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If President Trump decides not to run for reelection, the GOP must get behind Mike Pence



If President Trump decides not to run for reelection the GOP must get behind Mike Pence

It’s time for Republicans to get behind a presidential run by Mike Pence. No, it isn’t because of Robert Mueller’s investigation (not entirely). It isn’t because the Democrats are going to subpoena the President continuously (not entirely). It isn’t because President Trump will be challenged by the Vice President. It’s not because the President would lose in 2020.

Approximately one year from now, I believe the President will announce that his mission is accomplished and he’s ready to go back to the better life he had before politics.

Trump supporters will instantly hate on this assertion and call me many nasty things, but if they really stop to think about it, they might see the logic in this move. Here are five assumptions we can make:

  • He may get enough done to stake claim to “Mission Accomplished.” He set out to build the wall, cut bureaucracy, initiate tariffs, get out of TPP and NAFTA, repeal Obamacare, improve the economy, and cut taxes. Those were the biggest promises he made and if he’s able to get funding for the wall, Obamacare is the only thing he will have left undone. Considering the surge of support for government-run healthcare since winning in 2016, it’s unlikely anyone’s going to go after it again any time soon. He can, in one term, do pretty much everything he wanted to do in the first place.
  • He isn’t having fun. It was downplayed by the White House and quickly forgotten by the media, but there was a very subtle change in the President’s attitude after he was laughed at during a United Nations speech. After getting wide chuckles because of a claim he’d accomplished more than past U.S. presidents, he even admitted it wasn’t the reaction he expected. With a nice business empire waiting for him on the other side of his term, it’s hard to imagine he doesn’t miss the easier life of a CEO.
  • Additional exposure may cost him his legacy. The longer he’s in office, the more likely it will be that his tax returns are exposed, past dealings with foreign governments come to light, more extramarital trysts hit the tabloids, unforeseen events cause economic catastrophe, or any number of scandals that could overshadow his presidential accomplishments. The sooner he gets out, the less likely it will be that his sins will be exposed.
  • He is thin-skinned. Any and all attacks against him are met by attacks, but he can only punch back so much before it becomes tiresome. This weekend’s pleas for kudos – claiming he is most thankful for himself and asking Twitter to thank “President T” – are signs his ego is getting bruised by continuous negative press. He may enjoy fighting the fake news media at times, but it still gets under his skin when millions of Americans oppose him in every way possible.
  • He might lose. The midterm elections weren’t the blue wave many expected, but they weren’t the victory the White House claimed, either. If the Democrats put up a likable nominee, there’s a very good chance he could lose. He’s already won the presidency once. If he calls it one-and-done, he’ll go out as a winner. If the GOP loses, he’ll be able to say maybe he should have stayed in because he definitely would have won. If the GOP wins, he’ll thank himself for opening that door. The only way he could go out as a loser is if he runs in 2020 and fails.

Keep in mind that I’m not calling for or even endorsing the idea that the President should quit. I’m simply looking at the writing on the wall and asking a question he’s probably been asking himself recently. “What can he gain from another term?

The answer is, “Not much.”

He can, however, lose a bunch. He can lose his legacy.

Only Mike Pence

I’ll be honest. I’m not a fan of Vice President Mike Pence. I think he showed his true colors when he backed down on multiple conservative issues in Indiana. But I don’t think the Republicans have a chance if they go through a fresh round of contentious primaries. They need a clear leader to emerge and put the nomination race away quickly.

The only person who could do that is Pence. More specifically, the only person who could do that is a heavily-endorsed-by-Trump version of Pence.

It would have to be simultaneous. While the President announces he’s not running for reelection, he has to announce Mike Pence is the only guy he supports to replace him. He will need to announce that Pence is the only person he trusts to push the Trump agenda forward.

Shortly before or soon after the announcement, he’ll need to call Senators Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Ben Sasse, Rand Paul, and anyone else who emerges as considering a run for the nomination and tell them to stand down. The only way Pence makes it into the general election strong enough to beat the Democrats is if the GOP galvanizes around him quickly.

