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How to end the government shutdown



How to end the government shutdown

It’s the third week for the government shutdown that seems poised to break the record for longest in American history. Threats from the White House indicate it could go on much longer. Neither side seems willing to give in. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Americans are going without paychecks. Services are on hold. Foreign allies and enemies are watching in mild amusement at best, real concern at worst.

On display is the dysfunction of the new normal in American politics – zero compromise between the two major political parties. Both sides continue to point fingers. Democrats are saying that President Trump is holding government funding hostage to pay for his wall. Republicans are saying the Democrats are putting America’s border security at risk by not funding the wall. Both are saying the other side is motivated by purely political reasons. Both sides may be right on that regard.

This game of chicken can be brought to an abrupt end if one of two things happens. Either they make a deal that gives both sides a win, or one side makes a strategic move to “lose” this battle in order to win the war. Option one is the most likely scenario. Option two is almost impossible for the Democrats who still have very little real power while the Senate is still under a Republican majority. That leaves the only beneficial scenario being a strategic retreat by the President, at least for those who want the Republicans to win back control of the House while retaining control of the Senate and White House in 2020.

It’s time for Trump to very strategically, very cautiously retreat. To do so, he would have to precede his retreat with a statement. I’ve taken the liberty of writing it for him:

My fellow Americans. Our first two years in the White House had many incredible successes that pushed us forward in our goal of making America great again. But we made a mistake. We did not fund the border wall because that fight was too difficult to win in the Senate despite our majority. I respect Senator McConnell’s choice of not using the nuclear option, though doing so would have allowed us to fund the wall fully by now. The past is the past and we have to move forward.

To correct the mistake of not funding the wall, I have been engaged in negotiations with the Democrats in good faith so we could keep the government funded and protect American citizens with the much needed border wall. They have chosen not to act in good faith. Instead, they decided it would be better for their political careers to hurt me even if that meant hurting Americans at the same time. I cannot allow that to continue. The negative effects it is having on Americans it far too high.

But I will not retreat. We will build the wall. We will secure the borders. We will fix our infrastructure, the healthcare system, and we will bring our troops home. But I now realize there is no way to move America forward until we take away the power the Democrats won in the midterm elections. Going forward, I will do everything possible to win back our House majority in 2020. Then, we will make certain border security, including the border wall, is fully funded and built.

They do not want border security to improve. That much they’ve made clear by holding American citizens hostage for the sake of defending the foreign invaders crossing our borders every day. They are leaving us with limited abilities to defend our own borders, so every time an illegal immigrant harms an American citizen, the Democrats must take full responsibility for being weak on border security. Every law enforcement agent who is attacked while trying to protect Americans from illegal immigrants must look to these Democrats for not giving them the resources they need, including the wall, to help them do their jobs. The families of every migrant who is harmed or dies as a result of the weakness of our border security can ask these Democrats why they refused to allow us to be a sovereign nation that lovingly accepts millions of legal immigrants to cross into America the right way.

The Democrats have given me only two options: hurt Americans by prolonging the government shutdown or hurt Americans by having weak border security. At this point, my only viable action is to stop the suffering they have imposed while working to end the future suffering they’ve condemned Americans to receive through increased drug and human trafficking, gang activity, and increased burden on American taxpayers.

We’ve made great strides in making America great again, but the Democrats are doing everything they can to reverse this. I won’t allow that. We’re going to continue on our path, but with one big change. The 2020 campaign for all Republicans starts now, and our goal is to make America safe again. Safe from the Democrats. Safe from foreign threats. Safe from bad policies and the horrible ideas they’re brewing on the left.

Today, I’ll end the government shutdown. Tomorrow, we start working towards reestablishing our sovereignty. Let’s make America safe again, together.

Most conservatives will balk at the idea of a retreat, but if it’s done properly. it could yield a 2020 election season that’s a slam dunk for Republicans. In the face of a stalemate, the best option is to win by making the other side lose in the long run.