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Trump could shoot a neo-Nazi on Fifth Avenue and liberals would still say it’s not enough



Today, President Trump signed a Congressional Joint Resolution condemning the violence and bigotry in Charlottesville and elsewhere in America. Here’s his statement:

As Americans, we condemn the recent violence in Charlottesville and oppose hatred, bigotry, and racism in all forms. No matter the color of our skin or our ethnic heritage, we all live under the same laws, we all salute the same great flag, and we are all made by the same almighty God. We are a Nation founded on the truth that all of us are created equal. As one people, let us move forward to rediscover the bonds of love and loyalty that bring us together as Americans.

Just a few hours before signing the resolution, Trump spoke about his meeting with South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott aboard Air Force One. He once again mentioned how “both sides” had violence. He’s totally right. But he’s also right to sign the resolution.


Trump signs resolution condemning white supremacy – CNNPolitics (CNN)Hours after he returned to rhetoric equating violence from white supremacists with those protesting them, the White House said Thursday that President Donald Trump signed a resolution condemning white supremacy.



Trump revives debate on hate groups, then signs resolution condemning them – Jesse J. Holland (AP) Chicago Tribune“You know, you have some pretty bad dudes on the other side also,” the president told reporters aboard Air Force once, sparking another round of criticism that the president has failed to adequately condemn hate speech.

Trump’s earlier comments on Charlottesville came one day after he met in private with Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina, the Senate’s lone black Republican, at the White House. The two discussed the president’s past remarks blaming “many sides” for the violence and death around a Confederate statue.




President Trump Stands By Original Charlottesville Remarks | WBUR News is an anti-fascist protest movement that sometimes uses violent tactics to resist neo-Nazis and white supremacists and has gotten a lot of attention, especially from conservative media, following the violence in Charlottesville.

The Anti-Defamation League’s CEO, Jonathan Greenblatt, said in a statement Thursday that “It is sad that the President seems not to have learned from his conversation with Senator Scott or from the unanimous vote from Congress condemning the neo-Nazis and white supremacists in Charlottesville.” Greenblatt added, “If he is not going to provide the moral leadership the country needs on this issue, we are glad that leaders from both parties are stepping up and doing so.”



Liberals didn’t give Trump any credit whatsoever for this action. It’s as if he never signed it. Even liberal media focused on Trump’s (correct!) statements about Antifa violence, framing that vicious group as mild-mannered protesters who “sometimes” use violent methods.

There are hundreds and hundreds of these takes on Twitter and I’m sure all social media.

Final thoughts

Even if Trump took a rifle and shot dead a neo-Nazi in full public view on Fifth Avenue, the liberal press, and the public who go along with their narrative would think he’s just doing it as a stunt and later winked. They’d go so far as to make up conspiracy theories that the guy wasn’t really dead.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what Trump does, other than parrot their narrative (which means he’d have to resign since that’s sort of what Antifa wants, before they impose their own reign of terror).

This makes me glad–in these cases–that Trump is immune to hate. He’s immune to people not liking him, as long as he has people who do. The president did the right thing, for the right reason. Let’s at least acknowledge it, but the left can’t because it’s Trump.

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