There’s another reason Pence is the right guy. A big reason. As part of the ticket, any money raised before the President announces he’s not running can do directly towards Pence’s campaign.

Like I said, I’m not a fan of Pence, but I’d take him every time over Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke, or Oprah.

Obviously I’m a fan of President Trump’s and I hope he goes another term, but if he accomplishes everything he set out to achieve in one term, it’s possible he’ll get back to the good life. If so, only his right-hand man can fill the shoes.




There will be no climate change debate because the DNC is scared of what would be said



There will be no climate change debate because the DNC is scared of what would be said

Climate change activists were extremely vocal at the annual summer for the Democratic National Committee. They’re upset that climate change is effectively missing from the first two debates and have demanded a single-issue debate focused on the environment. But DNC leaders haven’t budged after declaring there would be no such debate.

This isn’t surprising. Conservatives may look at progressives and assume everyone in the Democratic Party is a flaming tree-hugger, but the reality is climate change ranks very low on the list of real concerns for actual voters. If it weren’t for the loud but small group of radical progressives who have been driving the agenda for the Democratic Party since President Trump was elected, climate change would still be an issue of passing importance on the periphery that it has been for decades.

It’s not that climate change isn’t a concern. It’s that it’s not a primary concern to most voters. Democrats are worried about it as they’re flooded with propaganda by progressive media, but compared to putting food on the table or paying for their kid’s braces, climate change is a distant concern.

Nevertheless, it’s an issue that’s important enough to talk about for Democrats because their party holds the edge on the matter in the eyes of anyone who believes it’s an issue at all. The ranks of Americans who believe man-made climate change is a real concern are growing. Polls show a majority of Americans who think it’s something that deserves attention are high even among Republicans. Considering the GOP stance on climate change ranges from mild interest to outright denial, one would think the Democrats would take advantage of this.

They won’t. They can’t. Today’s candidates aren’t Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton calling for incremental action to address climate change over the next three decades. Today’s leading candidates, especially Bernie “Green New Deal” Sanders and Elizabeth “Bold Action” Warren, are speaking of radical changes when they’re talking to their base. And lower ranked candidates are even more expressive of their concerns in hopes the environmentalist crowd can help propel them to the upper tier in the race for the nomination.

Candidates can’t speak boldly on a topic to their base and then give more moderate responses to a national audience. In today’s social-media-driven society, major contradictions are captured. They go viral. Then candidates have to answer for their reversals. Therefore, whatever the candidate tell radical progressives in small gatherings about their climate change plans must be the same thing they say during a nationally televised debate.

The DNC realizes this would be the kiss of death for their White House ambitions. If mainstream moderate American voters, who often receive their only exposure of candidates during televised debates, were to hear the insane ideas most of the candidates are proposing, they will quickly warm to the idea of reelecting President Trump.

The moment a candidate talks about limiting air travel, they’ve lost 2020.

The first Democrat to say we need to be driving electric cars exclusively by 2030 will get demolished in the general election.

Some may point out these policy proposals are available to the public already, but availability does not highlight the issue to the vast majority of Americans. But on the debate stage where consistency must be maintained, they’re done the moment they announce their real perspectives on the issue.

If moderates and independents heard the things Democratic candidates were proposing to tackle climate change, any hope of beating President Trump would be lost. The DNC won’t risk letting the radical truth come out in a debate.

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Dean Cain’s label of San Francisco’s new incarceration language is spot on



Dean Cains label of San Franciscos new incarceration language is spot on

Actor Dean Cain is one of the few outspoken conservatives in Hollywood. The star of Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman has taken plenty of heat for voicing support for President Trump and for calling out his progressive peers as they rant unhinged.

One of his latest critiques of leftism was in response to San Francisco’s plan to change official words that pertain to convicted felons and juvenile delinquents. In pure Bay Area-style, the city is planning on sanitizing certain phrases so as to not “further victimize” criminals.

