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Portland, Oregon: The canary in a coal mine for the violent Left



Portland Oregon The canary in a coal mine for the violent Left

We cannot afford to be provoked into what we despise.

Several disturbing videos have surfaced over the past few days of the fascist ‘anti-fascists’ taking over the streets of Portland, Oregon. In what would appear to be the leading edge of the violent left attempting to recreate the vehicular murder in Charlottesville Virginia.

One video from the group shows them ‘Directing traffic’ by threats and intimidation on the city’s streets while Law enforcement passively stands by. [Language Warning, Language Warning,Language Warning,]

In another video, the violent Leftists surround a man’s vehicle in an attempt to recreate an incident. When he refuses to head their ‘orders’ they chase him down, hypocritically yelling to call for Law enforcement. He was later ‘doxxed’ by the thugs in black.

The Takeaway

Keep in mind that the are the actions of people losing the argument. The Kavanaugh confirmation closed one more door to the forced implementation of the Left’s Socialist national agenda. That is the primary reason they are becoming increasing unhinged. They are embracing that failed ideology because they have no other place to go. Trying to buy votes with enticements that can never come to fruition is the act of a desperate political movement.

It is important to remember that we do not rise to these blatant provocations. We have the better ideas that will see us through the storm.