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As NOQ Report adds video to our repertoire, we need subscribers



As NOQ Report adds video to our repertoire we need subscribers

Thousands of readers of NOQ Report have been asking for the last year for us to add a new element to the mix. Some have suggested a podcast. Others recommended a YouTube channel with original content. We opted for the latter for now, though we do plan to put together a podcast in the future when we’re capable of delivering it as a true value rather than just throwing our hat in the ring.

With video, we’re able to express our views on politics, culture, and religion in a way that is more appealing to some than the simple printed word. We’ve put out 9 videos in 9 days, a pace that we can sustain as long as our audience enjoys it and the channel’s popularity increases.

Right now, we need to gather as many subscribers as possible. The nature of the algorithm YouTube employs makes it necessary to grow in popularity in order for our videos to be seen by the general public. It’s that necessary catch-22 on social media; you have to get people to like it in order for others to see your videos, but you have to get people to see your videos in order for them to like it. They say getting the first hundred subscribers is harder than getting the first thousand, which is harder than getting the first 10,000… you get the picture.

As we noted in our first video, we will be focusing the channel on the things we believe are the biggest challenges America faces today and going forward:

  • Collectivism: This includes socialism, globalism, groupthink, and other ideologies that oppose Natural Rights and individualism.
  • Propaganda/Censorship: Between mainstream media and social media, the walls are closing in on those who promote conservative philosophies.
  • False Religions: Climate change isn’t just a cause. It has become a false religion, among others.

Here’s that video:

The internet is overflowing with progressive media. Most “aggregators of opinions” such as Google and Facebook support these leftist ideologies. If you have a YouTube account, we ask that you help us gain traction by subscribing to our channel now.