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Martha McSally breaks 50% in latest Arizona poll



Martha McSally breaks 50 in latest Arizona poll

Most analysts look at the margin between candidates as the primary indicator of who will win, but it’s arguable that the real number to look for is 50%. When a candidate achieves over 50% in multiple polls, it’s a very good sign because it means the opposition can’t make up the difference with undecided voters.

Republican candidate for Senate in Arizona Martha McSally just broke the 50% mark, hitting 52% in the ABC15 Arizona and OH Predictive Insights poll. Her competitor, Kyrsten Sinema, sits at 45%.

Synema’s past has crept up to haunt her as videos depicting her insulting her constituents reemerged. A recent video by Project Veritas captured her staffers and volunteers claiming how liberal she is, with Sinema herself wanting “every person in the United States to receive citizenship” if they aren’t “bad.”

This highly watched race has been a symbol for Democrats who would love to flip the seat currently held by Republican Jeff Flake. As election day approaches, it appears one of their rising stars, Krysten Sinema, is fading fast.