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Congressman Darrell Issa is out, Diane Harkey is in



News broke earlier today and then followed up by an official statement by Congressman Darrell Issa, that he will not be seeking re-election in 2018. Issa was first elected to Congress in 2001. He has won re-election easily for most of his years in Congress. With re-districting and changes in demographics, his seat has become one of the most vulnerable seats in Congress.

He barely won re-election in 2016. He only won re-election because his district after re-districting incorporated parts of South Orange County, a wealthy Republican stronghold.

Orange County is the last vestige of Republican control in a large population center in California, and some believe that Orange County will soon turn blue.

In 2016, Orange County voted Democrat for the first time since the Great Depression.

Many see this as a move the Orange County could be going blue especially since Issa’s announcement comes on the heels of another Republican Congressman, Ed Royce, from Orange County announcing he will not seek re-election.


There is no doubt in my mind that Democrats are energized to go after Trump. Orange County did go for Hillary in 2016 but Orange County Republican Congress members, for the most part, won pretty easily in 2016.

Orange County Republicans did vote for Trump overwhelmingly in the 2016 primary because for the most part; the election was over. All the candidates, including the last two, Cruz and Kasich were out.  Yet, Cruz and Kasich were still on the ballot. Who received more votes between them? It was Kasich, not Cruz.

Orange County Republicans are more traditional business/establishment, middle of the road Republicans. Cruz brand of Republicanism wasn’t as popular in this area as it was in other parts of the country. Where Kasich’s brand of Republicanism wasn’t very popular among Republicans throughout the country.

Republicanism in Orange County is more moderate and more focused on economic instead of cultural and social issues.

So has Orange County turned more blue. Yes, primarily in North Orange County but South Orange County is still a strong Republican stronghold.

So the question is, will Trump bring down Republicans that should have won re-election because voters don’t feel energized to come out and vote especially those Republicans that see the GOP tax plan, which limited SALT deductions, as a tax increase on them simply because they live in high-taxed California.


So will Trump bring down Republicans in Republican-controlled areas of Orange County? I’m not sure it is to early to tell but with Issa not running for re-election, it might be a much harder task for Republicans to hold onto the seat.

The already declared Republican candidate seeking to replace Issa is Diane Harkey. She is the highest elected Republican in the State. She represents all of Issa’s district and much more as the Chair of the Board of Equalization. She currently represents approximately 9.5 million people in Imperial, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego County.

EXCLUSIVE: Republican Diane Harkey to Run for Darrell Issa’s Seat – Breitbart News can confirm that House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) called Harkey on Wednesday to discuss her running for the seat. A source told Breitbart News that Harkey has the support of McCarthy and the support of outgoing Congressman Issa.


If she makes it to the general election, which I anticipate that she will, she might be the only candidate capable of keeping the seat in GOP hands.

Konstantinos Roditis is an Orange County resident and the Republican candidate for California State Controller. You can learn more about his campaign at, and you can follow him on Twitter & Facebook as well.

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Building the wall versus stopping overreach: The conservative conundrum



Building the wall versus stopping overreach The conservative conundrum

The rift between conservatives and moderates in the Republican Party is normally a black-and-white issue. It’s easy to tell which perspective is more conservative and which gives into the left-leaning moderation practiced in the mushy middle.

That gap is being blurred by a single issue right now. President Trump’s national emergency declaration to redirect funds for building the border wall has conservatives siding with moderates on both sides of the debate. Some are choosing to side with the President to stand in solidarity in order to get the wall built. Senators Ted Cruz and Ben Sasse were notable in their decision to vote against the resolution stopping the national emergency.

The other side says overreach is overreach even if the end goal is desirable. That’s where Senators Mike Lee and Rand Paul have teamed up with moderates like Mitt Romney and Lisa Murkowski in voting to block the President’s emergency. While they’re doing it for different reasons, it’s still noteworthy that they went against the President’s wishes.

So, who’s right? My post early essentially said both sides were right, but I believe this topic needs further clarification. We need the wall and we need to rein in presidential powers. That may very well be the case, but the bottom line from a conservative perspective is that this is not the type of “emergency” that presidents should be able to declare indefinitely. Things have not fundamentally changed in the last two years. The border situation is worse, but it’s no more an emergency now than it was when the President was sworn into office.

