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President refers to himself as ‘President T’ and Twitter has its fun



President refers to himself as President T and Twitter has its fun

President Trump is known for dishing out nicknames. He may have inadvertently given himself a new nickname that will be invoked by his detractors for a while when trying to insult him.

On a Sunday Tweet designed to pat himself on the back for lowering gas prices, the President sent out an ill-advised post that got the Twitterverse stirred up.

The nickname “President T” quickly trended on Twitter with over 120,000 mentions.

The President, who is known for pointing out his accomplishments whenever he needs positive affirmation, has been touting the lower gas prices during Thanksgiving weekend as millions of Americans travel. It’s a common practice for the President to point out things when they’re at the top of mind for many Americans.

Perhaps he should have skipped thanking himself. Twitter had its fun with the new nickname.

As I’ve said before, I think the President needs to let someone read his Tweets and strongly suggest edits when necessary. Much of what he posts is valuable, but an increasing amount seems to do more damage than good.