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Bernie Sanders’ Canadian guest reveals major malfunction of socialized healthcare



Well, that’s awkward. Senator Bernie Sanders, the champion of single-payer healthcare who plans on destroying the nation’s economy and ending all hope for the civilized world, had a Canadian doctor on his show to discuss the benefits of his master plan. After noting that emergency procedures happen in Canada as they would in the United States, Dr. Danielle Martin revealed the biggest flaw in the system.

It can take months, potentially even over a year to get major procedures that are not deemed “life threatening” such as migraine treatment or hip replacement. That’s fine for those who don’t mind living with excruciating pain for extended periods of time, but the rest of us who would rather just get our ailments fixed, socialized healthcare poses a major problem.

What the Senator, an increasing number of Democrats, and much of the uninformed American voter population don’t seem to realize is that without fail, socialized medicine has been demonstrated to cause major economic problems while reducing the quality of care.


Canadian Doctor Schools Bernie Sanders On His Own Show | Matthew K. Burke, Politistick a minute, why do we need CommieCare if Obamacare is so great? We have been told that Obamacare is wonderful by Democrats for several years now. Sadly, government ruined health care in America and leftists like Bernie Sanders think the cure is even more government control.

Sanders Invites Canadian Doctor To Discuss Single-Payer, Admits To Year Long Wait Times | Matt Vespa, Townhall“If I have a patient who has migraines and I need advice on how to manage it, they might wait several months to see a neurologist for a non-urgent problem like that, or non-urgent surgeries, the classic example being a hip or a knee replacement,” she said. When asked how long those wait times are by Sanders, Dr. Martin said it varies.

Final Thoughts

This isn’t an issue that conservatives should assume to be a loser. Just because logic, case-studies, and common sense tells us this is a monumentally bad idea, never underestimate the selling power of the left and their mainstream media puppets. We have to expose single-payer for what it is. We have to do it often. We have to be loud about it. This needs to just go away.

Christian, husband, father. EIC, NOQ Report. Co-Founder, the Federalist Party. Just a normal guy who will no longer sit around while the country heads in the wrong direction.

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