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LifeNews delivers a brutal yet sadly accurate pro-life message about preborn babies with genetic defects



LifeNews delivers a brutal yet sadly accurate pro-life message about preborn babies with genetic def

Snark is not my favorite tactic to use in debates, especially ones as important as abortion. Being adamantly pro-life makes me stick to completely serious discussions on the topic. I don’t use memes. I don’t throw out unnecessary insults. I stick to the facts, the science, and the heart where the debate belongs.

With that said, this burn by LifeNews is brilliant. And, unfortunately very true.

President Trump reversed the decision to stop funding the Special Olympics. This was the right move and the Special Olympics let him know.

Those who are diagnosed with disabilities have just as much right to live as any of us. They are God’s creation, and because they are created differently, that doesn’t mean they should fall victim to abortion in order to “protect” them from a “hard” life.

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President Trump’s defunding of Planned Parenthood moves forward



President Trumps defunding of Planned Parenthood moves forward

Next week, Lord willing, President Trump’s plan to remove $60 from Planned Parenthood Title X funding will go into effect, greatly hampering the abortion giant’s ability to spread hatred and fear. It’s a move that’s being contested in courts, but unless something strange comes to light between now and then, the rule will go into effect.

For years, Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers have used loopholes in federal funding rules that are supposed to prevent federal taxpayer dollars from being used on abortions. These loopholes direct the money to non-abortion services, but it was always done with a wink and a nod. Just because specific money is earmarked for non-abortion services doesn’t mean that money that normally would have gone to non-abortion services isn’t then redirected to not only providing abortions but lobbying DC to expand abortion practices around the country.

Now, it would appear they’re going to be looking for money from other sources.

President Trump Will Implement New Rule Next Week Cutting Planned Parenthood Funding $60 Million

As LifeNews reported in March, the Trump administration finalized an administrative rule that would partially defund the Planned Parenthood abortion business and deprive it of as much as $60 million in taxpayer dollars. This action adds to President Trump’s record of defunding the Planned Parenthood abortion company.

The abortion chain receives about $50 million to $60 million in Title X funds annually, but that could change now that the new rules are being implemented. The administration’s changes to Title X family planning grants have angered the abortion chain Planned Parenthood, prompting a lawsuit, but they provide hope for life-affirming pregnancy centers, which can now compete with the abortion giant for the federal funds.

This is a victory for pro-lifers on many levels, but don’t expect it to assist in closing down abortion clinics. If progressive organizations have taught us anything, it’s that they’re adept at playing the victim card. They will be able to replace the money through donations over the next year. If anything, they’ll get more money than they were from the government. But it’s still an important step for the pro-life movement, not only from a symbolic perspective but also a practical one. Every extra dollar donated to Planned Parenthood is a dollar that could have been donated to other progressive organizations or Democratic candidates.

Moreover, it sends a very clear message that Planned Parenthood’s unabashed support of Democrats will not be replaced by taxpayers. They’ll have to promote their evil agenda with their own money.

Any concerns that President Trump wouldn’t be a firm supporter of the pro-life movement have melted away since his election. He has done as much for the life of preborn children than any President in history.

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The indoctrination of the left on abortion and white supremacy, in one Laurence Tribe Tweet



The indoctrination of the left on abortion and white supremacy in one Laurence Tribe Tweet

We are on the cusp of a post-truth society because the radical progressives of America have already embraced its tenets. They thought they’d found their reality with the post-modern society that’s been a favorite for the left for decades, but in a post-modern society, absolute truth does not exist. In a post-truth society, absolute truth is personal truth, so whatever a person feels to be true is the only acceptable truth.

In a post-truth society, a man can be a woman if he/she feels so inclined. Illegal immigrants can be the same as legal immigrants because, well, they’re all immigrants, right? Racism can only work in one direction and anyone saying anything negative about Caucasians in general are incapable of being classified as racist. The post-truth society is radical progressive utopia.

Two of the hottest subjects being attacked by the hyper-leftists promoting their post-truth society are abortion and white supremacy. The abortion issue is arguably the clearest example of a post-truth mentality; a person in an early stage of development accepted by most scientists as a “life” can be arbitrarily murdered because the choice of the mother and the doctor hold primacy over a human’s right to exist. This is why the big push by progressives is to allow abortion survivors to die anyway in the hands of medical personnel who could save them.

