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Coverage that cuts through the spin



Coverage that cuts through the spin

For the last two years, NOQ Report has been, in many ways, part of the right vs left spin machine. Conservative sites like Breitbart, Daily Caller, and Townhall are essentially doing the same thing by highlighting stories that need to be heard and giving them the spin that counters the leftist narrative prevalent in most mainstream media. We have joined them in this regard, but it’s time for us to take a slightly different approach.

If there’s one thing that’s lacking, it’s the inability or unwillingness of most media outlets to address the root cause of any particular issue or piece of news. Many of the things that happen in the worlds of politics, culture, and religion happen for very specific reasons that are rarely discussed in context with the news itself. In other words, western society has become easily distracted and manipulated by the news cycle itself, a cycle that is in a constant state of flux. Very rarely do news outlets take the time to explore why something is happening at its foundation, instead focusing on the immediate newsworthy aspect of a story.

For example, one of the big pieces of news for today is the House Ways and Means Committee formally requesting President Trump’s tax returns from the IRS. All of the coverage is about what is happening. Some of the coverage speculates about why it’s happening. None of them have addressed why it’s happening specifically now. We broke all of that down earlier, but here are the basics so you can understand what I mean when I say we need to cut through the spin.

The strange timing of the Democrats’ tax return request is all about distracting from the border

The entire purpose of the request is to draw attention to the President as a reminder to the Democratic base that they’re working hard to take down the man they all fervently hate. They want him on record fighting to keep his private tax returns private. This, of course, makes sense, and while I was calling for their release as well back in 2015 and early 2016, by the time the general election rolled around it was essentially too late, just as it’s too late now. There is nothing that can benefit America to see them, but there is still plenty the Democrats can try to use against him for the 2020 election.

But the important takeaway here is the timing of the request. Why now? Why not do it within the first couple of weeks after they took control of the House when it could have set the tone? Or, why not do it closer to the election when such a request can be more damaging to the President at the right moment? Doing it earlier or later would make sense, but doing it weeks or even days before Robert Mueller’s Russian investigation report is released to the public seems to be a waste of headlines unless we consider one important factor:

This request was done now as a distraction, which the Democrats desperately needed now that the border crisis is manifesting in ways the media can no longer ignore.

The tax return request is a “pocket distraction.” Politicians use them all the time. They’re relatively timeless headline-makers that can be unleashed at any moment to draw media attention away from something they don’t want discussed at the top of the news cycle. Today, that’s the growing number of headlines even from left-leaning sources that are drawing into question the validity of the Democrats’ stance that there’s no major problem to handle at the border other than what they’re calling a “humanitarian crisis” (which, ironically, they created with their own policies).

As we noted earlier, this is part of the great changes that are coming to NOQ Report.

Anyone with a blog, time, and a basic grasp of the English language can regurgitate the news or spit out link-bait headlines to draw in visitors. We want to take the news and help our readers see what’s really behind it all.

Everything that’s done in politics is done for a reason. If it makes the news, someone wanted it to do so. We’re not just going to report the news. We’re going to dig deeper to find out why the newsworthy event happened in the first place.

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