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A woman’s view on the women’s rights movement in modern society



Legal equality. That’s what the feminist movement was supposed to be about. We wanted the right to vote, the right to compete for higher wages, and right to do things in American society that were once only afforded to men. Guess what? Mission accomplished. There is nothing that I am prohibited from doing in the United States that a man is allowed to do other than not wearing a shirt in public for obvious reasons.

Does that mean the feminist movement is no longer necessary? No. It needs to exist to watch over the fulfillment of our rights and to safeguard the progress we have achieved. But here’s the thing. Watching over and safeguarding are not as exciting as marching on Washington DC to promote women’s suffrage or picketing businesses that do not pay their female employees the same wages they pay their male employees.

The women’s rights movement has suffered from its own victories. We can argue that the #MeToo movement is the last major step towards helping women in the mainstream who are being victimized. In that regard, this iteration of the movement has been wildly successful thanks to the domino effect, and even though it may have jumped the shark during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, it still maintains a level of relevance that needs to continue.

Even with #MeToo, there seems to be a slowing of enthusiasm. There’s a boredom that comes with victory and the women’s rights movement has been experiencing it for years. There were sparks of inspiration that gave women the targets they needed, but for the most part those inspirations have been short-lived. We should be fighting for the hundreds of thousands of widows who are struggling to survive. We should be fighting for the millions of women around the world who are being persecuted under sharia law. We should be fighting against the growing sex-trade that steals freedom and dignity from innocent girls domestically and abroad. We should be fighting for the preborn babies who will someday live in our world as long as they’re given the opportunity to live.

But that hasn’t been the case for the most part. In fact, the modern day version of the women’s rights movement has been commandeered by the most anti-feminist concept the world has ever seen, more destructive than the persecution of women under sharia law or the indifference that keeps widows on the streets begging for money to survive. The very concept of “reproductive rights” should be one the women’s rights movement vehemently opposes because it literally kills females. Over 20 million humans who would one day grow to be women are murdered every year because of “reproductive rights.” And yet, the pro-abortion mantra has circumvented the righteous causes of the women’s rights movement to make it the new focus point.

#MeToo is meaningless to the women who were never given the chance to see the light of day. Living under sharia law would be a better fate than being murdered in the womb. And yet so many women who fly the flag of women’s rights have been conned into thinking their right to live without the burden of carrying a child in their womb is more important to another human’s right to live.

The real feminist movement should be a fight for the rights of all women, including those who have yet to be born. It’s a desecration of the movement to allow it to be commandeered by those who want it to be about so-called reproductive rights instead of its true calling as a champion for human rights.