As for white supremacy, the attacks from progressives aren’t actually engaged in ending it. The actions and goals of the left are to label as many conservative Americans as possible as white supremacists in an attempt to both shame them and make anyone leaning in that direction shy away for fear of being labeled. It’s a different aspect of their left’s post-truth gameplan than driving abortion, but it’s potent and diabolical nonetheless.

When you bring the two together, it’s not like the collision of chocolate and peanut butter that gave us peanut butter cups. It’s more like a collision between denial and falsehoods. But when popular progressive legal expert and Carl M. Loeb University Professor at the Harvard Law School Laurence Tribe brought them together, the result is actually comical.

“White Supremacists oppose abortion because they fear it’ll reduce the number of white infants and thus contribute to what they fear as non-white “replacement.” Never underestimate the way these issues and agendas are linked. This turns “intersectionality” on its head.”

I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he’s being satirical. But the Babylon Bee couldn’t have crafted a more ludicrous premise behind an argument, even as satire. It’s demonstrably false and if it’s not satire, it represents the unhinging of progressive concepts from rational thought.

Twitter let him have it…

The saddest part isn’t the idiocy of Laurence Tribe’s Tweet. It’s the fact that thousands of people have retweeted or liked it and the indoctrinated masses of radical progressives likely believe it to be true. The post-truth society is rising.

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Pete Buttigieg posts rural health plan, and it’s terrifying



Pete Buttigieg posts rural health plan and its terrifying

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg has been the surprise candidate of the 2020 Democratic primary race so far. He has been at the bottom of the top tier of five frontrunners, registering just below Senator Kamala Harris in most polls and well ahead of the rest of the pack. One of the things that has kept him close to the top is his growing reputation as a moderate. He’s pushing a brand of “progressive-lite” policies that are to the left of former Vice President Joe Biden but to the right of Harris as well as Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

His Medicare-for-All-Who-Want-It plan is supposed to be the hybrid that could bridge the gap between Biden’s Obamacare 2.0 plan and the full-blown single-payer Medicare-for-All that the progressive frontrunners are proposing. But now that he’s released the rural-focused component of his healthcare plan, any notions that he’s pushing a moderate solution can be tossed out the window.

This is a fiscal monstrosity. We must not have our expectations set by the far-left; Buttigieg’s plan still seems to be less expensive than the radical progressive alternative being floated by some. But that doesn’t mean we should grade on a scale, and compared to the current healthcare system under Obamacare, Buttigieg’s plan is dramatically more expensive.

The short list of details uses the word “expand” eleven times while admitting to “increase” components five times. It’s populism for leftists in that it attempts to address all of the problems faced by rural Americans with their healthcare in one fell swoop. But there are no incremental increases insinuated by the plan. This is a big idea, one that will cost taxpayers a ton of money up front and a ton of money to maintain.

There are clearly challenges with rural health systems. Lifestyle alone cannot be blamed for higher infant mortality rates and lower life expectancy when compared to people living in cities. Access to healthcare is challenging because of the extreme costs of providing it. There is little incentive to build and maintain proper hospitals in sparsely populated rural areas in which the patient base isn’t large enough to sustain full-blown hospitals.

Don’t get me wrong. Some of what he’s proposing makes a lot of sense, and if he detailed a plan with incremental changes it might even be tenable. But he leads with his standard abomination, the Medicare-for-All-Who-Want-It, which is arguably more fiscally dangerous than single-payer. Why? Because mixing the private market to compete with a public option, as he and Biden are suggesting, will hamper private profits to the point that many will pull out of the industry over time. At least with Medicare-for-All we know exactly when private health insurance is to be abolished, allowing proper preparations. With Buttigieg’s and Biden’s plan, the shifting marketplace will become a guessing game. Put too much into the public option and it’s wasted taxpayer dollars. Don’t put enough and it will get crushed under the weight of uncertainty.

But the biggest reason Buttigieg’s rural plan is so bad is because it’s worded as simultaneous major changes. That means big dollars from the outset. If President Trump can’t get Congress to give him $25 billion for the wall, how is Buttigieg supposed to get hundreds of billions, possibly trillions, to put hospitals, nurses, and doctors across farmland, USA?

The release of this plan should mark the end of any discussion that Buttigieg’s healthcare proposal is the moderate choice. It’s neither moderate nor attainable. It seems the Mayor is succumbing to his competitors’ tactic of over-promising “free” stuff.

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