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Jim Jordan: House Democrats all about getting Trump, not rule of law



Representatives Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Devin Nunes (R-CA) went on Fox News to talk to Sean Hannity about the Democrats’ latest attempts to turn Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation into a continuous news cycle. Their efforts to subpoena the full unredacted report instead of the report promised by Attorney General William Barr later this month is a purely political move, according the the Representatives.


With all the posturing that’s happening right now on both sides, this comes down to one factor: is there evidence that’s truly damaging to the President in the Mueller report. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, that we’re seeing today is nothing more than Kabuki Theater until the report is released and examined by press on both sides of the political aisle as well as interested American citizens.

Everyone is entitled to pick a side however they see fit and the vast majority of Americans who are paying attention will pick the side of their preferred tribe. Those who support Trump say the Democrats are playing games and there’s nothing to see in the report based on what Attorney General Barr said. Those who oppose the President say the Republicans are covering it up, including AG Barr, and the President is about to be exposed.

At this point, anyone who claims to know what’s going to happen is either delusional or had direct knowledge, which at this point seems to only be people on Mueller’s team and the Attorney General’s office.

I respect Jordan and Nunes for doing what they’re supposed to do from a partisan perspective. But if they’re still making the same arguments after the report is released, then it’s just misdirection. They will need to be able to say, “See, the full report shows the President didn’t do anything significant wrong.” If the report comes out and they’re still talking about FISA applications and 302s, then the President is in trouble.


“If we want the truth, if Jerry Nadler wants the truth, then let’s release the FISA application. Let’s get the 302.” – Jim Jordan

Final Thoughts

The Democrats continue to double down on the notion the report is going to be damaging to the President. If it turns out to be less damaging than the expectations they’re setting, this is going to be another blow against them.

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