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Body cam shows Columbus, MS officer threaten to ’empty a magazine’ into black driver’s car



This is the benefit of body cameras for police officers. I think they should all wear them, since everything an officer does is potentially in evidence for a suspect who may be charged with a crime.

It also serves to remind officers that they can’t just go around saying things like “Because you’re kind of appearing to me to be the kind of twitchy kind of person who has done something wrong–Listen to me. So all this reaching and grabbing, whatever, I guarantee you, before you think you can do something, I can empty a magazine into this car.”

The Columbus, Mississippi police officer, Keith Dowd, pulled over a driver named Joshua Hibbler for speeding. He proceeded to harangue and accuse the man of smoking weed. During the roadside interrogation, Dowd didn’t like the fact that Hibbler was moving around too much–hence the threat.

The city’s mayor was  none too pleased.

Mayor Robert Smith directed Police Chief Oscar Lewis III to place Dowd on administrative leave. “I want him off the streets now,” Smith wrote. “[Because] it has come to my attention that Officer Dowd has exhibited similar behavior on at least two other traffic stops prior to 8/18.”

Apparently, it has never sunk in for Dowd that he’s wearing a body camera to protect the citizens from himself, and he should act to protect their rights. But when he’s unemployed, I’m sure it will hit him.

Instead of military hardware, let the federal government give away body cams to every local police department. That, I believe, will go a longer way toward justice, law and order than 100 SWAT teams.

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