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Greyhound changes policy to prevent ICE from dropping off thousands of migrants in their stations



Greyhound changes policy to prevent ICE from dropping off thousands of migrants in their stations

For years, it’s been standard operating procedure for U.S. authorities to drop off illegal immigrants at bus stations when the local charitable organizations are too full to accept more of them. But the recent dramatic increase in the number of migrants crossing the border has forced Greyhound Lines Inc. to change its policies. Now, only those with a ticket are allowed to enter their stations.

“Our priority is to safely and efficiently get customers to their destinations,” Greyhound spokeswoman Crystal Booker said in a statement. She cited an “unprecedented increase in individuals” without tickets entering their stations as a reason for the new policy.

My Take

There are plenty of people to blame for this. First and foremost, the migrants themselves, driven by leftist propaganda and encouragement by open borders progressives, must take the bulk of the blame. They were told they would get taken care of if they could bypass the legal immigration and asylum request systems, and they believed it. Second, the President’s administration has been woefully inept at handling the border security crisis. Some will point to the lack of a wall and blame Democrats for the problem, but the government shutdown and subsequent battle over the President’s national emergency declaration didn’t happen until after the midterm elections.

Where was the outrage over the Democrats bullying the GOP when the GOP had control of the House, Senate, and White House for two years?

I understand that most conservative sites are scared to say anything bad about the President, but he promised us a wall and he has failed to deliver. If you say, “that’s on Congress,” then I’m assuming you’re giving Congress all the credit for the tax cuts the President signed. No, despite the selective memory of most, you can’t credit the President with everything Congress does that he signs then blame Congress for everything the President wasn’t able to push them to do.

The President has done many positive things, which I have written about here in the past, but let’s be intellectually honest with ourselves. On this issue, someone gave him bad advice to wait for the wall and he decided to take that advice instead of pressing the issue. We are a crowdfunded conservative news site that relies on the generosity of our readers, but if you’re hoping to support a GOP-loving, Trump-can-do-no-wrong news outlet, we’re not it. We call it how we see it with conservatism and America’s well-being in mind. Neither the President nor GOP has acted on behalf of Americans in stopping the crisis at the border. This is why despite having full control, illegal immigration has increased dramatically since Republicans took over.

The only ones not to blame for any of this is Greyhound. They’re doing what’s best for their customers. As a private company, their rights must be protected. Anyone who tries to force them to allow illegal immigrants into their stations without a ticket is being unAmerican.

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