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Whose children are they?



Among the most basic of all human rights are to live according to one’s own religious faith and to bring up one’s offspring as one sees fit. For those of us in the Judeo-Christian tradition, the wisdom imparted by the Almighty to King Solomon expressed in Proverbs 22:6 instructs us “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Proverbs 226 meme

But today this right is being stolen by the government. California is not the only state depriving citizens of their parental rights, but they are often the most egregious. Imagine imposing a grades K-12 curriculum training children in the tenets of progressive sexuality with no ability for their parents to opt out for them. You don’t even have to imagine because this is now reality.

In every perverse policy implemented in California, Hawaii is seldom far behind in playing copycat. Those of you who have children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren in public schools today need to carefully monitor what they are being taught because their hearts and minds are being stolen from you.

Hitler Youth

The National Socialist German Workers’ Party, which has gone down in infamy as the Nazi Party, recruited adolescents to serve the Füehrer, a title which Adolf Hitler assumed meaning leader or guide. The totalitarian government would guide the children, not those who brought them into this world. Boys and girls were told to betray their own parents if they did not remain totally loyal and dedicated to Hitler.


Chairman Mao Tse-Tung also indoctrinated the youth of China. Now Xi Jinping is once again clamping down on freedom of expression and recruiting kids to turn in their parents even for just holding worship services in a house church.

North Korea

For the 18th year in a row, Open Doors rates North Korea as the most oppressive regime in the world and the hardest place for Christians to survive on Planet Earth. Young people are told to follow Kim Jong-un and worship him and to betray their parents if they see them with a Bible or hear them mention Jesus Christ.

Gaza Kids

Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza are preparing both boys and girls to breach the border fence into Israel and to slaughter Jews.

Whenever governments co-opt the youngest generation for their own nefarious purposes and deny parents the right to raise their own kids, an entire generation is corrupted, the future course is set and predetermined and the people ~ their own people ~ suffer the consequences.

The common thread in all of this is that ideologies that are insecure need to enforce their dominance, being unable to rely upon people freely choosing their way of life. This applies to Communist governments in China, North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam. It applies to Islamic regimes from Iran to Gaza and back to Indonesia. The state and the religion are one and the same.

AOC Pelosi

Here in the good old USA, Democrat Progressive Socialist Old Guard embraces the New Guard. It used to be that liberals just wanted your money to pay for their extravagances. Now they demand your very soul. They also have their eyes set on ripping your children from your grasp.

So what are you going to do about it? First, those of us in blue States dominated by leftist ideologues need to regain control if we ever had it or to get it even if we didn’t. Don’t allow the public schools to continue indoctrinating our progeny and depriving us of our heritage and legacy.

Keep after your kids’ teachers, school principals, local school boards, boards of education, local legislators, mayors, governors and all officials that determine what your children are being taught in their classes. Also lobby your U.S Senators and Representatives. In a case such as Hawaii where you know you don’t have a snowball’s chance of changing their minds, vote them out of office!

If possible, put your impressionable boys and girls in Christian Schools which still know the difference between boys and girls. But, even if you can afford to do that, don’t neglect the public good by ridding our society of corrupt evil influences. Get involved in local campaigns and elect better men and women at all echelons of government. Consider seriously even running yourself. Sometimes the only way to get a job done right is indeed to do it yourself.

2020 Elections

The election on November 3, 2020 will be the most critical one you will have ever voted in thus far. Some of the Democrat contenders are far to the left of anything Hillary Clinton ever said about needing a village to raise a child.

They despise conservatives and everything we stand for. They realize that if they can’t dissuade us from our beliefs and sway us to theirs, that their control of the educational system will enable them to take away our children. The next generation of Americans will be lost if we don’t act decisively very soon.

I knew who I was at a very young age. There is absolutely nothing a socialist can say or do to remove that deep-seated conviction. The da`wah to get us to betray our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and convert to Islam will likewise never work on me.

My parents had free rein to raise me as they chose and as they believed was for my own good. Now that I am a senior citizen, those sound roots in American culture, patriotism grounded in a firm understanding of our country’s founding and history, and the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, will never leave me.