Once we catch our breath after laughing at the way these progressives see criminals, reality sets in about how asinine – and potentially dangerous – it is to cater to the criminal aspects of society at the expense of law abiding citizens.

Here are some of the details of the proposal:

San Francisco to do away with terms like ‘convict’, will instead call them ‘formerly incarcerated person’

They recently passed a resolution containing “person first” language guidelines that all agencies and departments are urged to used.

For example, an offender will now be called a “formerly incarcerated person”, “justice-involved person”, or “returning resident.”

A juvenile delinquent will go by “young person with justice system involvement” or a “young person impacted by the juvenile justice system.”

How did San Francisco leaders find time to address this non-issue when homelessness has reached crisis-levels and their city is literally covered in human feces? Have voters become so engulfed in tribal allegiance that they can’t see the absurdity in front of their faces?

Cain’s reaction was short and perfect.

In George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, the nation of Oceania had adopted the official language of Newspeak, “a controlled language of restricted grammar and limited vocabulary, meant to limit the freedom of thought.” It’s both a partial precursor to and a necessity of socialism because freedom of thought allows deviations from authoritarian control. Whether the leaders of San Francisco know it or not, they’re building a version of Oceania right now.

As long as Americans stand by and elect leaders who are more interested in not offending criminals than solving the massive problems faced by law abiding American citizens, this lunacy will continue. San Francisco is dying.

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Bernie’s betting high on Green New Deal to save his campaign



Bernies betting high on Green New Deal to save his campaign

Around four months ago, Senator Bernie Sanders was on top of most 2020 election polls. Meanwhile, Senator Elizabeth Warren was polling at single-digits, former Vice President Joe Biden hadn’t entered the race, Senator Kamala Harris was still relatively unknown and nobody knew how to pronounce Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s name. That was then. Today, he has slipped to third in many polls and has less of an upside than 4th-place Harris or 5th-place Buttigieg.

Much of this can be attributed to Warren’s two strong debate performances as well as her willingness to throw radical proposals against the wall every week. Sanders has been relying heavily on his old shtick; even some leftist media sources noted that Sanders 2020 sounded exactly like Sanders 2016. His campaign until this week had been heavily reliant on promoting socialist redistribution schemes and vouching for Medicare-for-All, neither of which give him any daylight between Warren and himself. In fact, you can quote one about socialism or healthcare, attribute it to the other, and their supporters couldn’t tell the difference.

But Warren’s climate change plan fell flat with the leftest of the leftists. At a “modest” $2 trillion, it was seen as a band-aid for a sliced jugular in the eyes of many climate change activists. This was it. This was Bernie’s opportunity to pounce, and pounce he did. His recently unveiled $16.3 trillion Green New Deal package is a massive amount of pouncing.

How massive? Let’s start from the year 1 AD and write a check every day to pay for it. How much would that check need to be?

Sanders has been receiving praise from some of the most radical progressive groups out there since unveiling his plan. It is much more “woke” than Warren’s and may serve Sanders in his quest to lead the hyper-leftist wing of the party once again in the primaries. Currently, Warren holds that mantle. Will the Green New Deal be enough?

If it isn’t, Sanders is done. This is his only differentiating factor against Warren, which is why his Twitter account and campaign mailers have been in overdrive trying to make the Green New Deal the talking point for progressives. He needs them to look at his plan and Warren’s and believe Bernie is the most radical of the radicals.

It could backfire. This may be a way for Warren to appear more mainstream than Sanders. She has already conspicuously declined to take on the label of being a Democratic Socialist and has gone so far as to speak like a capitalist even if her policies are socialistic. Sanders doesn’t share her embarrassment for labels. He’s a socialist and never try to deny him of this “honor.”

Sanders is throwing up a hail mary even though the Democratic primary match is still in the first quarter. He recognizes this race could slip away from him quickly if he doesn’t do something different. He hopes the Green New Deal is his Warren-buster.

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