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The Cultural Marxists Claim That The U.S. Is A Terrible Place – So Why Are They Encouraging People To Come Here?



Compare the sheer contradiction between the immigration debate and the Cultural Marxist’s attack on practically everything in the country. According to the precepts of the nation’s Socialist-Left, the states are a horrible place to live because of racism, sexism, transphobia, and Islamophobia running rampant. Not to mention the ‘Gun violence’ epidemic while everyone’s climate footy print going out of control. So, who in their ‘Right’ mind would want to live here? It’s still a mystery why ‘the resistance’ hasn’t pulled up stakes for a more amenable country of origin, but it’s still even more puzzling why they would want to subject the place to anyone else from around the globe.

Why would anyone encourage people to come to a place with so much ‘gun violence’, Racism and ‘hate speech’?

Consider that according to Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D.) “We lose 93 million Americans a day to gun violence.”  With that much death and destruction on our streets awash with automatic weapons, why would anyone want to come here? Then there is the new health problem of racism, according to the New York times,  while all this ‘Hate-speech’ flying about has also made the case for the restrictions on free-speech.

With all of these ‘Health issues’ from racism and free-speech and epidemic of ‘gun violence’ why would anyone want to come to the states? Aren’t the nation’s Leftists doing people a grave disservice in helping them illegally immigrate? Leftist doctrine has it that the United States is The source of evil in the modern world. Every problem around the globe can somehow be traced to our shores where the scourge of liberty still reigns supreme. Shouldn’t they be encouraging potential invaders to go to those places where the collectivist ideologies have worked their wonders? Utopias that have tamed liberty under the whip of progressivism and ensured that everyone is equally miserable and safe as in a maximum security prison?

The Left should be encouraging people to go elsewhere.

The nation’s Socialist-Left should be the ones standing at the border, telling the illegal invaders to come no further. They are the one that preach that the states are the epitome evil in the modern world, so it only follows that they would not want to inflict our Liberty on anyone else. They tell us that our system is broken and that their theory of collectivism works better. So in their ever vainglorious service to mankind, they should be the first to leave and take all of the potential immigrants somewhere else where their Utopian ideals reign supreme such as Cuba or Venezuela. One cannot think of a better way for the nation’s Socialist-Left to ‘give-back’ in service to all of humanity.