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English Conservative MEP: Hitler was a socialist



Daniel Hannan proves that Economic Liberty is vastly superior to collectivist slavery.

Howbeit, this video is from a few years ago, however, it does address some key points that are incessantly regurgitated by the National Socialist Media. Such as the reactions to Republican Representatives Mo Brooks of Alabama and Louie Gohmert of Texas having the audacity to refer to a National Socialist Worker’s Party as a National Socialist Worker’s party while quoting the political manifesto one of the world’s most infamous socialists of all time: Adolf Hitler

The speaker is of course English MP (Member of Parliament) Daniel Hannan who goes on to present the larger point that society based on economic Liberty is vastly superior to one based on coercion and collectivism.

Destroying the ‘Rivalry’ talking point.

Soon after beginning to present the facts of the matter, someone arises to challenger him on his assertion with the ‘Rivalry’ talking point – whereby conflict between various groups of collectivists is presented as evidence that one isn’t a collectivist. This is one of the most common forms of trying to deny that a National Socialist Worker’s party of was a National Socialist Worker’s party.

The flaw in that kind of argument is that it assumes that rivals for power have to be of different ideologies, which doesn’t have to be the case. Consider the rivalries between the various candidates running for the presidency in 2020. Does the fact that they are competing with each other magically turn one or both to being non-socialist?

Reference the rivalry between the Old USSR and communist China or communist China with communist Vietnam or communist Vietnam with communist Cambodia. Do these rivalries magically convert on or both into being non-socialist? Alternatively there is the rivalry between different factions of Islam, do these rivalries magically convert one or both into being non-Muslim?

In the case of the particular National Socialist Worker’s party in question, at one point they co-operated with another group of socialists – the USSR. Did they magically change ideologies during this time period?

Authoritarian collectivists are hostile to the true Liberal Right.

As reported in Independent Journal Review several years ago, Mr Hannan prefaced his remarks on the organised evil that is socialism by pointing out an obvious historic fact: That Adolf Hitler was a socialist.

As Hannan points out, while socialists and fascists, two different kinds of authoritarian collectivists, fought one another for power, both groups were hostile to the classically liberal true “right” – which stands for individual freedom.

Later on in the video [5:30], a questioner asks: “How is it freedom to not have your daily bread, to not go to a reasonable school, to not have any opportunities to develop yourself as a young person…?”

Mr. Hannan replied, “Let’s leave aside whether or not one means positive freedom or negative freedom. If you want those opportunities, if you want decent schools, if you want a rise in living standards, would you go to North Korea or South Korea?” Much of the audience applauded in approval.

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