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Memo to the leftists: You don’t really have to exploit every serious crisis



Memo to the leftists You dont really have to exploit every serious crisis

The nation’s Left needs to know that trying to politicize and exploit every tragedy will only serve to further divide the country.

Word comes in over the wire of a tragedy and the twin emotions of horror and dread take over. Horror that people have died and dread knowing that certain elements of our society will jump into the fray trying to exploit the attack for maximum political effect following this tragedy.

Within minutes of the news breaking on the mass murder in Christchurch, New Zealand, the usual suspects sprang into action trying to callously use the deaths of other people for their crass political gain.

The infuriating reaction to the Judeo-Christian action of offering thoughts and prayers

Our political discourse has devolved down to talking point shorthand meant to ‘Rahm’ certain agenda items down our throats without consideration of human tragedy that has taken place. There is no better exemplification of this than the usual controversy of offering ‘Thoughts and Prayers’. As is typical of certain memes in our dysfunctional society, the Judeo-Christian action of prayer is often mocked by many on the Left.

The short hand of this meme is that we’re supposed to immediately think of how we can offer up more of our Liberty as a sacrifice for our ‘collective’ guilt. It is not enough to offer sympathy to the victims of a tragedy, we must instead think of ways to mitigate our ‘guilt’ in this matter. Whether those make any sense or will do any good is irrelevant.

An ever shifting blame narrative

It’s almost a sick obsession of some of the Left to use the pain and suffering of others to further their political power. They couldn’t make headway on Liberty control, since guns are tightly regulated in New Zealand. Therefore, they shifted the narrative to the next best thing, attacking some on the Pro-Liberty Right and going after free speech. It is ever supremely ironic that those who falsely cast themselves as being ‘Liberal’ have the cause of Liberty as their first target in the exploitation of these tragedies.

What they don’t realize within the confines of their echo chamber myopia is that they’re supposed holding of the moral high ground is only a circular logic construct on their part. They seem to think they are on the ‘right side of history’ because they tell themselves they are on the ‘right side of history’. This is what happens when one is unmoored in basic principles.

At this point in time, we are well apprised of what works and what doesn’t. Limited government imbued with Liberty is the gold standard, while other systems based on collectivism belong in the dustbin of history. This should be self-evident as in the words of Thomas Jefferson. Never the less, there are those who insist on replicating the same mistakes that have brought ruin to experiments in collectivism for over 4 centuries.

Collectivists are on the wrong side of history

Those who favor the dead-end of collectivism are on the wrong side of history. Those who favor Liberty and Limited government are on the Right side of history. Being on the side that is adverse to Liberty entails the need to take advantage of every opportunity, thus it those on the wrong side who have to exploit every crisis.

There is one distinct disadvantage of being disconnected from logic and reality as those on the nation’s Socialist-Left. If someone is so disposed, they may think that each crisis exploitation will bring them to their ultimate goal of ruling over everyone else. This is why they try to exploit every crisis.

The problem for them is that this does nothing of the kind. Granted, they will gain some short-term victories here and there, but after a while most people see what they are doing. We really only witnessed one prominent Leftist attempting to use the ‘thoughts and prayers’ admonishment.

The Takeaway

It’s always shocking to realize that the very people who by their cynical self-labeling consider themselves to be champions of Liberty and progress are nothing of the kind.

That their incessant exploitation of crisis only serves to empower themselves an enslave the people, moving backwards on the arc of history. Each time drives everyone further into separate factions, each time fosters more dissension and division. That while they try to use every crisis to unify the country under one banner this is more akin to bringing a team of horses under one whip.

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