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Why wasn’t a thwarted school shooting a major news story?



(Please note that we are not using the perpetrator’s name to keep the focus on the heroes who stopped this potential tragedy)

The liberty grabbers on the left usually jump at a chance to demonize the 2nd Amendment. Why not in this case?

Three staff members of Smith High School in Greensboro, North Carolina stopped a potential tragedy on Monday by quickly locking down the school and arresting the perpetrator.

The first to intervene was Patrick Jordan, a Behavioral Intervention Specialist who works at the school. He noticed someone who did not “fit in” walking past in the courtyard. Jordan then approached the man to ask why he was there, and after a short exchange the individual raised his shirt to show a handgun. Assistant Principal, Lashonti Hines, also noticed the gun. Hines and Jordan immediately called for a lock down. The criminal ran and was arrested after being tased by school Resource Officer, D.K. Evans.

The perpetrator had previously assaulted his girlfriend in Virginia Beach Monday morning before allegedly stealing the victim’s car to drive to the School in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The man had a backpack with two loaded handguns and eight boxes of ammunition. It was reported in the Sacramento Bee that the man had a “hit list” with plans to kill a woman and her parents in Durham, and then move on to Smith High School in Greensboro to kill two people. He then planned to drive to Maryland and kill one more person.

Why wasn’t this a major news story?

This potential mass murder in a school and elsewhere took place several days ago. While it did receive some perfunctory notice by some local and national news sources, it was quickly glossed over in favor of other stories. Why?

Several reasons can be gleaned from the accompanying video on the hero who stopped this tragedy. Suffice it to say that the ethnicity of the perpetrator, as well as the victims, did not fit the usual narrative. The featured video also had one of the heroes referring to that which is generally taboo with secular socialist television.

The primary difference between this case and others is that the perpetrator didn’t succeed. There were no images or video of children fleeing for their lives from the scene, and a decided lack of relatives of the victims emoting on-screen demanding for restrictions on freedom.

Colleague, Lorie Wimble, noticed a similar pattern with regard to a rape allegation by Katie Brennan, in which a political inconvenient story ends up getting buried in the news cycle. In this environment it’s mind-boggling that the media doesn’t understand why they are no longer trusted. It’s equally perplexing that they don’t understand that their bias is manifestly obvious.

A lost opportunity to demonize liberty

Compare the coverage of this potential “serious crisis” with one that is ripe for exploitation by the freedom floggers. Wall-to-wall coverage would soon be initiated after word of an exploitable tragedy coming in over the optic fiber (followed by the usual admonitions about our issue with liberty and how we must now restrict freedom) then, somber denizens of the nation’s Socialist left will pontificate on the dire need to control personal property, as well as everyone’s online speech.

One can easily imagine the gatherings of excited leftists in “news” rooms around the nation hoping for another chance to further their gun confiscation agenda, only to be disappointed that the obvious solution of armed school security saving the day. The sheer letdown for them, in the midst of their writing up of tweets with the hashtag #GunReformNow (meaning #GunConfiscationNow), when the news breaks that ordinary citizens stopped evil dead in it’s tracks.

Killing off the contagion

Studies show that over-the-top media coverage and making perpetrators “anti-heroes” tends to encourage copycat crimes. Even far-left publication ‘Mother Jones’ recognizes this problem. It’s also logical that publicizing the failure of one of these murderous miscreants would discourage this behavior in others with similar ideas.

Those planning these crimes go through five distinct planning phases. Seeing that someone was thwarted by an armed response may end the fantasy of an active shooter once and for all.

The takeaway

Truly common sense measures, such as eliminating so-called ‘Gun-Free’ zones and freeing people to carry concealed weapons, would dramatically reduce if not eliminate these tragedies. But for some, security is more important than essential liberty. Perhaps that is why they oppose the common sense solutions.

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1 Comment

  1. Gene Ralno

    December 6, 2018 at 11:45 pm

    I’m happy to see it in NOQ even though it doesn’t fit properly on the socialist media.

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Liz Wheeler: Shocking California sex education classes



Liz Wheeler Shocking California sex education classes

Indoctrination. There’s no other way to explain what’s happening to our children in the public school system in California. They are being indoctrinated into a progressive worldview on a daily basis, and sex education is arguably the clearest example of institutional, systematic indoctrination into this worldview.

Should children be taught at an early age age transgenderism? Should students at any age be taught by schools about bondage, anal sex, oral sex, or anything that many Americans still view as improper sexual activities? These are discussions that should be between parents and their children, not schools. But parents are incompetent in the eyes of progressives, especially those who have an agenda to subvert faith-based beliefs of abstinence, chastity, and traditional sexual relationships through marriage.

OAN’s Liz Wheeler is spot on, as usual, in pointing out how the methodical indoctrination into progressive sexual worldviews is pervasive and required in the California public school system. Parents, be warned.

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STEM students walk out as gun control activists, politicians turn vigil into agenda platform



STEM students walk out as gun control activists politicians turn vigil into agenda platform

Vigils are meant for grieving. They’re meant for support. They’re meant as a means to remember and honor the fallen. They’re not meant to be political platforms, but that’s exactly what gun control activists and politicians attempted to use it as at STEM School Highlands Ranch following Tuesday’s shooting that left one student dead and eight injured.

