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What if abortion were treated like the 2nd Amendment?



What if abortion were treated like the 2nd Amendment

No one will care about your rights if you do not care about their rights.

Let us begin this conversation with the question: What is the most important Constitutional Amendment? The answer is the one you care about in the least. Because if you don’t care about someone else’s rights, why should they care about yours? Granted, abortion isn’t an enumerated right, so it’s elevation over the 2nd amendment is even more perplexing.

What would it look like if we applied the same restrictions to that which the Left considers to be untouchable?

We are in the midst of a universal assault on the commonsense human right of self-defense. Attacks against a Constitutionally affirmed civil right coming from every direction. Leftist Liberty grabbers are demanding the imposition of Intergalactic Background checks on a Federal level on one flank. While on the other they are demanding unconstitutional and wholly unnecessary new powers to implement the practice of gun confiscation SWATing on the other.

The past few years have also seen more than 70 instances where the Left has demanded gun confiscation. State and Local governments are having a contest to see who can obliterate a common sense human right faster. In some locales, magazine limits are constantly being lowered to the magical level of zero. They are opening up the ‘definition’ of an ‘Assault Weapon’ to just about any object that can be used to assault someone. Meanwhile, they are encouraging every private business they can to stomp on our civil rights in any way they can. No restriction of Liberty is ever considered to be too extreme or the last word in decimating our freedom.

Leftists Cheering for abortion for any reason

Meanwhile, in a disturbing display of ‘progressive’ priorities, cheers arose at the passage of a law in New York codifying the killing of a child up until the moment of birth. Thus we have the perverse situation that a child can be killed before emerging from the womb, while Leftist would use the same death afterwards to demonize the right of self-defense and the NRA.

In an amoral twist of logic, abortion has become sacrosanct for the Left, while the commonsense human right of self-defense has been relegated to 3rd level status, a civil right the Left would eliminate if they had their way.

What if abortions were treated the same as the 2nd amendment?

Of course, the commonsense human right of self-defense is affirmed in the bill of rights, while abortion is not. If those who have no use for Liberty can treat an enumerated right as meaningless, how should one never even mentioned fair in the greater scheme of things?

Stigmatizing the discussion of a basic human right

This begins with restrictions placed even on the dissemination of information about abortion, as is the case with the right of self-defense. Even inquiring about the subject could send up a ‘red flag’ to federal, state or local agencies tasked with tracking these events.

Abortion background checks

Forcing people to undergo a background check to exercise a basic human right is also one of the Left’s favourite ways of restricting Liberty. Then it’s simply a matter of expanding the practice with more requirements and restrictions to make more expensive, embarrassing or odious.

As was proposed to have the right of self-defense, perhaps a social media should be made before an abortion can be performed. Or they could load on more requirements of mental health evaluations, age and other restrictions, as they are incessantly pulling for in the case of a Constitutionally affirmed civil right.

Abortion waiting periods

Then of course, the Left loves the idea of delaying and inconveniencing people who would like to be able to protect themselves and their families. Once they have their foot in the door with a 5 day waiting period they can just rack up the numbers to restrict Liberty even more.

Taxing abortions

If there is anything leftist love more than attacking the cause of Liberty, it would have to be taxing what they don’t like into oblivion. Solving the serious crisis of Global Cooling, Global Warming, Climate Change: Raise taxes! Never mind that there is no connection to the problem. After all, they are saving the planet, so anything goes. They want to tax guns, tax transfers, tax ammunition, tax gun transfers, tax ammunition transfers, on and on. So why not tax abortions? It makes about as much sense as all of those other taxes.

Restrictions on how many abortions can be performed in a certain time period

The people who only pretend to be Liberal also like to restrict how many guns an innocent person can buy. Why not have this same restriction on abortion? Who needs to have more than one every 2 years? What about restrictions on Late term ‘Assault abortions’ since they have no place in a civil society.

What about requiring a government permit to get an abortion?

Leftists love to get in the way of Liberty, so why not have this additional requirement to even find out about getting an abortion? This could come with it’s owns set of background checks, waiting periods and taxation. Leftists love to parrot the line ‘if it saves one life’ so why not in this case?

Maybe even a federal Bureaucracy to oversee the whole operation

This could be a Federal agency tasked with loading on all the red tape the Left really loves in the case of the common sense human right of self-defense. Call it the BATFBureau of Abortion and Fetal Termination that will oversee all the new abortion background checks, abortion waiting periods abortion taxes and permits. Who is going to object to all of those measures with the good intention of saving lives?

