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As his people starve, Nicolás Maduro’s military sets aid trucks on fire



There is aid waiting to be delivered to Venezuelans who desperately need the food and medicine they carry. Unfortunately, contested dictator Nicolás Maduro has his military blocking the aid in an effort to maintain control over the failing state.

Even as many in the military are abandoning their ranks, others are doing everything they can to stop the aid from getting to its destination, going so far as “incinerating” two of the trucks intended to help the people. Three of the trucks were able to make it through the blockade, according to Colombian officials on the scene.

My Take

This desperate attempt to hold power at all costs is getting to the point that the international community will need to get involved. That does NOT mean the United States needs to prepare for a military strike. The fine line between intervening in an internal dispute within a sovereign nation and assisting those who need humanitarian assistance.

It’s necessary for the international community to find a solution to get these people the food, medical, and living supplies they desperately need. Unfortunately, Russia, China, Iran, and other nations that oppose the United States are supportive of Maduro simply because the United States is against him. That’s the state of world politics; if the U.S. likes something, their opposition must not like it. Since the United States and 50 other nations support Juan Guaido as the interim president, of course our enemies would choose the opposite side simply to spite us.

There are people willing to help. There are nations with the pure desire to end the humanitarian crisis in Venezuela. Nicolás Maduro needs to either recognize this for his people or step aside and let someone else do it for him.


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