Many students didn’t take the politicization well and walked out of the event following Senator Michael Bennet’s (D-CO) and Congressman Jason Crow’s (D-CO) gun-control speeches. There were also representatives from gun control groups at the event. They were invited by Team Enough, the student branch of gun-control group the Brady Campaign. According to some, the gun control advocates at Mom’s Demand Action were the worst.


The death of a classmate and the trauma of being attacked on school grounds by two people with guns means one response is acceptable. They need our thoughts, prayers, and support.

They don’t need their tragedy to be politicized, so I won’t use this story as a moment to discuss gun rights. As much as I moan about some of the President’s inappropriate Tweets, his response to this tragedy was spot on. Therefore, it’s worth highlighting and accepting it as how I feel as well.


“Our Nation grieves at the unspeakable violence that took a precious young life and badly injured others in Colorado. God be with the families and thank you to the First Responders for bravely intervening. We are in close contact with Law Enforcement.” – President Trump

Final Thoughts

The progressive mantra at times like the STEM shooting: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” Perhaps a better way to put it is when there’s a tragedy, leftist politicians and activists love to pounce. This time, the students weren’t having it.

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President Trump invokes federalism in education



President Trump invokes federalism in education

As President Trump fulfills a campaign promise to return control of K-12 education to the states, it’s a refreshing reminder that federalism really can be accomplished to some extent even as both parties vie for greater power in DC. His “Education Federalism Executive Order” will launch a 300-day review of Obama-era regulations and guidance for school districts and directs Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to modify or repeal measures she deems an overreach by the federal government.

This is wonderful news. Hopefully, it’s not the last we hear about federalism coming from the administration.

At any given moment, Republicans or Democrats may be embracing some variation of federalism. Once President Trump took office, it became very popular for Democrats to start talking about allowing states to make decisions for themselves with California leading their charge of applying federalism selectively. As for Republicans, federalism seems to be the catch-all last resort; when they have a topic that’s either too toxic or something they failed to address with their standard measures, they turn to federalism for solutions.

We’ve seen examples of each of these springing up over the last couple of years. Should we be applauding their efforts? No. For federalism to work, it must be applied as an overarching philosophy of governance, not as a cherry-picked buzzword to throw out there when it’s politically expedient.

Over the last few days, I’ve had some free time to explore the ways both major parties attempt to apply federalism. That’s the one silver lining to being under the weather – plenty of reading time. As I caught up on as many of the recent pushes for federalism as I could find, there was one unifying quality to the stories. They all used federalism as a means to an end rather than as the end itself.

Americans need federalism now. It’s not fair to say we need it now more than ever because we’ve always needed it. Just because the tenets of federalism are applied less today than in the past doesn’t mean the need is more dire. That’s not how federalism works. You don’t sprinkle a little of it over your salad and call it a day. You embrace it as the standard by which American government from top to bottom is administered.

To do this, we have to apply the Constitution to everything government does. We start at the federal level since DC is the entity that exemplifies our nation’s trajectory towards statism. Piece by piece, we tear down the administrative state by asking two simple questions: does the Constitution allow this and would it be better handled locally?

An example of how the first question is applied would be Obamacare. One must do constitutional gymnastics in order to give a reason why the federal government should be so deeply involved in the health insurance industry. The Affordable Care Act is a hodgepodge of different loopholes and law-bending tactics put together to create the illusion that there’s nothing wrong with the government completely overreaching into a private industry that applies to nearly every American. On these grounds alone, it should be repealed. There are plenty of other grounds for repealing it, the most conspicuous being that is has failed magnificently to make healthcare more affordable, accessible, or improved.

The second question has the perfect example holding many of our children for much of the day Monday through Friday. The education system is broken. The Department of Education is a three-decade-old failed experiment. The only thing keeping the illusion alive that it’s helpful in any way is that DC has taken a huge amount of taxpayer dollars and redirected it to programs intended to improve education. They pay for so much that happens in the public school system that most people involved in it couldn’t imagine what life would be like without the federal government’s handouts. DC has been able to embed itself through taxpayer dollars and has demonstrably botched every effort to make the system better.

If less money was taken by the federal government, more money could go directly from taxpayers to their schools. Today, most taxpayer dollars applied to education don’t even go towards our children’s education. Imagine if those same dollars (or less) were applied at the school, district, city, county, and state levels instead. We’d have more control over the quality of our children’s education. More importantly, there would no longer be the federal standards scapegoat invoked by many school administrators today.

Federalism works because it allows more responsibility to be taken at the local level. When the responsibility is in the hands of our neighbors instead of bureaucrats and lifetime politicians in DC, voters have much more say. Our voices can be heard by our leaders and representatives when we’re meeting them for coffee instead of sending them emails or Tweeting at their social media interns. Moreover, our votes have more pull.

Federalism does NOT work when it’s applied piecemeal. It can certainly help in individual situations on certain issues, such as the plan to put food stamps under the control of states instead of the USDA. There are other times when applying federalism in one-off situations is wrong, such as the argument that sanctuary cities are a form of righteous federalism. I’ll flesh out why that’s not the case in a future article.

If our nation can put the tenets of federalism into action across the board, we can begin the process of taking down the budgets, bureaucracies, and powers that have been in a continuous state of accumulation for decades. Only then can we be certain our freedoms stay intact and every American has an opportunity at prosperity.

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