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Will #MeToo kill Biden’s run or will he be painted as misunderstood?



Will MeToo kill Bidens run or will he be painted as misunderstood

Potential presidential candidate Joe Biden has an opportunity to do what very few have been able to do: turn accusations against him into a plea for sympathy. If he plays his cards right, it’s quite possible for him to play the victim card instead of being painted as a sexual predator as many of his detractors have been doing.

It all started with an accusation by former Nevada politician Lucy Flores accused Biden of inappropriate touching, hair smelling, and kissing her on the back of the head at a campaign event to support her run for Lt. Governor in 2014. She was rightly horrified (who wouldn’t be horrified if Joe Biden was touching them and smelling their hair?), but in the whole scheme of things it’s not all too shocking. Biden has long-held the reputation of being creepy.

If he were a Republican accused by a Republican woman, he’d be done. The media would be crucifying him. Alyssa Milano would be Tweeting about public hearings instead of defending him. Pressure would mount for the GOP to distance themselves, and as they’re wont to do when any controversy hits a candidate other than Donald Trump, they would have complied like docile servants of the system.

But Biden is a card-carrying feminist. He’s a progressive from the old days when being a progressive didn’t mean putting out insane ideas like the modern day radical progressives of the Democratic Party have been doing since the Senator Bernie Sanders made his base so woke. Compared to most or even all of his potential competitors for the nomination, Biden is practically a moderate.

That, combined with his strong name-recognition and popularity with the establishment side of the Democratic base is why there’s still a good chance he could come out of these accusations still intact. He won’t be unscathed; more accusations keep popping up. Thankfully for Biden, all of the accusations seem to point to the same thing we’ve known for a while. He’s creepy. Probably not dangerous or overly inappropriate, but creepy.

It’s ironic that 19 months before the general election, many Democrats already see one candidate as the only hope they have of defeating President Trump. The leftward lurch has been harder than we’ve ever seen among Democrats. They’re making the Green Party look mainstream. And then there’s Biden who the Democratic establishment hopes can be the lone voice of reason while everyone else fights with Sanders and Beto O’Rourke for the bats–t crazy vote.

What the Democratic establishment doesn’t understand (or at least pretends to not understand) is the bats–t crazy wing of their party is growing dramatically and will likely do in 2020 what they weren’t strong enough to do in 2016: decide the nominee. This is why nearly all of the candidates are banking on branding themselves as fellow bats–t crazy people. The bats–ttier they are, the more likely they’ll get the nod.

At this point, Biden’s best bet is to come out strong, point to his record with women, try to reconcile with the accusers, and move on. He can play the victim card as well by saying the powers that be are trying to push him out. Who knows? Some might believe him.

For those of us who have no intention of voting for Biden, Sanders, or anyone on the left, this is a good time to grab some popcorn and watch the progressives eat each other.

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