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Steve Deace lays down the facts about Afghanistan



Steve Deace lays down the facts about Afghanistan

One of the reasons I love listening to, watching, and reading Steve Deace’s works on his various venues is because he’s never afraid to say something that might make people upset. Like many of our writers here, he’s been both critical and complimentary of the President depending on what he does. There’s no always- or never-Trump philosophy with Deace. He calls it how he sees it.

Despite a push by neoconservatives and Trump critics to go after the President’s withdrawals from the Middle East, many conservatives are supportive of them. While there are problems with the way this is all being handled – a side effect of most things the President tries to do lately – the sheer act of bringing home our troops is a positive move. Deace points out a simple truth about Afghanistan in particular that nobody could rationally oppose.