But think now of your kindergartener being taught that he or she is gender fluid. That sexual experiences can begin at any age and take any form whatsoever. Everything goes. Absolutely nothing is off limits.

The birds and bees discussion has been replaced by witches and cauldrons. They are brewing up a concoction to poison your child’s mind.


I’m trying to put this all into perspective. Consider if Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, James Madison and George Washington had grown up under those conditions. If there had even been a Declaration of Independence and a U.S. Constitution, what kind of distorted values do you suppose they would have enshrined? Nothing like what has brought us through nearly two and a half centuries since then to this critical fork in the road where we now stand.

Fork in the Road

The people we elect at all levels of government are those who determine the course our country, our state and our local community will take. The values and belief system they embody will be imparted to our children.

It’s more than just our schools and educational system. It’s our entire national infrastructure. As responsible parents and responsible citizens we must get involved and we must stand up for what is right.

How far have we come since Benjamin Franklin, America? Have we replaced our national icons with the likes of Ilhan Omar? Who are the thought leaders of today? Are they firmly founded in the Judeo-Christian tradition? Do they believe that laws made by mortals are subservient to Sharia?


Or are they just too dense to learn from the mistakes of the past? How you answer this question and how you respond to this challenge will determine whether future generations of Americans will inherit the same wonderful country that our parents gave us!

Bernie et al



Culture and Religion

Thoughts and prayers are exactly what we need



Thoughts and prayers are exactly what we need

One of the more disturbing developments in recent years is the growing attacks on thoughts and prayers in the wake of tragedy. Not only are more and more shouting that thoughts and prayers are “not enough” in the wake of tragedy. Many are also doubling-down on the idea by calling thoughts and prayers an excuse to do nothing.

This assertion not only strikes me as wrong-hearted but fundamentally in ignorance of two honest observations.

Firstly, those who attack thoughts and prayers ignore the necessity to grieve and the resolve that arises in the hearts of those who mourn.

Offering thoughts and prayers provides a message of unity and compassion. It’s a unified message that the victims of tragedy do not stand alone. The time where we offer thoughts and prayers is a time where we can set aside our petty differences and unite in mourning.

Further, it has often been my observation that those who offer heartfelt and fervent thoughts and prayers are the ones which arise from their knees, wipe the tears from their eyes, and provide the most energetic actions towards the support of others.

Mocking thoughts and prayers is mocking the humanity of those who are overcome with the grief of a heart-rending tragedy. It’s to mock the natural response of caring, faithful citizens. Quite honestly, it boils my blood that anyone would mock or belittle a quiet, tearful prayer, a lit candle in the window, or messages on social media that are, for once, positive, supportive, and contemplative.

Secondly, the attitude of mocking the thoughtful and prayerful is yet another example of the degradation of what holds us together as a society. It is a manifestation of our nation’s rotting core of community and brotherhood.

Ultimately, it is a demonstration of the same societal decay that is itself responsible for the lost souls of those who not only perpetrate horrible crimes, like mass shootings, but who resolve to end their problems by ending their life or escape their hollow realities through substance abuse.

We need a more thoughtful and more prayerful society. If we are ever going to get to the bottom of what is causing people to grow so cold in their hearts to kill others or so fallen from hope to kill themselves, we must rediscover the compassion and empathy that can alone save our families, our communities, and our nation from abject dysfunction.

Thoughts and prayers are not keeping us from solutions to the problem. Thought and prayers are the only true beginning to real solutions for the problems that ail our country.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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Everything wrong with our political discourse in a single tweet



Everything wrong with our political discourse in a single tweet

I will be completely transparent. I did not click on the link to read the extended version of what John Pavlovitz wrote. I looked at his tweet and determined that I was not going to give him the revenue for a single click. Especially for such clickbait. I did look at his profile which reads: “Author of ‘A Bigger Table’, ‘Hope’, and ‘Low.’ Unapologetically committed to equality, diversity, compassion, love, and justice.” Given the content of his tweet, the word irony comes to mind. As well as the dismal state of our politcal discourse.

