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Israel, Great Britain air forces to conduct first joint drill



Israel Great Britain air forces to conduct first joint drill

The RAF and IAF will participate in joint air defense exercises for the first time history. Both are considered to be among the most advanced air forces in the world, combining American aerial technology and equipment with their own homegrown technologies.

The IAF was invited to take part in the Cobra Warrior exercises later this year. Here is video from last year:

This continues a trend of both cooperation between Israel and Great Britain as well as the British trend of inviting new allies to participate. Last year, both Germany and Italy took part.

According to The Tower:

Israeli Air Force to Participate in First-Ever Joint Drill with RAF Later this Year a sign of intensified military and defense relations, a team of Israeli combat pilots last year held a joint training seminar with the RAF Typhoon aircrew at a base in Lossiemouth in Scotland, but on that occasion did not arrive with their own aircraft. In 2017, the RAF and IAF completed three days of joint exercises to test sea rescue capabilities in stormy conditions. The two air forces have also exchanged experience they gained operating the new F-35 stealth fighters.

My Take

It’s important for Israel to expand its military relationships to countries other than the United States. While we’re experiencing strong relations with Israel under President Trump, we learned with his predecessor how quickly the relationship can sour. If the next Democratic President (or possibly even a moderate Republican) decides to turn our backs on Israel, they’ll need backup from other nations.

Israel is our only true ally as well as the only actual Democracy in the Middle East. We must support them militarily, but if that ever changes, Israel needs to be ready with other friends to help her.

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