While it stays within the letter of the law, it’s a flawed law that doesn’t have the necessary checks and balances. The National Emergencies Act is an abomination to the Constitution and it’s unfortunate it hasn’t been challenged until this very important issue.

Most of the President’s supporters are saying the law is law now and if anyone wanted to challenge it, they should have done so sometime in the 43 years before President Trump tried to use it to secure the border. This is correct. It’s the reason why I’m not going to jump up and down blaming President Trump for using a tool in his toolbox that Congress gave him. It’s overreach. That much is certain. But it’s legal overreach.

The fact that it’s legal doesn’t make it right.

The NEA needs to be addressed immediately. Unfortunately, it’s almost certain that it won’t be because now that the President has allegedly opened Pandora’s Box, Democrats are craving the day their president will be able to use it for gun control, abortion, environmental protection, or any other pet projects they might not be able to ram through Capitol Hill. Is it hypocritical of them to try to block this president then defend the next Democratic one? Absolutely. But they don’t care.

Lest we forget, the real bottom line in all of this is that the President and the GOP should have been having the border wall battle with the Democrats long before the midterm elections. Even if he signed off on four or five spending bills to get through the Obamacare battle and tax reform, he should have been putting his foot down long before the Democrats took control of the House of Representatives. Why did he wait on his signature campaign promise? I can only imagine Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Jared Kushner, and other squishes gave him very bad advice. Now, he’s forced to fight a battle that likely will not get a significant amount of wall done before the 2020 elections.

He will veto the attempted override of his national emergency by Congress. Then, the legal battles begin. At this point, it behooves conservatives to work towards permanently fixing the NEA.

We need the wall. We need to limit the powers of the NEA. The arguments from the conservative supporters on both sides of this issue are partially right. Now, we’ll see how big the rift between them becomes. It’s not a good day for the GOP.

Will you help revive the American Conservative Movement?


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American Conservative Movement: Let’s fix the GOP from within



American Conservative Movement

Nearly three years ago, I decided to be done with the Republican Party. It was a tough decision as a lifelong Republican, but all of the broken promises and fake portrayals of conservative principles during election season made it the only viable option.

What followed was an attempt to build a “new second party.” The failures of every third party in the modern era made me reluctant to back the Constitution Party, Libertarian Party, or any of the tiny conservative iterations, so we set forth to start something new that could take advantage of the internet and mobile technologies in ways the third parties had missed.

After a wonderfully hopeful start, it became clear there would be no way to build a party up to the level it needed to be in order to make an impact today or in the near future. We might as well have named it the Hopefully By 2040 Party; there was no potential to have a say in government before then with a new party.

I watched with interest as Steve Bannon attempted to build a movement that would primary Republicans he deemed unworthy. I didn’t fully agree with the premise as he seemed more bent on putting in old school controversial conservatives instead of finding a new batch of untouchables who could bring conservatism back to the heart of limited-government Republicanism, but it was a good test to see if he could make an impact. He did not.

Then, something strange happened. The Justice Democrats took a hybrid of our plan (getting exceptional citizens outside of government to come into DC with their principles intact) and Bannon’s plan (primary the old guard) and found tremendous success. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a direct product of the Justice Democrats.

What they did and how they did it were bold and effective, but there were problems. They installed pawns. They played with funny money. But if a movement can be established that works from the same basic premises and inserts true conservatives into the offices around the country and in Washington DC, we have a real opportunity to make a difference.

If this sounds similar to what the Tea Party did, that’s because it’s not terribly far off. But among the many problems with the Tea Party was having no clear direction and very poor vetting. Some of the people they installed as “Tea Party Conservatives” ended up becoming establishment Republicans shortly after winning their elections. This is why it’s so important to find patriotic Americans who are in the real world, not politicians who have honed their ability to sound conservative. If my times in Washington DC have taught me anything, it’s that principles are always secondary to the thirst for power.

This is why we need to find people who aren’t interested in being lifetime politicians. We’re not looking for people interested in building their careers in DC. We need people who don’t want to be in politics, but who appreciate the need to get good people behind the desks on Capitol Hill. In other words, we need people who want to fulfill a duty to the Constitution rather than an ambition they want to achieve.

