for themselves is perfectly legitimate in their minds. It doesn’t matter to them if it leads to our destruction because we probably deserve it. It used to be said that certain foreign entities hated us for our freedom. In looking at the implications of the rare instances when the Left has been a little honest, it would seem they agree with that sentiment.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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