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HuffPo blames Trump for Khashoggi’s disappearance. Conservative media desperately needs your help.



HuffPo blames Trump for Khashoggis disappearance Conservative media desperately needs your help

It’s stories like the latest from Huffington Post that prompted me to put all of my eggs in the conservative media basket. Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance apparently has something to do with the President of the United States declaring the news media is “the enemy of the people,” according to HuffPo.

I’ve read some seriously crazy stories on leftist media, but this one ranks high on the list as most unhinged.

Trump Calls Media The ‘Enemy Of The People.’ Maybe The Saudis Took Him Literally. on Wednesday, asked specifically whether his use of the phrase “enemy of the people” ― made famous by dictators from Adolf Hitler to Joseph Stalin to Mao Zedong ― to disparage journalists may have contributed to Khashoggi’s disappearance, Trump did not answer. Instead, he walked to his waiting limousine for a ride to a political rally.

Keep in mind, this story appeared near the top of Google News.

We’ve covered Khashoggi’s disappearance with multiple stories that do not try to pin this on the President or any Americans. If the Saudis did this, then the blame belongs to Mohammed bin Salman and not a single statement by President Trump prompted him to call for Khashoggi’s harm.

This is what real coverage of the disappearance looks like:

Saudi Arabia underestimated the response to Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance was a bold move made on foreign soil against a Saudi citizen with ties to the United States. In retrospect, it may seem obvious the world would pay attention, but it’s likely the Saudis expected this to be a blip on the news radar.

It hasn’t been. Between the Washington Post using every ounce of clout and reach they have to push out the story to nearly every U.S. news outlet covering it, the exposure Saudi Arabia is receiving from this had to be underestimated. If they’d known taking and/or killing a journalist would have this much blowback, it’s hard to imagine them executing the plan.

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