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Why big corporations love Net Neutrality



Steven Crowder is not arguing for or against Net Neutrality; however he is posing a question. Why is there selective outrage against evil corporations? Facebook, Google, and Twitter love Net Neutrality however they are all just as bad as the ISPs everyone is calling evil. In fact while Net Neutrality sets regulations for ISP’s treatment of data, these giants are free to throttle data as they see fit. I believe Steven Crowder is presenting a perspective that gets us one step closer to finding a real solution to pressing internet concerns.

People assume that critiquing Net Neutrality is inherently in favor of corporate data throttling and slower internet, but it’s not the case. Net Neutrality has its positives, but doesn’t protect the free internet like people suggest. Under Net Neutrality, the large tech giants have done more censorship and data throttling of content than any ISP ever did before. People need to hear both sides of an issue. Net Neutrality is an issue where both sides are making reasonable arguments(which is becoming rare). So actually discuss it and not panic like all these liberals are doing on Twitter.