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People of the Judeo-Christian faiths should expect attacks to rise



People of the Judeo-Christian faiths should expect attacks to rise

If you get your news from American mainstream media, two connected narratives are constantly pushed when it comes to religions. First, there is no real persecution against those who practice a Judeo-Christian religion or believe in the Bible. Second, all other religions as well as those who claim no religion are the real victims every time.

Every time.

It isn’t just the blatant attacks, such as the Sri Lanka terrorist attack (almost certainly) perpetrated by radical Islamic terrorists. It’s the subtle attacks, the ones that don’t get much coverage but that are attacks on our faith nonetheless. We should expect these attacks to continue. We should expect these attacks to rise.

Whether you believe we are in the Biblical end times or not, you should heed the warnings from both the New and Old Testament. Just as antisemitism was prophesied and has continued to come to fruition throughout history, so too was persecution of believers in Christ prophesied and continues to be demonstrated daily. In America, faith was once a badge of honor warn by arguably too many people, even those who didn’t really share it. Now that it’s not nearly as socially beneficial as it was just a decade or two ago, we’re seeing a falling away from the church. This is not surprising. Lukewarm Christians are seeing fewer benefits from their supposed faith manifesting in this world and are therefore less inclined to embrace it.

We have entered a time in history where the subtle attacks and the blatant attacks are going to continue to rise. It was foretold and is coming to pass before our eyes. That doesn’t mean the Great Tribulation starts tomorrow, but it also doesn’t mean it won’t. It could be this year, next year, a hundred years, or a thousand years from now. Regardless of when that time comes, the persecution is on course to continue, to spread, and to worsen.

Churches are burning, and not just Notre-Dame cathedral. That one may have drawn all the headlines, but it’s not a new development. Atheism and Islam are growing and their adherents are acting more boldly. The Islamic State, though proclaimed to be dead, is rising in ways that don’t draw the attention of the press but that’s clear and present to those who are watching.

Now is the time for the faithful to make our voices heard. It won’t be easy. The noise that continuously attempts to drown us out has become a cacophony of blasphemous sound that threatens to suppress those who choose to share the Gospel, but we must not let that dissuade us from walking the proper path. As Matthew 7:13-14 says:

13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:

14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

We must not be shaken from our faith by the persecution and attacks being waged against us. Some attacks are physical. Others are intellectual. Some are blatant. Others are subtle. Wear the Armor of God and stay true to the faith.

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