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What if abortion were treated like the 2nd Amendment?



What if abortion were treated like the 2nd Amendment

No one will care about your rights if you do not care about their rights.

Let us begin this conversation with the question: What is the most important Constitutional Amendment? The answer is the one you care about in the least. Because if you don’t care about someone else’s rights, why should they care about yours? Granted, abortion isn’t an enumerated right, so it’s elevation over the 2nd amendment is even more perplexing.

What would it look like if we applied the same restrictions to that which the Left considers to be untouchable?

We are in the midst of a universal assault on the commonsense human right of self-defense. Attacks against a Constitutionally affirmed civil right coming from every direction. Leftist Liberty grabbers are demanding the imposition of Intergalactic Background checks on a Federal level on one flank. While on the other they are demanding unconstitutional and wholly unnecessary new powers to implement the practice of gun confiscation SWATing on the other.

The past few years have also seen more than 70 instances where the Left has demanded gun confiscation. State and Local governments are having a contest to see who can obliterate a common sense human right faster. In some locales, magazine limits are constantly being lowered to the magical level of zero. They are opening up the ‘definition’ of an ‘Assault Weapon’ to just about any object that can be used to assault someone. Meanwhile, they are encouraging every private business they can to stomp on our civil rights in any way they can. No restriction of Liberty is ever considered to be too extreme or the last word in decimating our freedom.

Leftists Cheering for abortion for any reason

Meanwhile, in a disturbing display of ‘progressive’ priorities, cheers arose at the passage of a law in New York codifying the killing of a child up until the moment of birth. Thus we have the perverse situation that a child can be killed before emerging from the womb, while Leftist would use the same death afterwards to demonize the right of self-defense and the NRA.

In an amoral twist of logic, abortion has become sacrosanct for the Left, while the commonsense human right of self-defense has been relegated to 3rd level status, a civil right the Left would eliminate if they had their way.

What if abortions were treated the same as the 2nd amendment?

Of course, the commonsense human right of self-defense is affirmed in the bill of rights, while abortion is not. If those who have no use for Liberty can treat an enumerated right as meaningless, how should one never even mentioned fair in the greater scheme of things?

Stigmatizing the discussion of a basic human right

This begins with restrictions placed even on the dissemination of information about abortion, as is the case with the right of self-defense. Even inquiring about the subject could send up a ‘red flag’ to federal, state or local agencies tasked with tracking these events.

Abortion background checks

Forcing people to undergo a background check to exercise a basic human right is also one of the Left’s favourite ways of restricting Liberty. Then it’s simply a matter of expanding the practice with more requirements and restrictions to make more expensive, embarrassing or odious.

As was proposed to have the right of self-defense, perhaps a social media should be made before an abortion can be performed. Or they could load on more requirements of mental health evaluations, age and other restrictions, as they are incessantly pulling for in the case of a Constitutionally affirmed civil right.

Abortion waiting periods

Then of course, the Left loves the idea of delaying and inconveniencing people who would like to be able to protect themselves and their families. Once they have their foot in the door with a 5 day waiting period they can just rack up the numbers to restrict Liberty even more.

Taxing abortions

If there is anything leftist love more than attacking the cause of Liberty, it would have to be taxing what they don’t like into oblivion. Solving the serious crisis of Global Cooling, Global Warming, Climate Change: Raise taxes! Never mind that there is no connection to the problem. After all, they are saving the planet, so anything goes. They want to tax guns, tax transfers, tax ammunition, tax gun transfers, tax ammunition transfers, on and on. So why not tax abortions? It makes about as much sense as all of those other taxes.

Restrictions on how many abortions can be performed in a certain time period

The people who only pretend to be Liberal also like to restrict how many guns an innocent person can buy. Why not have this same restriction on abortion? Who needs to have more than one every 2 years? What about restrictions on Late term ‘Assault abortions’ since they have no place in a civil society.

What about requiring a government permit to get an abortion?

Leftists love to get in the way of Liberty, so why not have this additional requirement to even find out about getting an abortion? This could come with it’s owns set of background checks, waiting periods and taxation. Leftists love to parrot the line ‘if it saves one life’ so why not in this case?

Maybe even a federal Bureaucracy to oversee the whole operation

This could be a Federal agency tasked with loading on all the red tape the Left really loves in the case of the common sense human right of self-defense. Call it the BATFBureau of Abortion and Fetal Termination that will oversee all the new abortion background checks, abortion waiting periods abortion taxes and permits. Who is going to object to all of those measures with the good intention of saving lives?

Does all of this sound familiar?

What’s that you say? All of these background checks, waiting periods, taxation and other rules ‘Infringe’ on your abortion rights? Welcome to the world of the gun owner!

