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If only someone had warned them…



If only someone had warned them

Nobody saw this coming?

The man who could switch his perspectives at any point in his life, who went from gun bans to pro-2nd Amendment, from partial-birth abortion supporter to pro-lifer, from “deport them all” to “the softening” back to hardliner and now back to caring about the DREAMers… how is his shift on DACA suddenly surprising to anyone?

It shouldn’t be.

Donald Trump DACA Immigration Reform Deal | National Review, if only someone had been around in 2015 and 2016, to warn these poor folks that Trump had no ideological principles; that he was erratic, mercurial and quick to seek out scapegoats; that he had almost no knowledge about how the federal government worked and little interest in learning; that he was temperamentally ill-suited to the daily pressures of the presidency and the inevitable criticism from the press, and that he was more focused on gratifying his own ego and feeling an abstract sense of “winning” than particular policy outcomes or building broad coalitions to enact his agenda . . . Read more…

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