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XFL: The free market response to the NFL



The NFL’s issues are numerous and mounting. Perhaps this has inspired WWE’s Vince McMahon to reform the XFL for the first time since 2001. But McMahon has learned lessons from his previous venture and wants to create a multi-platform, fan-first football league to compete that could not have existed in 2001. From the video below, the new XFL will embrace both fantasy football and gambling, something the NFL distances itself from. The XFL also seeks to be safer and have fewer penalties than NFL rules, another criticism of the NFL.

“We’re going to give the game of football back to fans,” Vince McMahon in his opening.

Beginning in 2020, the XFL will have 8 inaugural teams and a four-team playoff. The official rules have yet to be established but McMahon believes that football can be reimagined to make the game simpler, easier to learn and understand, and still fun. One of the biggest distinctions the XFL is making from the NFL is focusing on the quality of the player both on and off the field. Vince McMahon assures the XFL will have no politics or social issues, just football. The NFL has scandal after scandal and crime after crime including Marlon Humphrey strongarm robing the phone charger worth $15 most recently. Other details include a winter season. and a range of large and mid-sized markets to put teams in.

If you have any ideas for reimagining football, let the XFL know because they will be listening.


Clay Travis Outkick The Coverage: Bring Back The XFL With These New Rules In Play

2. Draft freshmen and sophomores from college football and offer them contracts to play in the XFL.

Do you want to get immediate attention for your league? Try to entice star college freshmen and sophomores to enter your league. Remember, those players aren’t eligible to play in the NFL until three years after they graduate from high school.

How many college football players might prefer to play in the XFL for decent money over staying in college and risking injury for no financial compensation? Can you imagine the amount of interest the XFL would get from sports fans if, say, a star player on a top college team had to decide whether to sign for a decent amount of money or return to play in college for free?

Hell, if you really want to take the attention to the next level, try and sign five-star high school players and persuade them to come train for football with you full time rather than go to college at all.  Would some high school kids take a guaranteed million dollars for a three-year contract instead of going to college at all? They might. Plus, they could still consider the NFL after three years if they’ve developed into good players.

6. Put eight teams in cities that don’t have NFL franchises now.

Including several cities that have recently lost NFL franchises to relocation and are otherwise proven football markets.

My top suggestions for cities: Portland, San Diego, St. Louis, Albuquerque, Louisville, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Raleigh-Durham, Memphis, Orlando, Oakland, and Birmingham. I’m probably missing some other cities, but all of these places are good size cities with a substantial interest in football.

Make concessions cheap and play in stadiums, when possible, that are smaller and only fit around 25-30k fans at most.

9. Embrace gambling. 

Don’t tiptoe up to it, regularly talk about the line and the impact of decisions made during the game on the line during the game broadcasts.


My Take

The NFL is imploding and has no sense of damage control. In the past, I’ve recommended solutions to the NFL that the XFL now embraces, among them are streaming and forcing players to stand for the anthem. As Roger Goodell is messing up a good product, the free market is offering a privately funded alternative that could pose a serious threat. No other league has such contempt for what the fans want as the NFL. NHL, MLB, UFC, and NBA are all better with regards to the fans. I’d love to watch a sport I grew up loving in, so McMahon is completely meeting my needs here in the free marketplace. I’m sold on the product conditionally as long as its not gimmicky. Also I’d prefer two feet in bounds rule as well as you must be touched to be down. This could be a real game changer in not just football, but sports and entertainment as well.

Football is good. Capitalism is great.




Spiritual guru Marianne Williamson has charmed Alyssa Milano



Spiritual guru Marianne Williamson has charmed Alyssa Milano

Hollywood’s favorite social justice warrior has committed to attend a Democratic candidate’s fundraiser, and it’s raising eyebrows of even the most “woke” in Tinseltown. Charmed actress Alyssa Milano is starting her elect-any-Democrat tour by fundraising with spiritual guru and debate enthusiast Marianne Williamson.

But even as she announced her intentions to visit with Williamson, Milano made sure to hedge her bets and be as inclusive as possible by saying she loves everyone running. But it’s clear Williamson’s talk of the “collective” and the “soulful ache of the nation” has Milano sincerely interested in getting the guru attention, including on he popular progressive podcast, Sorry Not Sorry.

Williamson has been moving up in the polls, which is to say she’s not at zero anymore. Other notable candidates are.

But the jokes on Milano and Williamson’s supporters who clearly cannot see this candidacy is about building name recognition and public relations for the guru. Her message is one that can resonate with a very particular group of Americans, but her policy proposals are a combination of textbook 2020 Democrat and off-the-wall attention-grabbers. She’s obviously intelligent and is running a real campaign, but she’s doing so knowing the end result will be more appearances on talk shows and paid speeches that she’ll be able to ride long after the Democratic nominee is selected.

At least she got on Dave Rubin’s show.

Alyssa Milano has become completely unhinged. It would be hard to find an actor who has committed as much to politics in recent months, shifting her branding from entertainment to activism. But backing Williamson won’t help in that regard.

