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Why Kanye’s unfiltered, rambling Oval Office speech terrifies leftists



Why Kanyes unfiltered rambling Oval Office speech terrifies leftists

Rapper Kanye West was in the Oval Office today. One would think it was a visit from Kim Jong un the way the press packed the room as well as how harsh they were towards him before, during, and after his visit.

In the end, he came across as unfiltered, rambling, and essentially right about nearly every topic he discussed.

This could have been the first stage in a future run for political office. Where he lacks in eloquence he makes up in thoughtfulness and sincerity. He believes what he says and says what he believes.

Leftists can’t have it. In particular, they can’t have minorities listening to Kanye while he discusses the self-sustaining cycle of the welfare state. They don’t want a celebrity speaking out against illegal guns instead of all guns while defending out 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. They don’t want an African-American sitting in the Oval Office saying things like this:

“The liberal will try to control a black person through the concept of racism because they know we’re very proud, emotional people.”

When someone like Kanye West repeats some of President Trump’s talking points about bringing jobs back to America, it’s a threat to the left.

“We have to bring jobs into America, because our best export is entertainment and ideas,” he said near the end of his speech. “But when we make everything in China and not America, then we’re cheating on our country, and we’re putting people in positions to have to do illegal things to end up in the cheapest factory every, the prison system.”

The left will be attacking Kanye for the next few days. They will try to paint him as either pulling a publicity stunt or under the control of the administration somehow. I didn’t expect the latter, but I’ve already seen stories insinuating President Trump must have some sort of leverage over him.

Neither of these narratives work because West didn’t go out there with pre-programmed Trump talking points. He even disagreed with some of President Trump’s ideas, most notably saying it was a bad idea to try to bring stop-and-frisk to Chicago. The President recommended Chicago enact the controversial law enforcement practice.

But it’s not just what Kanye said. He could have said it anywhere; being in the Oval Office gave him a bigger audience, but his words weren’t the biggest threat to leftists. The biggest threat to leftists is that he’s willing to listen to the President and conservative ideas.

Open minds are the leftists’ apocalypse

The best assets leftists have are the closed minds of many of their supporters. I was speaking to Bryan Leib the other day. Leib is trying to be the next Representative from the congressional district that includes Philadelphia. It’s considered by many to be the safest blue district in the country.

Leib noted that poverty is higher in Philadelphia than any other city, yet the people continuously vote for Democrats. He laid out some amazing ideas of how to break the poverty cycle and get more Philadelphians into high-paying jobs through grant reform… but I’ll save the details until my story on him. The point is that Philadelphia and other safely blue cities in our country repeat the same mistake of keeping Democrats in charge because leftists do everything they can to keep their minds closed.

Kanye West represents an open-mindedness to conservative ideas that will make others wonder why. If Kanye saw something good in conservative principles and practices, others might see it too if they open their minds and do the research.

West clearly has. He didn’t come across as someone who liked President Trump’s one-liners and decided to support him. He has taken the time to learn how conservative principles in business, education, and freedoms work and he loved what he saw. If West was indoctrinated, it was by his own hand through research and practice. He doesn’t have the victim mentality the left tries to impose on their supporters, particularly minorities. He is proud and came to the conclusion that what he was hearing from the right made a lot more sense than what he was hearing from the left.

The last thing the left wants is someone as high-profile and respected as Kanye West thinking for himself and speaking the truth. They’d rather he follow along with the entertainment industry’s plethora of sheep awkwardly regurgitating leftist talking points.