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Democrats using ‘impeach 45’ like Trump used ‘lock her up’



If you believe President Trump is going to get impeached, you’re paying too much attention to mainstream media and/or Democrats. There is essentially zero chance he will get impeached. They will likely investigate. They may even attempt to bring it to a vote in the House. But unless it’s discovered that he did something wrong, chances are nil.

And Democrats know this. They aren’t talking about investigating and impeaching him because they think they’ll actually succeed. They want to fail, or at least they don’t mind failing. As long as they can appear to be tough as individuals while still needing help as a whole for the 2020 elections, they believe they having a winning statement to keep chanting until election season rolls around.

Their incessant calls for impeachment are reminiscent of President Trump’s calls to “lock her up” during the 2016 presidential election. It sounds good, but he knew it wouldn’t happen. Democrats also know President Trump won’t be impeached. It’s all theater.

Above is a great video highlighting their cries to impeach. Tip of the hat to Washington Free Beacon.