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Hollywood defends mediocrity, elitism, with 32 Game of Thrones Emmy nominations



Hollywood defends mediocrity elitism with 32 Game of Thrones Emmy nominations

The only two places where being nominated for something is close enough to winning something are Hollywood and the Democrat Party. With that said the 2019 Emmy nominations came out in strong defense of the final season of Game of Thrones which was the most poorly received season in the show’s run. Despite the petitions and the negative press the final season received, it went on to receive a whopping 32 Emmy nominations, beginning with Outstanding Drama Series.


The first nomination that is strikingly unmerited was Kit Harrington for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, despite an awful performance as Jon Snow. He was best known for recycling the following three lines: “she is my queen.”, “I don’t want it”, and “You are my queen.” There was no noteworthy performance on his part and quite honestly, Kit Harrington should be sent down to the minor leagues of acting to rehabilitate after that performance. Emilia Clarke, despite unprofessionalism of leaving coffee cup on set, narrowly deserves a nomination for the female equivalent for her recitation of Josef Stalin in the show’s final episode.

Game of Thrones has a total of seven nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actor in between the male and female categories. Deserving are Peter Dinklage for his performance in “The Bells” and perhaps Maisie Williams while she was running through the library of Winterfell in the Battle of Winterfell if we are to judge the best male and female. Lena Headley, despite acting prowess and mastery of the Cersei character, was practically footnote in the final season, hardly having any lines which is a real waste of her talent. The pretentious Sophie Turner received nomination despite having neither performed well nor capturing Sansa Stark as a character. During the course of the season she portrayed at least two different versions of the same character. Gwnedoline Christie was someone else who doesn’t really deserve to be on the list, having the third best performance of the four female nominees.

Carice van Houten was nominated for Best Guest Actress in a Drama Series raising concerns as to what the rules actually are. Her character is rooted enough in the plot to question whether she was really a guest. Guest actor/ actress in a drama should be like the patient in House, or the criminal in NCIS, right? I think being in 29 total episodes far exceeds what constitutes a guest appearance.

Bad Writing Nominated

The most egregious nomination was by far Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series for the final episode, “The Iron Throne.” While the episode was perhaps the most well-written in the final two seasons, it contained glaring writing errors caused by the set up. Quite honestly, the episode was swallowable only because it wasn’t the worst it could have been, ie a Republic ending. And by the final episode people already assumed it would be bad. So, why was it nominated again?

Bad Directing Nominated

Three episodes were nominated for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series. “The Iron Throne” is the most deserving of the three. “The Last Stark” was a dog turd of an episode where a dragon got shot down from the sky by a ballista that was behind a rock island but still able to land two bolts in the neck. This episode was poorly written but also poorly shot as shown in the aforementioned example. “The Long Knight” was an abomination from a tactical military perspective, which falls on the Director who spent fifty-five nights shooting something people couldn’t see.

Final Thoughts

After running through all these nominations, the more technical nominations withstanding, most of the ones listed and ranted about are undeserved. When these categories are stacked with multiple nominations, it’s worth wondering how many shows got snubbed, how many actresses overlooked so four Game of Thrones actresses can get nominated based on name ID. The eight season of Game of Thrones was objectively bad and has been set up to be bad for a long time coming but it’s worth wondering whether TV as a whole is so bad the final season still ranks on top. Is compelling and gritty story telling becoming so lost an art? Or is popularity supreme? While being the most watch television phenomenon in an era with so much competition, the series was poorly received in its final seas, most notably for the writing and directing decisions. Yet the poorly written and directed episodes received nomination. This isn’t even a popularity contest. It’s a middle finger to the fans who saw the final (two) season as the garbage that it was for well articulated reasons. They think they know what’s good and we don’t. It’s Hollywood’s latest rejection of meritocracy, rewarding mediocrity for reasons that ultimately culminate into elitism.

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Washington Post op-ed links ‘The Lion King’ to fascism



Washington Post op-ed links The Lion King to fascism

As Disney animated movies hit their stride of awesomeness in the 1990s with Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King (and The Little Mermaid, though it was released in late 1989), I am among a minority who didn’t think The Lion King was the best of the batch. In fact, I thought it was behind the previous two, but that’s not a knock against the Hamlet-inspired tale of growth and revenge. It’s a testament to how good those movies were.

But as the historical revisionist left continues their attacks on culture and anything from the past that wasn’t 100% social justice warrior approved, it was inevitable that someone at the Washington Post would come out calling The Lion King a tale of fascist Nazis spreading racism in a non-socialistic society. After all, it’s about survival of the fittest, a class hierarchy, and the strong literally eating the weak.

Of course it’s bad in the eyes of progressives. It had a story and conflict and differences between people. These aren’t things the left appreciates or accepts.

In this video, Fox News host Martha MacCallum was joined by Michael Knowles and Richard Fowler to discuss he lunacy of classifying The Lion King as anything other than an entertaining kids’ story with some adult themes.

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