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Jorge Ramos shares first-hand view of the crisis in Venezuela with Sean Hannity



Univision journalist Jorge Ramos is known for his left-leaning views, particularly regarding illegal immigration. He and Fox News host Sean Hannity have had heated debates on the topic, but they came together in solidarity against the economic hardships in Venezuela following Ramos’s attempt to interview disputed leader Nicolás Maduro.

Ramos and his crew were detained after he showed the embattled president video footage of Venezuelan teens eating out of a garbage truck. Their cameras were confiscated. After instant public outcry and engagement from the State Department, they were released and some of their gear was returned.

My Take

Venezuela needs three things right now.

  1. Our prayers
  2. Humanitarian aid
  3. A new leader

The first is easy. The second is having challenges. The third is in-progress, though it’s hard to know how much pressure is really being put on Maduro to either step down, call for new elections, or acknowledge Juan Guaido as the rightful leader of the nation.

This is turning into more of a geopolitical issue in Venezuela than it needs to be. We can debate in America whether or not socialism is bad or even if the socialism that has been in Venezuela for two decades represents socialism in general. We can argue with our enemies in front of the international community with Russia, China, Iran, and others supporting Maduro in defiance of America’s support for Guaido. But all of those things should be put on hold until after the people of Venezuela are secure.

They shouldn’t be eating out of garbage trucks. They shouldn’t be dying over $30 worth of medicine, as Ramos detailed. These are humans who need help. Maduro must allow his people the opportunity to receive life-saving aid immediately.


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