We cringe whenever there is a serious crisis, knowing that you Liberty grabbers will soon find a convenient TV camera to call for even more restrictions on freedom. There are 120 million innocent gun owners, but as soon as shooting takes place, we know that our Liberty will once again be on the chopping block. In recent times there doesn’t even have to be a shooting for you Leftists coming back for more if our freedom. You don’t seem to care how much collective punishment you heap on us, so consider how it would work if abortion received the same treatment.

Of course, guns save more lives than are taken, the same can hardly be said of abortion. Thus it might be more imperative abortion undergo this kind of treatment.

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Acts 17:11 – ‘searched the scriptures daily’



Acts 17:11 searched the scriptures daily

These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so. – Acts 17:11 (KJV)

We’ve talked before about doing daily Bible study, then we made sure to expand on what we were promoting by reminding people that Christianity itself should not be a task. Now, we’ll go to the source (as we should have done from the beginning) and point to scriptural backing that we are not only supposed to read the Bible, but to search it and use at as the ultimate reference.

This verse is often quoted out of contest. It points to the Bereans as true students of the Word. There are even ministries today who herald to the Bereans and continue in the works that were alluded to in this chapter. The reality is this: the Bereans were Jews who studied fervently and as a result they were easily converted to belief in Yeshua as the Messiah.

If there’s any one takeaway from this (other than the call to continuously study and find truth in the Bible by applying the teachings of the Bible itself), it’s that those who are the most steadfast in their studies, whether it’s of the Bible or of this world, are the ones who are easiest to bring to the truth. Christianity and all religions have gained an unfortunate label of being only for the “weak of mind” or gullible people. Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s not necessarily about intelligence. It’s about discernment. Those who see the world through the lens of common sense and an unbiased intellect are the most likely to come to the faith. They simply need a little Biblical worldview prompting.

Petition Capitol Hill for Term Limits

Sign the petition. We demand Congress immediately put together legislation that spells out term limits for themselves. Americans need to know who is willing to suppress their own power for the sake of the nation. This can only happen by bringing legislation to the floor.

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Matthew 22:37 – ‘love the Lord thy God’



Matthew 2237 love the Lord thy God

Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. – Matthew 22:37 (KJV)

We’ve all heard this verse, but have we really contemplated it? This is a verse that sits in the middle of many different things happening. The Pharisees and Sadducees were questioning Him. His answers were profound and defining.

This important portion of this message is echoed three times: all. Love thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all they mind. This is the most important Commandment according to Yeshua.

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Scouts BSA: Proof that moral leadership matters in life



Scouts BSA Proof that moral leadership matters in life

In the Age of Trump, where the Fellowship of the Pharisees and their so-called evangelical followers have given “God’s chosen president” a “mulligan” for his sexually immoral past in exchange for a seat at his table, the damage being done to the Gospel of Christ is obvious.

Another consequence of this kind of hypocrisy has been the destruction of moral leadership in nearly every area of American life. For example, let’s take a look at Scouts BSA, formerly known as the Boy Scouts of America.

In a report by NBC New York yesterday, we learned that nearly 8,000 adults are suspected of sexually abusing more than 12,000 children in the Boy Scouts over the years, and that these incidents have been kept secret according to victim’s rights attorney Jeff Anderson.

“For many, many years there’s been an excavation of what are called the ‘perversion files’—those are files held and hoarded at the Boy Scouts of America headquarters.

“Those ‘perversion files’ that they’ve had reflect that they have removed thousands of offenders of childhood sexual abuse over the years and they’ve kept that in files secretly.”

While the abuse appears to have been going on since the 1940s, recent decisions by the Boy Scouts created an environment that essentially guaranteed it would happen with greater frequency, thanks to the institution of LGBT-friendly changes to their leadership requirements.

In the summer of 2015, then-president of the Boy Scouts and former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates abandoned the organization’s commitment to develop moral character by lifting the ban on homosexuals serving as leaders due to fears of possible lawsuits.

The lawsuit excuse was a lie as the Supreme Court had already upheld the BSA’s right to exclude homosexuals. In reality, Gates, the guy responsible for ending the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, simply wanted to open scouting to the LGBT community, regardless of any consequences. Moral considerations be damned.

Here’s an irony for you. Scouts BSA announced a few months ago it may go bankrupt due to the lawsuits over sexual abuse and declining membership. I guess Gates missed that one.

By the way, Scouts BSA also made a policy change in February 2017 to recognize children by their “gender identity,” and the reason Boy Scouts of America changed the name to Scouts BSA is because it’s now open to girls. How long will it be before we hear about a “straight” leader sexually molesting these new additions to the Boy Scouts?

In the end, however, it’s not an LGBT or straight issue; it’s a moral leadership issue. Unfortunately, morality no longer exists in the Boy Scouts because their first duty to God no longer exists, due in no small part to the rise of the lukewarm church and cheap grace theology.

Moral leadership matters in life; and in politics as well. But we’ll never see it again in America unless something changes in the heart of the church.

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David Leach is the owner of The Strident Conservative. His daily radio commentary is distributed by the Salem Radio Network and is heard on stations across America.

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