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In the homestretch, Republican voters need to be like Thundercats



In the homestretch Republican voters need to be like Thundercats

I mentioned last week that Republicans needed to brace themselves for the onslaught of attacks by mainstream media. This week has proven to be exactly that, with one important addition. They’re not just attacking Republican candidates. They and their Democratic leadership handlers are doing everything they can to discourage Republicans from getting out to vote.

They’re trying to make you feel like it’s futile, that they’ve already won control of the House, and you might as well accept that Nancy Pelosi is going to be the next Speaker of the House.

Analysts are declaring the House lost. Commentators are declaring the House lost. Talk show hosts are a bit more cautious, but they’re being optimistic about the Democrats’ chances of getting the majority. All of this is to make you give up.

But you didn’t give up in 2016 when the same people were anointing Hillary Clinton to the Oval Office days before the election. You can’t give up this time, either. In fact, it’s time to fight harder. It’s time to start asking anyone you know who’s sure to vote Republican if they’ve already voted. Family, friends, co-workers – any GOP vote you possibly know needs to be talked to immediately. Listen to their excuses such as that their vote doesn’t matter or they don’t really care or they don’t have time or… whatever. Then, correct them. Their votes do count. We’ve seen in recent years that entire elections have been won by single digit margins. They should care because if they like the economic benefits they’ve received the last two years, those benefits are currently up for reversal if the Democrats take control of the House. If they don’t have time, help them find the time.

Then, there’s the excuse that the race is over, the Democrats have won, and there’s no need to keep fighting. For this excuse, I turn to the Thundercats. The infamous 80s cartoon (we won’t discuss the two reboots) often taught lessons of honesty, hope, and perserverance through hard times. One episode in particular pitted Lion-O against Cheetara in a foot race. When they were tied with five miles to go, it seemed like he had no chance to beat his super-fast friend. But what the Thundercats watching as well as the audience knew is that she couldn’t sustain her top speed for the full five miles. All he had to do was keep trying all the way to the end and he could win.

The same is true today for Republicans. Don’t listen to the analysts. They were wrong in 2016 and they can be wrong again in 2018 if Republicans and right-leaning Independents take a cue from Lion-O. Don’t give up. Fight to the finish.

Every single vote counts. The only possible way the Democrats can take control of the House is if they convince enough Republican voters that they can’t win. It’s time to invoke your inner Thundercat and bring this election home.