John takes an approach toward people he disagrees with politically that I would not allow my children to take against anyone. Whether they looked different, practiced a different religion, came from a different country or God forbid, may vote for one of the insane Democrats currently on the debate stage. I have taught my children to think more deeply than that about people and relationships. To look at what people do. Not a single characteristic and make inane judgements like John.

I have been clear in all of my public statements that I did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016. I also did not vote for Hillary Clinton. It was astounding to me out of a country of 340 million people we had two candidates under investigation by the FBI. It was even more concerning that one of them would be leader of the free world.

However, I will vote for Donald Trump in 2020 barring some unforeseen circumstance. I do not own a MAGA hat, and do not think I have ever tweeted the hashtag without irony. However, given the fact I could now be construed as a supporter, John’s aspersions are being cast at me. They are also being cast at many of my friends who did vote for Trump in 2016. Wonderful people, they just thought Hillary Clinton was as corrupt as she actually is. I know them, their children and their values. Here is what we actually teach our children in the order John has defined them:

  • Do not judge people by the color of the skin, who they love or what they worship and be very suspicious of those who do. It is the content of a person’s character that matters.
  • Apologize if you are wrong. Do not ever apologize for speaking your mind. Be polite. Don’t waste time being politically correct. That is a soft form of censorship that does nothing but limit your thinking.
  • Diversity is more than skin deep. (See number 1.)
  • You need to take responsibility for your own behavior and success. Then be generous.
  • Empathy means you can understand where a person is coming from. Don’t confuse that with sympathy and ever think you can truly understand someone else’s lived experience. Move through your life with empathy.
  • America is exception and has given more freedom and opportunity to more people than any other country in the world. That does not mean everything America has done is a source of pride. Learn history and to ensure we don’t repeat the mistakes of the past.
  • Women can be whatever they want to be from CEO, to teacher to stay at home mom. They should not feel shame for any choice they make.
  • See number 1.
  • Religion is the foundation for values that made Western civilization one built on free will and freedom. It also helps you find the “you” shaped hole in the world.
  • When in doubt, do your homework.

I literally can’t imagine thinking the way John thinks. Of course it does not surprise me with the identity politics so valued by both the far left and the far right. To actually imagine that you can tell anything about someone based on a single characteristic is the most arrogant and simplistic point of view I can imagine. To think you know anything about the values people teach their children based on their preference on taxes, regulation, border security or foreign policy is asinine.

I have no idea what John has taught his children any more than he knows what the millions of Trump supporters nationwide teach theirs. I certainly hope they have been taught to be open-minded, to actually listen to people with different ideas and judge people for who, not what they are. Otherwise their point of view will be a simple and lacking as John’s tweet. And our public discourse will never improve. That would be sad.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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Democrats turn Mexican Independence Day celebration in Chicago into political statement against Trump



Democrats turn Mexican Independence Day celebration in Chicago into political statement against Trum

The long-standing tradition of cruising in Chicago streets for Mexican Independence Day had a double meaning this year as hundreds of revelers circled Trump Tower in Chicago waving Mexican flags and honking in celebration and protest.

The change in venue from the normal “cruising” in Hispanic neighborhoods was prompted by law enforcement’s decision to block off roads normally used for the occasion. The disruptive and sometimes violent celebrations were relocated after 10th district police blocked 26th St. in the Mexican neighborhood of Little Village.

The motivation behind the blocked streets in Hispanic neighborhoods was clear: To move the celebration downtown where it could become a protest. We know this because the official police statement declared their reasoning was for cleanup following a parade… but there was no parade scheduled for the streets in question. This was clearly a political move orchestrated by leftists in the Mayor’s office.

Cars and trucks with Mexican flags have been cruising Hispanic neighborhoods for Mexican Independence Day since the mid-80s. It wasn’t until far-left Mayor Lori Lightfoot sought to weaponize and politicize the celebration that the venue was changed to the streets right in front of Trump Tower.

Expression of cultural pride is one thing. Waving Mexican flags defiantly at Trump Tower has turned the celebration of Mexican Independence Day into a political statement, just as Democrats want it to be.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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