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Prominent Democrats in New Jersey are ditching Menendez for Hugin



Powerful Democrats in New Jersey are ditching Menendez for Hugin

Midterm elections usually fall along party lines and whichever party is not in power has the advantage. That’s conventional wisdom, but this year seems to be different, particularly in left-leaning New Jersey. There, the increasingly unpopular Democratic incumbent Senator, Bob Menendez, is losing powerful supporters who are defecting to Republican Bob Hugin.

These 7 Democrats Endorsed GOP’s Bob Hugin For US Senate“Bob Hugin has demonstrated a genuine interest in putting divisive party politics aside to develop a bipartisan consensus to address issues such as improving the health care system and getting Washington to be more responsive to the needs of people in New Jersey,” Rutkowski said.

“I’m tired of watching the ineffective, partisan gamesmanship in our nation’s capital,” Rutkowski continued. “As a former Army infantry officer, I believe it’s time to send in a Marine. It’s time to send in Bob Hugin.”

My Take

This is a credibility call. If New Jersey is willing to keep the corrupt Menendez in office because he has a (D) next to his name, what does that say about party politics in the state? In America?

Of all the Senators running for reelection, Menendez is easily the incumbent most deserving of getting ousted. It isn’t just the corruption. He’s failed to make an impact, instead relying on making headlines with inflammatory statements that make him look good while doing nothing to help the nation or New Jersey.

Bob Hugin has my support. As a former Democrat, I know what it’s like to be swayed by leftist ideologies. I followed my intellect and realized people like Menendez do not offer real world solutions. Hopefully, the people of New Jersey will see this as well.