Does all of this sound familiar?

What’s that you say? All of these background checks, waiting periods, taxation and other rules ‘Infringe’ on your abortion rights? Welcome to the world of the gun owner!

We cringe whenever there is a serious crisis, knowing that you Liberty grabbers will soon find a convenient TV camera to call for even more restrictions on freedom. There are 120 million innocent gun owners, but as soon as shooting takes place, we know that our Liberty will once again be on the chopping block. In recent times there doesn’t even have to be a shooting for you Leftists coming back for more if our freedom. You don’t seem to care how much collective punishment you heap on us, so consider how it would work if abortion received the same treatment.

Of course, guns save more lives than are taken, the same can hardly be said of abortion. Thus it might be more imperative abortion undergo this kind of treatment.

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Anti-Semite Tom Wright-Piersanti is the true heart of the NY Times



Anti-Semite Tom Wright-Piersanti is the true heart of the NY Times

Progressive journalism is a double-standard wrapped in hypocrisy and served on a plate with no self-awareness. That’s why revelations that NY Times senior staff editor Tom Wright-Piersanti posted several racist and anti-Semitic Tweets in the past came as absolutely no surprise to me when Breitbart broke the story this morning.

The Tweets insulted Jews, Native-Americans, and Hispanics and date back as far as 2009. But even as he scrambles to remove official record of his feelings, the remnant of them remain. Some have grabbed screenshots. We’ll go ahead and post the text from some of his Tweets so the words remain in text-form indefinitely.

CINCO DE DRINKO aka CINCO DE STINKO aka STINKO DE DRINKO aka DRINKO DE STINKO, what upppp, who out there mexican can verify

— Tom Wright-Piersanti (@tomwp) May 5, 2011

@douggpound I like to make it rain when I perform at my authentic Native American dance strip club

— Tom Wright-Piersanti (@tomwp) June 6, 2010

I think I just heard him say “Hoes, Hoes, Hoes! Merry Cripmas!” Does anyone know who it could be???

— Tom Wright-Piersanti (@tomwp) December 24, 2009 WEIRD. This woman’s Spanish jumps back and forth between a pleasant Mexican “distinción” and a halting Spanish “ceceo.”

Is Wright-Piersanti a unique case? No. Progressive journalists such as the vast majority on staff at the NY Times have been shielded from scrutiny. It’s not that anyone is actively trying to cover up for the racism or anti-America sentiment that flows freely in newsrooms across the country. It’s that the people who normally engage in investigating people’s history on public sites like social media are searching for conservatives to bash. This is a leftist technique, one that more conservatives should adopt as the cries of “Republicans are racists” continue to be bellowed out by mainstream media.

The saddest part is the NY Times is unlikely to act and leftist media is unlikely to report on this much. If these Tweets were posted by someone at Breitbart or One America News, it would be the top story in the news cycle and every Tweet supporting President Trump by the journalist would be used as evidence for the racism narrative the left is trying to paint about the right. But Wright-Piersanti is not a Trump supporter and neither is the NY Times.

Tom Wright-Piersanti isn’t a one-off case. He’s indicative of the hypocrisy that’s rampant throughout mainstream media as they seek evidence that conservatives are racist while ignoring the racists in the mirror.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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After indignant virtue signaling costs billions, Gillette quietly ‘shifts’ away from social justice



After indignant virtue signaling costs billions Gillette quietly shifts away from social justice

Social justice backfired for Gillette. Despite innumerable complaints and an exodus of customers, the razor maker remained fervently proud of their ad campaigns attacking “toxic masculinity” to the point that CEO and president Gary Coombe said it was a “price worth paying.” They’re standing by their ads and are claiming they helped them reach a younger millennial audience, increase brand awareness, and put forward the type of company message they want portrayed.

If losing $8 billion was worth the message, they’re stronger activists than most.

“P&G reported a net loss of about $5.24 billion, or $2.12 per share, for the quarter ended June 30, due to an $8 billion non-cash writedown of Gillette. For the same period last year,” Reuters reported, “P&G’s net income was $1.89 billion, or 72 cents per share.”

