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What if they had a shutdown and no one cared?



What if they had a shutdown and no one cared

Do the Leftists really want the people to learn that the government isn’t very important in the context of everyday life?

We’ve seen this little drama played out far too many times. The politicians and especially the Left will play their little shutdown game with their comrades in the media hyperventilating over the crisis. Meanwhile, everyone else gets along with their daily lives hardly noticing that our government overseers aren’t keeping us safe from the ravages of freedom and Liberty.

What would happen if the people realized that we don’t need most of the government?

But what would happen if these shutdowns dragged on too long? What would happen if the people came to the realisation that we don’t need to be spending trillions of dollars to see an ever-tightening constriction on our Liberty?

By implication, almost half the government is non-essential according to the Associated Press. So why are we still paying for it with money we don’t have?

Sure, the Democrats and the media [but we repeat ourselves] will tell us that we need the government to tell us to be worried about climate change, something that has been taking place since the formation of the planet. Or they won’t be there for us when we need their benevolent guidance in knowing which common words are suddenly ‘Hate speech’. Then there is the enormous crisis of 120 million gun owners possessing 400 – 600 million guns that quiescently sit around in homes around the country in places that still believe in Liberty. Firearms that will never harm anything aside from a few paper targets.

After all, we are talking about a time of the year when we don’t care to hear about our wondrous government in the first place. Most of us are too busy enjoying life and having fun to care about how the Left would like to keep us under it’s enormous and callused thumb. These are people who still pretend to be Liberal so desperately wanting control over our lives, funded by the money they forcibly take from us.

As video raconteur Bill Whittle once stated on his channel:

“Politics is the religion, the hobby, the occupation and the primary motivation of people on the Left. That’s how they get the world they want is through politics. We get the world we want going out on our own and working hard and trying to build a life for ourselves that’s not dependent on telling other people what to do.” Bill Whittle

The Takeaway

For most of the country, we can live our lives in peace knowing that the government isn’t out there getting in the way of freedom and innovation. Everyone woke up this morning secure in the knowledge that the world kept on spinning without thousands of non-essential government workers [That being a contradiction in terms in far too many cases].

On the other hand,  Leftists are panicked over the prospect that the people may realise we don’t need this big a government paid for with money we don’t have.

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Dan Bongino: The more we find out about Michael Avenatti, the creepier he becomes



Dan Bongino The more we find out about Michael Avenatti the creepier he becomes

One of the best parts about Dan Bongino was noted by Tucker Carlson in the beginning of this video. Bongino is one of the most clear speakers on television with zero “ums, likes, or stutters” as he delivers his vast understanding of the world of politics. He’s easy to listen to, which is important considering how much influence he’s starting to gain in the world of conservative media.

Speaking to Carlson about this crazy week in news, Bongino led off with a very clear truth: porn lawyer Michael Avenatti is as creepy as they get. He’s up there with James Comey on the strangeness scale and he’s beyond Joe Biden on the creepy scale. Nobody comes close on the sleaziness scale.

The funny part, as Bongino points out, is he’s actually been a regularly on most left-leaning shows from lowly podcasts to CNN and MSNBC programs, including… wait for it… Reliable Source. Avenatti is just a punchline now.

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Biden to announce next week



Biden to announce next week

Former Vice President Joe Biden is going to announce his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for President next week according to multiple reports. This comes as no surprise to most who have been paying attention as his elevated presence in the media and at speaking events led many to believe he was going to announce soon.

Biden has run for President twice before, bowing out in 1988 and 2008 but eventually landing on the latter ticket with President Barack Obama.

Some thought a report of inappropriate touching that came out last month may thwart his efforts once again, but the controversy has died down and the memes are getting old.

Now, it seems like the announcement is imminent.


The far-left wing of the Democratic Party doesn’t want to see Biden run. They’ve been able to pull every other major candidate to accept and appreciate socialism to one degree or another and they fear Biden might be too moderate.

This is true in some ways, but don’t be fooled by Biden’s centrist history. He’s not going to allow himself to be painted as a moderate. He will proudly point to his progressive record and tell the people he’s the champion on the far-left they need.

It may be enough to win him the nomination.


“My intention from the beginning was if I were to run would be the last person to announce. We’ll find out whether I can win in a primary.” – Joe Biden

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to tell which rich old white guy the President would rather face, Biden or Sanders. Personally, I’d like to see Joe win the nomination as his gaffes will make for a fun general election show.

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Dear Democrats, bring on the impeachment!



Dear Democrats bring on the impeachment

There is no doubting how accurate a previous column by our own EIC, JD Rucker, was. Its very title captured the reactions before the report was public. But perhaps the Mueller Report enhancing the public’s preconceived biases was low hanging fruit. However, I daresay the intensity of the Democrats’ reactions were underestimated, and I further argue that we should escalate their emotions for the sake of  political expediency. So please Democrats, go fourth with impeachment proceedings. It would be like their Battle of Crécy.

If you are a Trump-hating leftist or NeverTrump former-Republican, the report will give you days, perhaps weeks of ammunition you can hurl at your Trump-supporting friends and across your social media profiles. Your wildest dreams will be confirmed by whatever mainstream media outlets you love the most, and you will feel both vindicated for thinking the President has always been a lawbreaking bad guy who stole the election and deserves to be impeached before checking into jail.

#ImpeachTrump was all the rage on Twitter, with prominent fresh faces in Congress latching on to the movement of their social media base. The brightest minds of the Left at The Atlantic and The Intercept claim to have a roadmap to impeachment. Rep. Rashida Tlaib has begun the impeachment resolution and their brightest star AOC, has signed on.

Battle of Crécy


The French are famous for executing some of the worst military blunders in history. Among them is their repeated charges during the Battle of Crécy. King Edward III during his campaign across the channel found himself pursued by the French army of King Phillip VI and his auxiliaries. King Edward mounted a defense outside the town of Crécy on high ground. The French first engaged with crossbowmen who were at an inferior position compared to the English longbowmen. The French knights pummeled their own crossbowmen in a show of elitism as they charged to win the battle. But the charge failed. So, they charged again and again and again and again. It is said the French knights charged at least fifteen times, until it became too dark. During the earlier charges the French followed the blind King John of Bohemia.

It’s not enough to be wrong once. They have doubled, tripled and quadrupled down on what was an outlandish conspiracy from the beginning that only had an investigation because people in the FBI abused FISA warrants and the opposition media peddled these lies. No, Trump’s subsequent interview after firing James Comey did not warrant a special counsel. So if the Democrats want to charge yet again, this time believing they have reasonable findings of high crimes or misdemeanors then by all means charge once more. Following AOC is like following King John of Bohemia, if her Green New Deal debacle is any indicator. Meanwhile Don Jr. earned his spurs.

Conservatives are poised to win and each wave of attacks will only create mounting losses. This is a battle Conservatives might as well have. It would not simply be a political victory, it would be demoralizing. If Rachel Maddow cried upon hearing “no collusion,” can’t wait for the leftist tears after this impeachment assault fails. So go ahead Democrats, use King Phillip VI as inspiration for political strategy. Republicans will look like adults, on their high ground outside of Crécy, while the Democrats increasingly become infantile.

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