We’ll be making moves as soon as we establish a groundswell of interest. If you believe it’s time to put the right people in office, those who will be servants to Americans and representatives of conservative values, please fill out the form below.

If you believe the GOP has fulfilled their promises, this movement is not for you. If you want conservatism to be more than campaign rhetoric, help us build the American Conservative Movement.

American Conservative Movement

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Guns and Crime

The Republicans: An opposition party in name only




The Republicans An opposition party in name only

The GOP pushing unnecessary and unconstitutional Liberty restriction laws epitomizes a party that has lost its way

It is one of our guiding principles to try to offer unique perspectives on the news of the day, avoiding the echo chamber effect that seems to permeate the rest of the Media. In light of that, consider the point that was part of Tucker Carlson’s statement last night ‘that the Republicans in Washington do a fairly credible imitation of an opposition party’. This is not going to be on that controversy, but on the larger and far more important point that he raised.

The Republicans are increasingly becoming an ‘opposition party’ in name only. Granted it’s been a long time coming, these days they regularly turn their backs on their limited government principles in joining with the Socialist-Left to see how high they can make the deficit fly. They only make half-hearted attempts at their solemnly repeated campaign promises and they are letting the Left push the Overton window so far Left that it would make Robert Owen fume with anger.

Is it Representatives in name only or Republicans in name only or both?

Perhaps we are incorrect on this point, but it was understood at one time that the politicians we send to Washington D.C. are supposed to ‘represent’ the interests of the people who sent them. Hence the terms ‘Representative Republic’ and ‘House of Representatives’.

Generally speaking, at least the majority of the people in districts represented by Republicans would prefer to keep the vestiges of the Bill of Rights, with specific emphasis on the Right of Due Process and the Right to be confronted with the witnesses making an accusation.

With RINOs as ‘friends’ who needs enemies?

The rollover Republicans have only served to embolden the Left since they see little opposition to the pushing of their socialist national agenda. Even worse, we have ‘Republicans’ helping out the gun grabbers in setting their agenda in denigrating the cause of Liberty.

This is epitomised with the push for the codifying of Gun Confiscation SWATing on a national level. With Marko ‘RINO’ Rubio (R-FL) co-sponsoring a bill  that could permanently damage the bedrock principle of due process. Better yet, we now have Lindsey Graham 1.0 (R-SC) helping out the Left in destroying our basic civil Liberties with hearings on the same subject.

The story now is that we have an urgent situation that there are those out there who pose a danger to themselves and others and we don’t have any means to do anything about it. That we must act quickly to put in place measures to handle these situations. Because the need is so dire, we don’t have time to honour the niceties of commonsense civil rights. As Trump stated infamously: “take guns first and worry about ‘due process second’”

Gun Confiscation SWATing laws are STILL unnecessary and unconstitutional power grabs.

We’ve documented how the supposed urgent necessity for these laws is based on a lie since there are statutes on the books for Involuntary Civil Commitment such as the Chapter 394 of the Florida Mental Health Act known as “The Florida Mental Health Act” or “The Baker Act.” For example.

These laws are already in existence, hence there is no need or urgency to layer more unconstitutional laws on top.

Gun Confiscation SWATing a.k.a. ‘Red Flag’ Laws had no effect murder or suicide.

Even worse than the fact that these laws are wholly unnecessary since there are already laws on the books for Involuntary Civil Commitment or that they infringe on half the Bill of rights is that they have no effect in the very rationale for their implementation.

Consider the abstract for a recently published paper from Dr. John Lott and Professor Carl Moody have new research on the Red Flag Laws/Extreme Risk Protective Orders:

Red flag laws had no significant effect on murder, suicide, the number of people killed in mass public shootings, robbery, aggravated assault, or burglary. There is some evidence that rape rates rise. These laws apparently do not save lives.

The Takeaway

In the past the Republicans rolling over for the Left meant a few minor changes in policy. We are now entering a stage where these minor changes are becoming extremely serious. An ‘opposition’ party rolling over for the Left bent on the destruction of Liberty does not portend well for the future of our representative republic.

An opposition party has to stand for something, not for the empowerment of Left with new laws that are unnecessary and unconstitutional. Who knows what it’ll mean for the future of the nation and the world at large if the GOP doesn’t change course.

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