Despite the massive loss over the controversial ads. they claim to have no regrets. This claims were made three weeks ago and delivered with bluster in multiple interviews for damage control. This week brought a different tone as they’re now “shifting the spotlight from social issues to local heroes.”

The new campaigns have already launched in Australia with a slow rollout in the United States expected next month. Here’s the local Australian hero they’re focusing on. Needless to say, he’s not representing a social justice cause, nor is he worried about exuding toxic masculinity.

This is an unambiguous attempt to escape the controversial corner they painted themselves into that cost them billions, but don’t let progressive media know because they’re certain the social justice campaign was wonderful. They’re so certain about this that they’re blaming the loss on men suddenly loving beards. Seriously.

Companies like Gillette are learning being “woke” makes you broke. That’s how business works; alienating half of your customers for the sake of politics is never a good move. Stick to business. Leave social justice to the basement warriors.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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We don’t need ‘red flag’ gun confiscation laws. The solution to the problem is already in place.




We dont need red flag gun confiscation laws The solution to the problem is already in place

Laws for Civil Commitment procedures that also protect due process are in place in every state -‘crisis’ solved QED.

The Authoritarian Socialist Left keeps on insisting that there is a ‘serious crisis’ and that Gun Confiscation SWATing laws are desperately needed before anyone can rationally think through their true implications of destroying due process and the presumption of innocence.

The problem for the Left is that there really isn’t a ‘crisis’ since there are laws on the books to handle situations where someone may be a danger to themselves. We have already proven this here, therefore, there is no reason to implement these draconian measures that will serve to eviscerate multiple parts of the bill of rights in one fell swoop. Thus the solution to this problem should be pretty straightforward, point this out to everyone and move on to other issues of greater importance.

Solving the problem by simply pointing out that the solution already exists.

We supposedly need to discuss this issue immediately, without any delay. Fine, it is just a matter of having President Trump or Senate Majority Leader McConnell schedule a formal announcement on this allegedly intractable issue. This announcement would simply reiterate that laws for Civil Commitment are already on the books, so there is no reason to waste precious time in debating a non-issue. We also have the added bonus that these laws also protect civil Liberties, something of primary importance for those of us on the pro-Liberty Right.

It will be a formal announcement that there is absolutely no reason for these laws, followed with a press kit detailing Civil Commitment procedures in every state. Then it will be logical to ask why the authoritarian Left keeps on demanding news laws for a problem that has already been solved. Please note that they are essentially doing that on the Intergalactic Background Check issue, since these also already exist, but that’s a separate issue.

Consider the reasons why the politicians should accept this elegant solution to the problem:

  • It wouldn’t require any new laws.
  • It wouldn’t take any political wrangling.
  • It would solve the problem immediately.
  • It would protect the bill of rights –specifically the 2nd, 4th, 5 and 6th amendments.
  • It will resolve the situation with minimum trouble.

Why aren’t the politicians already calling for this perfect solution to the problem?

There are only two reasons why this perfect solution has not been brought forward by the legislators on either side. Either they don’t know the law – which is absurd – or they want the power they would attain from ‘Red Flag’ Gun Confiscation.

Legislators really have only one job – to understand and perfect the law. They should have already known about this solution. This means they only have one reason to push for Gun Confiscation SWATing laws. These politicians would clearly like to expand their own power, even now, Democratic presidential contender Kamala Harris is salivating at confiscating the guns of those merely accused of ‘thought Crime’.
Who know what clever ways they will develop for their new-found power? We’ve already shown that these laws don’t work as advertised, that they have caused more problems than they have solved and they are a civil rights nightmare. Why are they being imposed by the government to solve a problem that has been already addressed?

The Bottom-Line.

This editorial could have been just two lines – the headline and the subhead – summarizing the whole point. Solving the problem that gun Confiscation SWATing is supposed to address is simply a matter of following existing law. The same could be said for liberticidal Leftist power grabs – Intergalactic Background Checks, the ‘Assault Weapon’ scam.. er ban and most everything else. It’s already illegal for felons and others to possess firearms. Thus, these measures are like making things double secret, illegal, in the vain hope that people who don’t follow the law [hence the term ‘lawbreaker’] will suddenly do so because of the magic of a new law on the books.

In the specific example here, the laws already exist and they protect due process. Politicians on both sides of the aisle simply need to step up and use them instead of trying to use the latest ‘serious crisis’ to grab even more power for themselves.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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