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Thomas Massie points out the ugly truth about the national emergency declaration



Thomas Massie points out the ugly truth about the national emergency declaration

Representative Thomas Massie (R-KY) voted to oppose President Trump’s national emergency declaration to secure funding for the border wall. It’s not that he’s against the wall. It’s that he’s against this clear abuse of power, the same type of abuse President Obama used in his handling of the illegal immigration problem.

Consistency is a rare thing in Washington DC. Tribalism has made many politicians and the activists who support them quite hypocritical when it comes to Presidential powers. When “their” guy is in office, parties generally ignore abuse of power. When “the other guy” is in power, the parties suddenly get offended by their actions.

Massie and a handful of other Republicans on Capitol Hill have taken a stand against these abuses even though it puts them at great risk. Anyone Republican who opposes the President is in jeopardy of losing their political careers, as former Senators Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, and others have learned all too well. The national emergency is no exception, which is why it takes courage for Massie to Tweet this truth:

Is there an emergency at the border? That all depends on what you consider an emergency. It’s definitely a crisis, which is why Congress should have passed a budget that included money for the wall. However, the way the GOP and the President handled the wall prior to the 2018 midterm elections points to the idea that it wasn’t an emergency until the Democrats took power. Had it been an emergency before (and I believe it was), they would have either funded the wall any of the previous eleven spending bills or the President would have declared a national emergency before.

Nothing has changed at the border. It’s been bad for years and the situation is no worse today than it was this time last year. One might be able to argue the migrant caravans that conveniently popped up before the midterm elections are what prompted the new push for the wall, but here’s the thing. The American people had embraced the idea of a wall back in 2016. That’s why Trump won the election. If they didn’t believe we needed a wall, Republicans wouldn’t have nominated him and voters wouldn’t have elected him.

Why did he wait? Why did he sign spending bill after spending bill with nothing more than rhetoric to indicate he had any interest in actually building the wall that he promised?

Just as politicians like Massey take a risk by opposing the national emergency, conservative news outlets like NOQ Report take a risk by highlighting the opposition. This is why it’s so important those who are willing to see the truth and who hope others will see it as well must help by supporting us. As a news outlet that is crowdfunded, we need every bit of help we can get.

This nation desperately needs a wall. Our sovereignty is at stake. But let’s not skim past the clear evidence that the time to get tough on the wall was in 2017 or, at the very latest, 2018. Politics and politics alone kept the GOP and the President from doing what was necessary in the first two years of his presidency. They could have funded the wall. If they simply couldn’t get the votes, that would have been the time, early in the administration, to declare a national emergency. Waiting two years and passing eleven spending bills before giving the wall serious consideration was a mistake that betrayed the mandate conservative gave the President by voting him into office in the first place.

If the wall was such a low priority when Republicans passed 11 spending bills, how did it escalate to the status of national emergency after Democrats took the House? Thomas Massie is correct in assessing the GOP’s failure to act when they should have.


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